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A KXAHE PIANO- ot'O of the bent ias'rumentü mado- eutirelj new. Inquiio at the AÏUtUS OFFICE. HSüë "&TlS7ör1alë7 rpHE SÜBPCRIKKI! offer lor galc cbcap lii IIOUSK I aDd I.OT, on lliiccjck Strrot in Hlicock's a'li'.üion. The lot ís 5 rodi bv !0. and is tncke'i with ft [ine voriotj of Fruit. Xlie Hoane i i'5 by 58, oim torv . with a ood well aud ciatern. SAMUEL EIIIELDS. 5m993 U. S. 7-30 LOAN. By nuthority of the Secretar f the Trtasury, So undersignod bas aasumel the (enera! Subscrípüon Aaercy for tliö ale o! Unttefl States Treasnry Notci, benring sever. aní throe tenths per interest, per unaunii known as the SEVEN-THIRTT LOAN. These Note are isMipd uüOer datt of 16th, 1S94, and r pajable tliree ycarn frora that timo, m curyency, or ar1 convertible at optiou .f tbe holder into U. S. 5-20 Six per cent. GOLD-BKARING HONDS. Thee b-Dfie aro now worth a premium of nino per cent., inciuHog gold iutereat from Novomber, wliich rnakea the actual proflt on tho 7 SO loan, at nurrent ratea, incltidiig inUrest, about ten percent prannutn, bcftidos itfl azemption frem Sta'ê and municipal tazation, which adda from ene to tkret percent, more, accoriiing to the rate ïevied on otbor property. The intorest is pav&Me aemi-antiuallj hy coupons att&oht'd tn each note, which tnay be out off and sold to anT bank orbaukor. The interesi aniuuniit to One cent per day on a $5O tiute. Two centi " " " S1OO " T " " U " $5OO m O ( " ( " ÍÍOOO $1 ' " " $5000 Notes of all the' de nomina tim nrael iU be promptlj furaiihtd upon recoipt of subsoription.- TKUia THE OiLY LOAN IN MARKET now ofTerel by the Gorernment, and it Ís cnnfidentl.v expeoted that it superior -.dv.ritp.j: will inftko it the Great Popular Loan SL People, Leía than $'.00, 000,000 remain uruold, which will probably be lUpopad of witiiin tliö next '.'0 or 90 days, wlxen the notoi will uadoul'tedly conimuncl premium, aa ha uaiformly been tUo case on oloiiög the ubsoriptions to oth&r Loba. In order that citisena oí ever y toirn aad section of the conn-try m.iy bc afford&d faoilitios fur Uking th loan, th National Banla, State iianis, and PrivaU Baakers ihrougbmit the country huve generally agreod to recoíre subscri;itions at pir. Subscribers will select tJicir OVQ .icnts, iu wbom they liaye con ■ ñiltínco, and who only are to be responaüjie fur tha ilelivery of tho notcb íor wlüah Ifeoy rocoivc orders. JAY COOKE, írnsCKlPTIOS Aísít, Phtladdphia. Subbcbotio.ns iriLl. D HK.'xivlD ty the f IHST NATIONAL BANK of Aun Arbor. 998 THE 3STINTIÍ NATIONAL BANK OF TBS CITY OF NEW YORK. Capital, Ll,000;000, Paid In, FISCAL AGENT OP THE UNITED STATES, ASD SFBCUI, AGBÏfT FOR JaY CoüKB, SUBCB!FrirH, WÜ1 DelJver 7 30 Notes, Pi ee of Charr e, by exproRf, in allp. rt of the couutry, aud rect-iTf iu paytoant Gherkg un Xuw York, )lhi)ade!pliia, and Boiton, curren t billa, and all iiv per col t. intoresl uotee, with iutrtíst tu dato of aubscriptíon . Orders eent ly mail willb pniniJlv ülled. 