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fute? gbttriw&'. "cThTmillen. EU.F.R n Dry Goods, üroceries, Crockery, eT. Sc. J)_inStrwt, Ann Albor. PHÏLÏP BACH. nEAI.ERS in Dry Goods, Groceries. Boots & Shoes, J) ie, Main ' Ann Arbor. _ _ GEORGE W. SNOVER, nEAIEBio Miscellaneous and School Books, Station !)„,, Wall Papers, &c. Uuron Street, Ann Arbor. IÍSDON & HENDERöON. rSALER3 in Hardware, St'.ves, house furnishing l) gooi, Tin Ware, .te , kc, New Block, Mainst. S. G. TAYLOR, liEU.KRin Hats, Caps, Furs, Kobes, (JeiitE' FurnisliJiníGooils,e East side Main Street, Ann Arbor, A. J. SUTHERLAND, iSENTfor the Xow York Life Iosurance Company, , Office oa Hu ron AlhO Uas on haad Htock :'be most approve'i sewing machines. 885tf GEORGE FISCHEü,. MEAT MARKET- Huron Street -General dealer in Fresh nd Salt 5lfats, Beef, Mutton, Pork, Hams, Poultrj, IJVrd, Tallow, ftc, &c. HIRAM J. BEAKES AITOKNEY and Counsellor at Uw, ..nd Solicitor in Cliancery. Offico in City KU Biock, OTer Webster's toot Store. ' "LBWITÏ & BREAKEY. PlirSICIAN'S AND SÜRREONS. Office at theresidence of Dr. Lewitt, n(jrth side of Huron, two doors lest of División street. M. GÜITERMAN & CO. WlïOI.ESALEand Retail l).alers and Man jfacturer II f Ready-Made Clotliiug. Importers of Cloths, Ca ioir. Doeskio, 4c, No. 5, Phcenix Block, Main at; y WM. WAGNER. MALER in Ready Made Clothing, Cloths, Cassimeres, l'ud Vesting, Hats, Caps, Trunks, Carpet Bags,_c, ficsuii Block, Main etreet. SLAWSON & SON. (18OCERS, Provisión and Commission Merchants, and Utalersin Water I.irae, land Plaatnr, and Piaster !Parig, one door east of Cook's Hotel. J. M. SCÖTT IÏBROTYPE and Photograph Artisl , in the rooms A irer Campion's Clothing store , Phoenii Block. Peri'Uatisfaetiongiven. C. B. PORTER. MS48OK DKNTIST. Oüice Cornor of Main and Hurón uitreeta, over Iïücb & Pierson'e Store. All calis ?)inpllj attended to Aprl859 MACK & SCHMID. DÜLERS in Foreign and Domestic Dry Good, Groceries. Hats and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, i, Corner of Main k Liberty sta. ANDREW BELL. Ö KALER in Groceries, Provisions, Flour, Produces IW., ic4) corner Main and Washington Streets, ■a Arbor. The highestmai-ket pricespaid lor country Minee. 886 M. C. STANLEY, PhotograpJiio _9_rtli_it. twner Main and iiuron .Streeta, Ann Arbor, Mich, PHOTOURAI'HS, AMBROTYI'Eá, _c.!_c., ■t the latest styles, and every effort made to give satiskfoo. 956tf D. DbFOREST. pOUSALE and retail dealer in Lumber, Lath, (' Shmgles, Sash , Doors, Blinda, WaterLime, Grand '"Piiiter, Piaster Paris, and Nails ofallsizes. A 'd perfect assort ment of the above, and allother :il f building materiale constantly on hand at the ''poasible rates, on Detroit st ., a few rodsfromthe j%sd Depot. Also operating extensively in the "tComent Koofing. LUIYIBER YARD! C. KRAPF, "Wgeand well stocked Lumber Yard , on Jeffer Stteet, miheSoutb part of the City, and wi 11 keep '-tutly on hand an excellent vanety of lUMBER, SH1NGLES, LATH, &o,. will be sold as low as can be afforded in this ulity ma prices such that no one need go to DeCONBAD KBAPF: rber, Dec. 6th, 1864. 986tt NEW MUSIC STORE Persoos wishïng to buy lanós or ÜVEelodeons. J2 go to WILSEY'S MUSIC STORE, beforepur ■MiBg el8ew}]ere jLe wj] warrant satisfaction to tJpS9rs, and takei pleasure in refcrring to those ia TTe a'reay purchased of hm. He taken pride 4a P'8 that he has givea the best of satisfaction tj,.sr) aul in.ten.ds bo to do in all cases. Any Piano b íuraished tha't purchaier may require. He ' it to be difltinctly understood tbat he will not be trnsriDEi=isox.JD HwltrEast mWiit. S' -The Ulest SHEET MÜSIC fot sale, PIANO ... ALVIN -VTILSEY. ■J , D,e. s:ti. ie eittí


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