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Professor Morse is determined to be the Napoleon of the Telegraphic world. A writer in the New York Tribune says he has long had it in view to connect the Oíd and New Worlds, by his wires; his project being to reel off from and to abrupt shores any amount of wire, 10,000 niiles, if necessary - covering more thickly the extremities üable to injury from attrition, and securing the whole from the effects of sea water. The Professor had better obtain a charter from Neptune, and hire him to set the coral insects at work, to construct pillars at due distances. - Cin. Jlerald.{C?3 The Louisiana Convention, fo revising the State constitution has closec its deliberatións. The nev constitutie wjll be submitted to the people in Novem ber next, nnd if approved, the election under it will be held in January. It pro vides that the seat of Government sha! be removed f rom New to soin place not nearer than 60 miles to that city The constitution provides that on th queslion of rutifying ir, not only the qua! ified electors under the old constitulion might vote, büt also those wha will be come electors in the event of its adoption A. motion to strike out this provisión wa lost - 33 to 34. (HT1 The returna of the late vote in lovva on the Constitution gives the foUowing result: For the Constitution, 6,0123 Agamst it, 7,019 Maj. agaiflst the Ctfnstitution, 906 II is curious tlmf wfiiie the odniission o Florida wns pending, its 6laveholdirrg friends were very anxious to have it divided into two States, so as to secure n greater politica] power in tlie General Governmciït. Whereas the people oflowu have rojpcted tlic offer of coming' in to the Union at present, beciuise lliey cannot have an extent of territory almost us large as all New Kiiglnml.(Cf The Detroit editors have a peculiarly gay and lively manner of interestmg tlicir readers, and of filling up their shceís. Not n duy passes that there is nol a paragraph in cach of the opposing newspapers, mentioning the name of the rival editor, and frequently aitaching to it some endenring epithet, such as 'liar,1 'thiet' 'unwhijiped scoundrel,' etc. - Buffalo Pilot. O Thora has been nnothcr üreat firc in I'itisburgh by wliich 50 or GO liouses were burnt.- Phe firc is suppTsc(f to liavebeen kindled by caro ëssaess in cirrying ú cnndle through n smblc. DU Tliu AJinn Tcleyrapli lulos tliat liciiry Cl;iy Iris bccomo n cutninitmranL ín (lr Kpiaoo.i! Gfrtrob ii Lexirtgtoft. _j _,j


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