'ïhÏA Bank reccive the nccounts of Iianka and Bunkert) on favorable trm? ; alo ol individual tepine Now York accounts. J. U. 0RV1S, Proittnt. T. T. HttL, Caihier. 3m9? PLASTBB I "To Whoin it May Concern." The following letter from the proprietors of the Grand Rápida, Michigan, Phi&ter Heds, touching tlie fact who hau andivho hfii not " Gruud Knpids, Michijan, Piastor'' for sale in the city "f Aun Arbor, prove cleurly that une wl;o claim to have it have not .1 pound of it and have not bad fur yoarü. Gbakd Kapids, Mjcihoan,) Fobruary IT'.h, 1S65. J To Mesura. Goodale & Hcnlv, Ann Irbor ; and J. B. Hinchmnn, Esr;., l'ftroit , Michigan : DbíbSik:- This is to certify thnt P. DeFokmt, of Ann Arbor. Michigan, hat; not bmiííltt a pound of Plneter of UB, or eiiker of us since Juiui, 186;í, nnd thíit a certain '-liand-bili" circulated by liini, tlated Fpb. 2nd, 1JC5, whicU .-tato tliat lio kei-ps the ''ftnttf gennine GrindHapids Michigan l'laster," is utterly Cal."". [Signid] VVM HOVEY, Agi-nt. F. OODKREY. jy ïhe Pure Rrand Rápida Michigan Plaslcr, may behadinany quantity at our Store, oppoiite Cook's SLAWSON fc SON üun Arbor, March Ist. 1805. 6w998 Real Estáte for Sale. STATIC OF MICHIGAN, Oountt of Wasiithxaw, ■ In thomotlor of the esla'.c ot Sylvia Lowr y, (now SyWla St. John.) Mnry K Lowrf, Sfark A. I.owrv and Miiriba E. Loirry, minors : Nutice is Ilercby fiven that in pursuance of an ordr pranted to the UDdSrifgur?, guordinn of the estáte of said minors, by the Jlon. Judgo of Probate for the aounty of Wihtenw,on the twnnty oventh lay of Kcbrutry, A.D.1865 there will bo sold at Pubïic Veti'löp, to the higheit biddi'r, at tbo south door of theGourt House, in the "itv ot Ann rbor, in the conuty ot Wnthfnnw in eaM 9t' M, oifToiiday, tho eiRhtofnlh da y of April next, at ono o'clück in the afternoooof oíd dny, eujt'ct to all encumbranees by mortgage or otherwiae, the fóUowiug doir.ri sed real efctat, to wit: Iherorth west quarter of iiection fourtüep, and the iout'u east qnftrtor of section fourtein.and thsuortta eat quarter of tho louth woat qusrterof srction fourteen, in townshtp four south and ranee fnir east, In'ine in the t ownship of Uridgcwater, in the oounty of Washtf uaw, C-ntaininc thri'o hundrncl and sixty oorr of land, subject to the right of dower of riarifJO Lowrr. " wHow of Jamm I.ewry, de IOLiKIPPA TOWRT,rj(jarditi. --- - - _"IJ Estáte of Thomas C. Bicknell OTATE OF MICHIGAN, County ol HT.,1,, ' nn Arkovon FrWay. the t.cnlv.touVl'l, r' ,"i Ct raary , in th ƒ ear one thouund igUtfcunad JtfcPrnt,HliaJ. Beakes.Judge of I'rob.t. SÜ."."" fti"' ""'? ofT1-" c ' Onrmdf!i(njrfiling tl.e pctili„n, aal. ,„; a Joba i; 1 fokwll, , ra, Ep timt )„ oi .-on-e ,T " ble panoi i may bj app„intcd Adatalrtwtoi óf"." lU' tite of said dreeased, '-trThereuyo., t Ordercd.lhat Mondaj the rtl í March Bext, at ten o'clock in thV f' Iof attt(Bdfertbh4uiiigol4 mt,„ 't Irefra at lair of said dMeand ■ d .11 lh peron iotoruttd 1, said ,.sU't(. " luf to appi-ar at a sio of sai,: Court thtn to h. ."T,"""1 the fïo!t Office, ín the C U et A„, . "v-i1 nd show muso, if „,,. tbwe b. „"n A'bof U,e)0titi,mer li,,uM Üct U gr.iuti-ül(TrV And it i fiMlnrr brdoipi. tliat ni.l „ .