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Culture Of Hops

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Having been aoquainted with the hop culture in this State frora a boy, and having spent the suinmor of 1861 iü the hop región of central New York, I will try to answer the inquines of O. H. Bushnel in the Rural of Feb. 4, and also give my experience in hop culture. Preparo the grouod the sanie as for corn ; then cut the roots up into piccea three or four inches lung, observiug that eaoh piece has a sprout on it ; then set theni in rows seven feet oqu way by eight the other. fn setting, use a point ed stick, with which niake three holes about four inches apart iu the place whero tho bill is to be, and slanting outward. Put a piece of root in eaeh ono of these holes, pressing the dirt oarefuily around the root. Stick a stick to each, hill, for you can plant corn or potatoea among your hops the fiist year, as tho hops do nol boar until the secoud year. Sec out the hops about ten days before corn planting. The next fall ïnanure your hops, putting one bushol oí' manure on each hill ; less will do if you use plenty of piaster and ashes while growing. The noxt spring, quito oarly, hoe the manure off each hill into the rows. Set the poles beforo the hop virios are six inches high, if you can, for it is much handier, aud there is less danger of breaking the vines. When the vines are about two or three feet long, tie them up, leaving two vines to a pole. Put the vines around the poles irom oust to west or so they shall follovv the aun. Cultívate them thoroughly ; never let weeds grow in your yard ; pull off al! the vines in the hill, except Ihose that go up the pole ; hoe thein twioe, hiiling them up the last timo ; novel' euLivate them wheu in the blooni. The best hop growers in central New York, cultívalo their hops just before piuking, to keep down weeds. The third spring from the time you set out your hops they will require grubbing; that is, by this time there will bo runners froni onch hill vvbich must bc cut off. These are found by hoeing nround tho liill about a foot from il. Haring fouad this running root, draw il up to the main part of the hill aud cut it off. When you como to picking, cut your viues off up about three feet from the grou:d, íis the vine bleeds too mush wheu ovit ofl' too short. W:,i. II Talcotj. Ypsilanü, Mioh. Tlie iollowiog ia Aunt IVtsy's desoription of her milkmaa ; "Ik' is the nieanest man in the worM !" eha exolaime.i!, '' He ekimfi Ijis ïnük on tlio top, and then ha luruts il uver aud t=kins the büttürn."


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