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- - - . 7 QTATE OF MICHIGAN. ÏOtRTH JUDlcuTT" Ö TRICT.- Ia Circuit Court for theCuuutv of w ?' tenaw.- In Chanccry. At Chnmbeis, in th r Ann Arbor,in said County of Washteuaw on F -'i the (16th) sixteenth flay of Decemberu th je 7l tboufcxnd ight liundie'ï and sixty-four. 10B' l'rusent . Hun Edwin Lawrence, Circuit Jud In the cause wherein Christof Waltz isComi,].-' and Samuel Ingeraoll in Defrndant. t'&ttt, ït appeaiing by the aftidavit of John W. A. S C 11 Esu , tohcitur lor the ab.ove iiamtd Co ni p (ai na ñt on file in said, that the above nami d Defend Haraual Jngersoll, haa not yet been servéd with th s' pcena issued ín said cause, and tlmt he does nut in the State of Michigan, but that bis last kun ,' ■ dence WR in the City of New York, in the Coimtr . i" State of New York : J 1Dfl Onmutionof JofanW. A.S.Cullen, Kn([ , Soluitorf th Uomplainunt, it is ordercd that the eaid Defendí ftimuell iigcrsoll, cause hisapptaranceto be entertd tlit abovi cause, ivithin three raonths from thetlt ,5 this order, and in case of hw appearanc that he u bi ftnawer to the t'oBiplatnaat's 6ill to be filed m copythereof to be served on Complainant's Solieit wfthfn tweirty days after service of a copy ofBairi k'n' and in default tnereof, tbat the Bill of Coapu , filied in this cause may be taken bs confes&ed bi t'l Befendant, Samuel Ingeisoll. ü Anditisfurt her ordered, iliat gaid Comp]iiDínt a witliin tweflty days fiom the atv henuf, cauie at of of tbiit order to ba published at least eu j. 5 week for six successire weeks in the Wcrkly Mickij Arguê, a public newspaper printeü and publihed ï theCiiy of Ann Arbor, in saiJ County of Washtec or that Camplaio&nt causea copy of this oiderH b' peronal!y Kerved upon tíie sai. i Defendant. t Wit twenty days before the time prescribid by tliin ordii for bis appearance, [A tru coyy ] E. LAWRE CE TRACY W. KOOT, Circuit Jud„ Clerk. ' P.robate Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Coikty of WasmU m . AH persons l.avingciaiins or demanda aMiDuiT estáte of William Buoting, late of the townsbm"' Lodï, In said county ,deceasedf are faerebjr notifiedu; required to present the same to the undorBignedatthi Probate Office, in tbe city of Aun Arbor, in said counff at any of the everal sessions of the l'rubate CoürTSï said cimnty, on or before Satarday, tlie tentfa rfr June. 1865, for exainination and iillowancej six moot from the date hereof. being allowed for crtitento present tbeir claims against said estáte. THOMAS NINDï Dated, Dec. 9th, 1864. ■ 4w987 Judge 6f ProbU, FURNITURE ROOMS One door North of Risdon and Henderson'a Hardwr Store. The undersigned haring purchased tbe entire stoel of W. D.Smith &Co,, and added largely to Kam is preparedto íurnisi hi'B fnend and patroni, & g assortUH-ntof well made furniture, coDsisting of SOFAS, BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, BOOK-CASES! TABLES and CHAIRS, of jtll kinJs, and ia fact oi everytluug pertaiDinftoti, LOUNGES. MATRASSES, Jrc, &c.,made to order by good and expen'eaefdwsrtmen, and warranted !o g-ive satisfactioa. He ili kee]s a good assortment of Cherr? aud WalnntLumbit for sa-Ie at vstTOable priees. And will also pa the bighent ïn&rfcet price for Cherry. Wakut, and Whitt Wood Lumber. P.S, He has also purchased. tbe nev and ELEGANT HEAESE! of Smith & Co., and ïsprepared to furnishaI ïinatot Wood Coffins, Metalic Cases, A-3srr caskets, On the shortest notie. Also atteuds to larjnj (rt deeeaftfd ptrsoes daj and nïght, without charje. 1.1 furniture d&ïïTered iitfceeity free of charge. W. U. BENHAM. Ann Arbor, Jnnry 18th, 1863. WOlf IS@4. 1864. :ntew FALL GOODS! AT REDUCED PRiCES. - o - C. H. MILLEN I now opening a JTEW STOCK of Douwt and FOBE1GJV DRY GOODS! MM FAMILY GRQCERIÍS, 'bought sin cetfee recent rtecline ín GOLD, ndtf kinds at cousiderable Deduction from FormerPrícesí Please cali earlj and make your purcliasei"' tbe stock ia complete. C.H.MIU' ftnn Arbor, Sept. 1864. 9" CARPFTTS, Oil Clotha and Houae Furniil!6"' a rood stock at 978 C. H.MIU4' TTO THE I.AniES - A stock of legout PrJ G 1 Shawls and Cloak, for the fall traae, no P ing at 976 C. H. JI1IAB1 TO THE GENTLEMEN.- A flne stock of Clotl'i Ciissiraeres, and Gents' Furnishiog Gooáí).1 rtceíved at .... 976 C. H.MIUK8' T EMOVAL! 3ST. B. COLE, has removed his STOCK of BOOTS SHOES, to the store of A. P. Mills & Co. , on Main Street, 1"JJ he will be glad to wait on liis old enstomers iQ public gene rally . A LECTURE YOÜNG MESJust Publisbed in a Sealed EnvclopePrice Six Cents. ; ALKCTURE on the Nature, Treatment, and '[J. Cure of Spermatorrhoe or Seminal WeakD,l'iii voluntary EmisstonK, Sexual Deïiüity, and Imp e tJuBi to Marriage generally. Nerrousness, CmsvW . Kpileppy,and Fit ; Mental and phvsic1 In"tVvEK' resultiiigfrom Self Abuse, tic. By UOB'T clL WELL, M. I)., Author of the "Green Book ,"_ j jfC. The world renowned aulhor, in bis admir ( t ture, clearly proved from bis own experience( tfl , awful consequences ofSeW-Abuse maybe effectua ';rfimoved without medicine, and without djniff"011 ,(, cal operations, bougies, instrumenis, rings,r cp ' pointing out a mode of cure at once eert'" "v-jCodtual, by which every sufferer, no matter what if. dition may be may cure hiroself cbeaply P,rlttl()Uiand radica'lly. This lecture will pfove boo" t0 lD and and thuusands. . P,iiJ Sentunder wal, to any address, io ft P 'of,ti envelope.on the recipt of bíx cents, or tP stamps. by adJreBaing. . _ CHAS. J. C. KTKE?' 127 Boerj, Nw Vort, Ptwt-OfflM ■


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