■■■ Eh penë.nc, .,1 ,ad p,tiüou, ,„d th l.earïnVth n Michigan Argus, a ucwspai,, printei] . j h siTf Mt priTfons tu nam dy o hearine "' (A tru.copy.) uiRAM J. BEAKïs y J"de of !■„!„„ Estáte of Mary Suinmers OTATK 01 .-MICIIIÜAX, Couaty „f VaSl,t.„llr „ O At ion of th l'robate Cwnit forti, ó '"M. .t the l'r"í,i, oC' . fa' citrof Ann ArBor, on Frkla,, thf tweüt, fr h ,,' l'remmt, llnair. J. S, akc, Judge of Prob,te Ir tb. ■ Bf I, fM;tu ,2 M.rr SumLr. ctod. Jchn H(.l,man,execi.t5,r.)f the lat lll'. t.tSmeut ofW d,ad,MmM iDto Coirt ,ÏÏ !S, tht h. , n(iw prè„i.d to hu !i nccountaB.sucheiecutnr "l( Tkrpn it i. ijriiemd, that lioady. th. 27 day of Hard. next. ,t t o'clock iï 1, account, and tbat the heir at lw of Sad "Í an.l all otli er person, lntere.Ud in ,M enlate ," „ quicod to apilar ata .„ioa „f ,lid CoUrt then tob. boldc-nat the J'robat, Offlee. in the City of Am A bor muidCouBtj-, andsho cause, f any tliere the Bai(l account sl.oul.1 n„t be llowcd: And t b f " ther ordwid, d Exeoutor give noli the pewoiM iWret,.,l n ajd t.tate, ol the p,.„d,n . of Mfaiè cau.inI I eopr of tBU. Ür.ler to b pul.lished ïn the niegan Argus, aepaper priatsd am! eírrulttiuí n ..a Wíffííaj.01"1 Bucce"ive weBl' fr"is (Uo'"; CÓpJr-) HIRAM J. BBAKJ OT8ttl Ju'lg, of lob.„. Estáte of Amos Mead. STATE OF MICHIGAN- County of WtalBMTM Ata fiessionof the Probate Court for ti CounW of Waahtentw, holden at the Probate Office in t city of AnnArbor,onMoDdav,thelweiitT sTeni), flaTop F Itruarj, in the year one thouBandeihthundreílnrf Bixty five. Present, Hiram J. Bfakes. Ju%e of Probate In the matter of the enfaté. oí Amd Mead, die-wd On readingand filingthe pctitir-n, duly veri Bed, of Alvan líliinghjpra.yiníí tb at a certain Instrument Tnow on file in thiB Oouit, purpTtiDg to bo the la Wi land Testament of aid deceaaed raaj beadmitted to Protnt Thereupon it is Orfered. tfcat fn'ay, the 21i óay of March nest, at ten o'clock m the forcaooo heasmgned for the hearing of daid pettimi, and thttthr devisecs, leñatees, s-m1 heirn at law of said d ceaseJ, and all other personn interefitetiin saidestite required tonppearat aseesior. of'saidCourt tbnntftbi' holdct at thei'robate OiBce, in the city of Aon Arbor sod aliow cautie, if any there be, why the prayrrof tiièititioner shoold not te grantfcd ; And it ie furtbcrcr dered. that said pctitïonergive notice to the petsons fa. terested in said et-tatè, of the pen-lency of sil pet:tioo . aul the hearing thereof, by causing a copy of thiiOrder to bepublished in the Mich'gan Argvs. a nepaMr pricted and circulabing in said County of WishaarthreesuccesHive-weeks previous to saidday of Leirbi' (Atruecopy.) HIBAM J. BKAKKS, 998 . Judge of Probite. Estáte of Smiths - Minors, OTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coü.vty of Wamitkm-, v.