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Washington, Feb. '25. The follcwuig hm been receivod at IN Navy Dopartmcut: U. S. Flao Malvern, Cape ( F kar Kivkk, Feb. '22, 18G5 Sir - I the hom r to iiifcrm you th.-.t Wilmingtun hir hoon evucuated id i iti posit'Bsion of our force. AftT the evaciiation of Fort Anderson I iiíhed íorward the gutibcots as i'ar as iho waor would perinit. Tho army puhcI up :)t the fume tima on ibe righl snd lof t banka eif the river. Alter Kounding nd biloying out the middle iii-aud at Big Iwland, I aucceeded in gi'túnjjr the gunboa's over and opened fir en Fort Strong, tho vork comuiauding thi! prircipal obstructions, wliere the rrbcls liad aleo eunk a bargo Btcanier, iho Northeasiern. Our fire soon drove thu rebels nway frotn the fort. iov r.d then they would tire a sliot, one of hii.-h truck ths tiaamieus below the trater mark, stier set her to leaking budj. No livea were lust Tb;it nighl, tke 20th, the rebels aent down '200 floating tirpcdoes, but I had a strong furce öf piokct boala, and the torpcdoes. were Biink wit!) musketry. One pot ia the vfhtel of the Osceola, and blew har vrheol house to pieces, and knockud down her bulkbead in. Tliaro was no dsrange to the huil. Some of the ves Bf'i licked up the torpedoes with their torpedo nets The next moruing I gpivad two fishing neta across the rivor. Yeaterday cvtuing G-en. Ames th bis ciirision mored within a short distance of the Fort and had a slwrp encounter with the rebels. On hearing the A kttry and seeing where onr troops were, I opened a raptd tire on tho fort and all j long tho onemy's line, Tht) fort renp.-inded with t'nree or four sbots, but van íoon silenced. This morning we j h#ard that Gen. Terry waa within their : works and the road was oleur to Wíl mington. Tho Montauk could uot get serosa theehoals without lightening, which was a work of some labor, 1 liad tbe plaaBuro of plaoiog tho ftag ou Fort Strong. At noon to-d'uy wo all fired a ilute of 35 guns, this being the anuiTcrwry of Wasliington's birtliday. I m Bir, very resppctfully, your obd't serT't,


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