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Gen Sherman's Opinions

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A correspondent of aa Eastern -paper thus givütj some acrapa of a conversar tion of bis with Gen. Sherman : " G-eneral, your popularity in tho Northeru Statoí s so great that you can, I think, take such stops as j'ou chooso wiihout fear of saeing thum; thwartod by the administraron." " Perhaps so," e:iid he, " but raark this: As to tbe popularity you speok, of, I know very well of what stuff it is made. I am popular as long aa I am suoeessíul. lot only the Atnerioan pretis, but the Londoa papers, pruisai me now as the greut, jeuoral of the agp-.. VI;y ? liocause I havo er ssed a groa cxteut oí co'.mtry, and by a loag aad periious mrch havo causcd aa important citv to fall into our hands. All thrs is very vvoll. But suppose iu tho cauipaigu I ara about to undortako I meet the ocjrubinad forces of Lee, Buauregard, and ilardoe, and fail ; what would bo rny fjte theo ? Why, cvery hiui'el I have won, evarytli'mg I have done, would be forgotton ; thare is not u trcu high eoough to haug tus upon ; I shiiuld be drugge4 dowo from the pillar of luiiw to rot B obsuurity iu snrno remote conei' ol the West ; aud. tho groat goüoi'a! would be a failuro - au impostor. " But, General, witjb all our recent suücesses, and vviih the plau3 in view, doa't yon thiuk tlw war iá nearly to an en.l?n " At an end ! the war ut na end ! Well, sir, if you nish my opinión oh that PubJHOt, I will ututo that far froui being at au end, tlw war is o:ily about to bagin ; tho puticy of Mlvi'!i? "p 'hair soa and river eoast ei kis, alihough faking avvay eoiuo of tba pt'e'iga of tho Gonfcderacy, is raaking it matefially stro:iger 'han il thcy retained tho:it in their possession ; whj'e tbu oponing of tha sanio citita to !r;ula by the Fudural 'ovevumoiit fa cfi'uHitly supplying the rebota wiili uil the grvodk they usrd to rei-öivo iiv DTu'êkïfitS iiméers. at a clapaper pr'eo, ;ii}(! wnli Ihs risk and iacoiircniiitilü tu thlistie."1 'J ir So'ct öfl' the J5r".i!in upasJ n reenforct-'d hy itín H-rttori! and 'jroolch n, whieh arcrj beióg fepiireü tftid rtnit'ed tr sórvico.


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