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The Shadows We Cast

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In this great world of sunshioe and shadow, wo are constantly casting shadows on those aroand us, and receiving shadows from thein in return. There is no pathwuy in life that is not soinetimes in the shade, and there is no one who walks over these paths, it matters uot which way they tead, who does not, now and then, cast his nhadow witb the rest. How often do we, by a mere thoughtless word or .careles act, cast a shadow on some heart which is longiug for sunlight. How oitoa doos tha husbaud, by a cold greetiug, cast a gloum over the happy, trustiug face oí his young wife, who, it may be, has waited: anxiously for tho ürst souud of his footstep to gwe him a joyous welcome to his home. How oftan has tho pareut, by a barsh reproof, cbilled the ever flowing spring of oonfideuce and lovo whieh U bubbling up from the fountaius of the heart oí the inuocsut prattler at his knee. How oíton aro the bright rays of hope torn froin tho cliuging grasp of the souls of those worn out by poverty and the Dever ending coufliol of lüe, by the stinging ridicule or the sordid avarice of thoso whoin the world honors, ayo, loves to honor. How ofcan does the chikl, evun atter it has growo to tha f'ull bloom of munhood, abd ia olad ia the garmeuts of strength and beauty, briüg sorrow to the parent alroady tottering on the brink of eternity. Thea beware lest you cast a deeper shadow over thoso whioh are already darkening his happiuess. Tho shadows we cast-, can we escape them ? Gan we look back as we walk on in üfo's journey, aud . soe no shadowy tnarfo abaut our


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