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A Colored Gentleman Admitted To The Bar

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S E. Skwall, Etq., Lefore his honor, Jud#e Wtird, moved tlint Macón B. ALi.Kif, wlio ivas provined wilh a cortificnlc of cornpetency, siglitt! by JmJge Merrick, bo admitted o praciice ris an nttorney and counselor at low in the courts of Massnchuselts, and, there beu ni) lcgn! objection to tho motion, iho gnntlemnn was nilmitted. The Post says tliat Mr. Allen is 29 yenrs of a;c, is a native of India nn, and liis color and physiognotny bespeak a mingled Indan and African e.traction of nbout eq'inl proportions. He is of medium lieiuht and eizr, and passably good looking - Ëxchange Paper. Wo Impe Air. Allen wil! so conduct bimself as to do away'lhe silly projudice against his color by shovvinp him.íelf au able tind high miiidcd inan. His brothcr lavvyers cannot ccmpetengainsi liim without virtually pulting thcmselvee on a par wifh him; and thus he hns a fair chance to eetablish a reputation for himself and his race.CCWiskonsan contains an extent of ter ritory ctjunl to fivc or six of the largest Sutes of tlic Union. lts domain is said to bo 1,200 miles long by 200 wide. According to tlie Ordinanco of i737, whieh was declared to bc forever unalterable nnless by the common consent of Congress nnd the pcople of the territory Northwest of the river Ohio, that section of country was to be divided into not less ihan three nor more than five Siatce.- Fuvr have already been carved out of it, viz: Ohio, Indiana, Illinois Michigan, and the great extent, of country enibraced by tlie territorial Innits of Wiskonsan remains. In complionco with the ordinnncc, it must constitute but ono .Stiito, nUhojgh if peopled ns numerously os Holland or England it iniht hold a populstion of 30,000,000 or more. Wiekonsan wül shoitly knock for admittonce uiu the Union; and the question must then be decided whethcr such n mammoth State shall be ndmittcd, wheiher the Ordinniice sha!l be nullified, or whether some method thall be devised by whicli the content of the pcoplo northwest of the Ohio can be obtained tu its división. 05a" Tho New York Magnctic Company have filled their stock, and are ready to enter on the complelion of the telgraphic communication botvveen WfijV York and Ballimorc.


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