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The Bogus Senators

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The Frec Prtís correspondent at Laasing, tbus sums up his review of the action of the Sonate in the contestad election cases : There are a few facta with regard to the soldiers' vote, whicli I trust the peojle will bear in ramd. It will be ob ieïved by the report of the íáenato Oommittee on Elections, that J. J. Robison received a mjority of eighty 8evei! over J. Webster Childs on the legal or home vote. Counting the illegal or solaiers' vote, theïe was a müjority of tweuty me against Robison. Vv m. A. Jones re cöived tiinety-üix majonty over Williiun Jay of the logul vote : counting the illecal vote, Jay received but four majority ! Now there 'm unmistukiibio eviaeuco, sutficient to couviüoü any impartial jury iti the country, Mr. Robiswn having gone to the trouble to collect the facts, 'that there wns cast of the soldier' vote sufficient fraiidulent votes and votes oast illegally and infnnnally (that is to say, not iü accordauce with Üie provisions of the soldiers' votitig law), whioli, it'rej et ed, would gtve Mr. Robison his seat by a good mojority. That Jay holds his Boat by a minörity of the honest vote ot bis district, even counting the soldi r' vote, is a fact bevond question. That the sume state of taota exista with regard to the others whose seats were contested I suppost' to be true, but the samo troub!e was not taken to eolleot theevidonoe as in the easo of Robisou, for the reason that it was not supposeJ South Caroliua nullifioition would so boou be popularized by the Michigan Legislatura. The followiug facts then exisl with regard to the bogus inembers : 1. They retain their seats, rejectod by the legal votes of their districts. 2 Kejeeted by a majority, including the soldiers' vote, in tv o cabes at leait, Childs and Jay. 3. They retain them against the protests of an outraged coustitution, and by adoptiug Calhoun's doctrine of uullifica tion, and by apurniog tho decisión of the higüest tribuual. 4. They retain them m the Senate by a tie vote, ia a bo ty where three-l'ourths are members of Iheir own party. 5. They relain them against the denunciation of overy [lapor in the State, democrat and republican, except two. 6. Hubbard relains his seat wilh a msjoiity vote of the Senata against hiiu, thouiih it was uot so aiiiiounced. Vith such a damning record staring them in the face, f consistency be ajewel, modcsty as applied to them must be a diamond of tho first water. LX" Tbo Kichmocd Ëxaminer says the lollowing notice strikes the eye of Ihe huiifj-ry inau upon bis eutry to some eatmg saloons of llichmond: "Geutlomen wil) please pay before oating." Th is argues a sad deoline in the esti matiou ot men's moráis and honesty, and is ono of Ihe striking illustratious of the change that tho war bas worked. 5 The last of the ten now Illinois regunents has been organizud, and the State Government is now ut work rais ing, organizing, and sending forvvard the 50 udditional companies that have been authorized ior the old regiraents of the Blate. UL" Jy Cooke & Cd. report last weckV fcubtcriptioDS to 7:30 l"!in $3,009,000, including one suliaoription i from Mew York of over $500,000 and , ' one from Cbicago J $9,200. I


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