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To The Liberty Party Of The County Of Wayne

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The Central Commiitce lias cilled a State meeting to bc held at Marshall on the Jth July wnh reconmiendirtron of couniy nieotinij throuifh' out the State on tho 4th oí' July. The recointnemlatibii secms highly appropnnte. The anniveranry of our independence umler present circuinsiances, will oficr serioua considorations to every lover of country and liberty Sixty-eight years previous belicld the prprh ui gallon of the nobleat principies of civil govornmeiu 1 o vindícate ibem lueir igners plcdged honor andpeison, and property The plette was sairedly redeemcd. Noact of dishonor tamnhed the punty ol revolutionary ochievcment, but tho act and the actor, wonhy the onu o thé othcr reflected on oach a mutual credit. Indenendeocí was digmfied, when achievetl by a Washington and kindred copatriots: and on the platlorm ol American indcpciidence even a Washington wal cxalted to higber moral elovation. SiirV-cight years will have minglcd wi.h etcrni.y, and,ssemblcd AnicricHiis wHIagain cuinmcmora-c the great one idea of '76. Undor it they have carcere.t mio greatness. It has been to them, the handmuid o happmess, weailh and nation.-.l pride- ok round, gbuc to behold its evidencó. VVliat spell, then, more woriliy to convoce Amencans. than that of the genius of '76- ÏU immortal one idea- Liberty? Let va ol Wayiie ymid to iis influencc. Let us meet: let ns enter the templo of our liberty, and at the shrine ol revolutionary niartyrdom. do homage to the God given nghig thcre consecratcd. Let us commune with the departed Great; catch a spark of hcir pure enthusiasm and froni thcir ashes rekmdle the expiring fires of liberly. Let us meet ns Anieneans. and while contenipl.uing the Clones of the revolmionary slrucitiro. let us scek to remove carefully and with wisdom, the inoongruities. now marring the noble uimplicity of its o.igihal design. Let us aleo contémplate in our midsi those, for whom no "fourth of July" is: on whom no Sabbath sun arises, to whom liberty cives no hope. - country no joy. Let us ihink. of ihe heart senred: of right violntcd: of Americans enslaveih God'e spirhs chattelized; our na ional principies spurncd: 011 national honor jcfoulcd. and say was it for this 1I10 signers of ndependence perilled their all. and Wasliington ought? Lret us coniemplate thé domainsofout rage continually widening, and point to the overwnving flag. revcal.ngthc parent power of the system,and proclaiming that slavery has fled : invcring froni the reprobntion of ihe ylobe to ind placo and honor, beiieath our republican egis. Let lis do ihis. and ihen sny. are these the niitii of n Bunker IJill,- a Saratoga,- and a Yorktown? Wc iuv'te the peoplo of Waync, to mceint BOme fitting plnce on tlw 4th of July. Let.ill come, who will sympathiro with one feeling. - L,ct pariy spirit bc bnniahcd. nnd discord (k-e lar nway. Let us niect as Amcricans - a6 brcihren - .ind clasp the hand of fellbwéliip. Speakers in aburrdaDce will bo in atendauoe. A future puulicaiion will announce the ol meeting and the nrrahgemenis for the masa Deeling of Wnvne on ihe 4th of July.HO RACE HALLOCK, ï Ö- M. HOLMES, } J. D. BALDW1N, (county HAltVKY S. BRADLEY. S Com 8.1'. MEAD. J {Cf The African race, ihe world over, whether bond 01 free, ore charnnterizcd by slroiijr fcelings of gnitíltulc townrd llieir llieir benefactors. A elpgyrtian recent ly vi.-ited a settlcfneiif in Canada of 2no families of refuprCö froiu slavery. fio ?Hys: "I liave foinid qnilé a largo nunibcr who have had an ncquaiotanco willi broiher Torrcy, nd in several in?tiices, wliëri aliusion has heen made to tiis name nnd présent situation, I havo seen iho biiny lear roll down their sable clieeha. TLcir pratitnde lo their benefactor seems alrtosl nniiounded. Numbors of fiiem wotfld bc piad to oxchango places with him f Ihey could thereby obtnin liis release. Slnveliolders may curse liis mernory, nnd aboítftontSts vílro are too covet ons lo pay ai;yUiii!(f, or to daré any thing for the cause f ilio sluvo, mny dwe!l on hiá want of prudeiice, bilt I wou!d fundí ralher have niy meinory cherished nnd my gravo vvalprod with the g ral e Ai } tea rs óf these poor ereaturss, who were rcmenibered by me in iht-rr prison housö of bondage, and have them lo witncss for me at tije bar of my final Judge than to have all the llónnrs, nnd espocially ;he fin] account of ilioae oí" lliose who censure hiin."


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