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Proceedings Of The Detroit Liberty Association

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The Associahon met on the evcning ol 1 ilh Muy at LibertylI.Í!. The presiden, boing ill, and the Vice President absent, C. H. Stewart wascilJeii to the Chair. Tha clinirman st.itcd that the object of the meeting was to clect new officers lor the ensuing year. Uut previ&ns to that a nielanclinly duty claimed their atteniion. The association had lost its head, its ntembers a denr friend and an ii sl.ivery a devoted advocate. The mere name of Dr. Portcr was replete with nssochtions of mingled charactei', but all tending to a common center, faud speaking of love, chrisiianhy. intellectuality - the cultivated mind - the stern principie - and the honest man. He was the futher of anti-slavery in Michigan and to Liberty men of Deiioit the counsellor - the pioneer - ihe instructor - the example, and the personal friend. Oiher remarks were made, too nnmerons to record. The following oflicers were elected. HOR ACE IIALLOCK, President. QoLLXif Bkovvn Fïce President, Sir.As M. Hoi mes. Sccntmj und Treas. J. D. Bai.iwín, ) W. Barxum. ElJJWUM) II AM., ,r, ,. W: R. Novks &% Chas.', Co"tiniti' P. B. RIrLKY, C. H. Stkwakt, J Mr. Hnll was alao oppointed Sccrctary of the Committec The fullówing rcsoltnions were then passed. Resolved, That the Almighty, having seen fu to cali to himself Dr. Arthur L. Porter, the cai ltest and most devoted friend of the slave in this conimunity we bow with submission to the wül of him. who gave and who taketh awayResolved, That while in the dsath of iis leader our Association suffers its deepest airliction, the poignancy of our feclings is temporal, and our loes mitignted by the Icgacy hts life und death bequeathed M the tnulifulncssof our cause; and H3 we mi ii tlio foss of our friond. we are comfortcd by his memory and cheercd onward ly the light, which now as ever otreams from the grove of the good, to Ilumine his principies, and brighten the road to their assertion.Resolved, In Dr. Porter's denth. philanthropy ios to mourn a singc-hearted practitioner - mornlity a devotcd friend - society an able phyf iciun - the coniinunity a good citizen. and domestic life its dearest science hns lost a favored diecipie and stern ntegrity its unbending votary: for modest worth - for unobtrusive excellence - a raro intellect and a warm heart. rce shall notsoon beliold his like again. Resolved, That wiih the family and relatives of L)r. Poner we unite as mutual mourners and upon his grave offer the tributo of our regrets; and as we divided with his family bis solicitud and pricele83 syinpmby, we claim the sad privi lege of sharing with them our common bereavenent. Itesolved, Tliat though the man has fallen, hi spirit and labors are immortal. Hia memory i graven on the ehrine of Hnmaniry; and hi piecepts will endure in deathless vigour. Resolved, That upon us resta the sacred duty to which we here pledgö ourselves, of redoublet cffort in the cause bcreaved by his loss, a patien endurancc of the trials so admirably borne b him, and an itnitation of his unswerving fait in the great principies of the Almighty. Delégate were then chosen jo the Cincinna cmvention and the nieetins adjourned.


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