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CLOTHING JsJT ( IGÜITERMNICO'Sr Q - Ilaving just returned f rom East with a large stock F ALL AND WIMTER GOODS! wc invite all out 'oñ friendB and custoiners to come and examino yui stock üf CLOTHS CASS1MËRES & VESTIN6S. Dispulo the lact il' you can, It takes the T AILOli atter all to give appearance to the outcr man. lf you wish to appear well You must accordiiigly Dress Well. Go to M. Guiterman & Co's,, There you will find tbinga exactly SO. i SONDHE 1M always ready to take i your measure, GTJ-ITERMAN will sell you Goods with great pleasure, At figures L0WER Üian you will find in the State, Take heed - call, early, else you are too LATE. The inducemknts are now greater than ever, Our Cleiies you will find obliging and clever. We will show you good CLOTHING Xf our own getting up, Filling our Store from Eotiom to top. STUDENTS especially will find it to THXIR ADVANTAGE, Por it takea but LITTLE MONEY to replenish. ' GOATS of Cloth anïl Cassimere of our Own ISÏPORTATION, Porwarded through our New York , lations. Froiu Engknd, Belgium, Germany acd France, Such as you can btand up in, or wbar, ■ at the dance. - i Pants ! Pants ! ! Pants ! ! ! , Fancy CASSIMERES and , SKIN oí everv grado, We sell them hom ONE DOLLAR up ( tO EIQHT. VESTS, &C, of every description, You will find it sy without fiction, Fumirihing apparels From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. Thia ia all we say now, Thevefbre wg maks our bow i „ Tours truly, ever ao, M. GUITERMAN. A Co., j - - - ; ' ' ■ F . BACH has a new and complete STOCIÍ OF SPRING GOOI bought bfore the recent GREAT RISE IN GOLD ? rwïich will ba Sold FOR CASH ONLY, AJT THE lgv;e2t market fíiíges ! 5 Cali and See ! Ann Arbor, April, 1864. CLOTHES WRINGER! The ONLY reliable self-Adjusting Wringer. NO WOOD-WORK TO 3WELL OR SPLIT. NOTHUMB-SCREWSTO OEI' OUT OF ORDER. WARRANTK1) WITH OR WIÏÏIOLT COG-WHEELS. It took the MRST I'RKMIUM at Fifty Seven State and County Fairs in 1863, and Is, without ao exception, the best wringer ever ma,d WHAT KVERY BODY KNOWS, viz: Thatiron wcllgalvanized wil] not rust; That a simple machine is better than a complicated one; That a Wringer (should be self adjusting, durable and effleieat; That Thumb-Screws and Fasteniugs cause delay and trouble to regúlate and keep in order; That wood eoaked in hot water will swell, shrink and split; That wood hearings forthe shaft to run in will wear out; That the Put nam Wringer, with or without cogwheels, will not tear the cïotnei ; That cog-whcel regulators are not essentin!; That the 1'uLnnm Wriugei bas JtxL the advantages, and not one of the disadvantageaabove nnmed; That ali who bava tosted it pronounce it the best wringer ever made; That it will wring a thread or a bed quilt without al-teration. We might fill the papor wíth testimoniáis, but insert only a few to convino the skeptical, if such there be; and" wo s&y toall, test Putnamn' Wringer. Test lt THOROÜGHLY rttb ANY and ALL others. and if unt entiivly saüsfactory return it. 1'lt.vam Mak ufa cru bhí a Co., Gentlemen - I know from practical experïeiice that Iron well tíilvunizd with zinc will not oxidize or rust ontt partióle. The I'utnam Wriugrr in as near perfect s poftslble, and I can cheerfully recomnend it to be the best in use. Respectfultv your, JNO. W. WI1EELER, Cleveland, Ohio. Manyyears eïperience ín the galvanizing businBs enable me to endorse the above utatement in all particulars. JNO. C. LEFFERTS, No .100 Beokman Street. Xew York, Janunry, 1864. We have testert Putnaui's Clutlies Wringer by practical working, and know that it will do. It is cheup; it is simple; it requires no room whether at vork or at rst; a child can opérate it; it does its duty f horoughlv : it s;tvos time and it 8ftVLa wear and toar. Weearnestiv advise all who have MCCB wushing to do, wifh all intelligent persons who have a.vy, to buy this wringer It will pay for itnelf in a vear at most, í Hox. IIORACE GIÏEFXEY. Patcnted in the United Btates.Englftnd, Canada and Australia. Energetic men can make from StolO dollára per day Ajrontn vftnted in evtry towo, and in all pari of tli e world. Sftmplfl Wriniffr sent, Expresr paid , on receipt of No 2, $0.50; No. 1, $7.60; No. F. $8.50, No. A. $0 50. Manufactured andsoM. whoiesale aod rotail by THEPUTNAM MAVUFACl'URING CO. No, 13 PtattStroot New York, umi Olerrjaajpho' 90ttf T. 8. KORTHROP Afit.


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