-O Al a nession of the Probate Cu-ort for tbeCouutr of Wftshtenaw, holden at the Probate Üfiice iniheCity of Anii Aibor, on Monday, thf 2th day of Ft-brunrj, in the year ene thoup.and eight hundred and ftixty In, Prfcbent, HikaM J. B&AKJts, Jmlge oL i'robate. In the niattor of the Éstate oL Marsnia Smiik, and Jcunetta Smitfl. minors. L On rtading and filing the petition, duly verified, of John Moore, Guardian unto aid minor, prayiigthtt he oirj bn 'icenFed tn sell ceTtain real statu 1'b1oq Ing to saifl minors. Thertmpon it is Ordered, tliat Moudaj , th tllrl day of April next, at ten o'clock in the iornooi, be assigoed for the hearing of said petitie ds andtbi: the next of kin of said minors, aud all otber peroa interefited in said entate. are requir-d to ap]ipr-ti seiiHion of said Court, then to be holden at the Pro nf Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show csu-e.ü any there be, why the prater of the pctitioDerihould not be granted: An it is furtlier ordered, tbtiii petitioner give noties to the peroom interesteti in -vi estáte, oi' the ptndency of stiid petit;on, and tbelnAr ing thereof, by causing a copy of titi OfötT to t published iu the Michigan Argus, a uewspaper prl"id and circulatiDg in wUd County of Wasbtwiiv, ttw succeasive weeks previuua to s;ud t'ay of hearing, [A truc copy.] HIKAM 3. BUW, 908td Jude of 1'robiU. Estáte of Eli Eiggs. JÉTATE OK MICHIGAN, Cocxtt or WUSTMIY," O At a BGasi.Tn of the Probate Court for the Í.01117 of Washtenaw, bolden at the Probate Offico in tc c;ïj of Aon Arbor. 011 Saturday, the twentjr-titth áyoí Fsbruary, in the year one thousaud eigh t hundrl md sixtj live. Present, Hiaam -'. Bbakk. , Judge oí' Probate. In the matte: of the Eitateof EiiRigj-. drerand. On reailing and fiiing the pe!itiun, July it-rilied.o. Audrew V. i.igga, prajing that he inajr be wiaxd Administrator ot the estáte of said deci'Md Thercupon it is Ordered, that Sat'irdsy.tbetwetityOfth diy of HarchntXt.atteüo'clotkinthefciKWa, teafsianed for the hïaring ot saii pgtitius, joJltat theheirs at law of saiddeceaxd and allotlierfa" interestedin aiJ áltate, aro pagulreil to upii "' seasion of said Court, tlien to 1)8 holden at the ProtM OUice, in the City of Ann Arbor, inJ shovr cme,jl any there be, why the orajer of tbe booll not besranted: n lt is furthc-r ordered, tbatuil pctitionergiï.'noticct) the 1 reon inte8teoi estáte, ol thdeudf Dcy of said uftition, and timW-ing thorcof, bj causing a copy ..f tb. Orier ol. ■,ui)li-liel n the Michigan Argut, a ncwtpapErp and cireulating in sid Couuty of W.elltei). 'w Buccessive weots previous to satd rlay of beirirg. (A truocopy.) HIRAM J. BEAKE.-, 938td Judg cf frobltl, Estáte of Shubal T. Moore. STATE ÜK MICHIGAN, COCSTT Ot WASHTjm.' At a re i sion of the I'robal e Cok: t f tlie Cornil;" WaBbtcnaw, holdeuat the Probate OSce u tbtUIJ" Aua Arbor, onBaturday, íhe 25th day of ïebwft in the jear one thonsaml eight bundred and íisty finPrestmt, HlRAM J. Bbjkks. Judfre f l'robato. In the matter of the Extate of Shubal T. Moorl," ceas!. Henry Hal], Adminislrator laH '""'T: luto Court and representa that lifris nowprep1 ren'ler liif flnal acctmnt a aucli Admoistritor Thoreupoü it ii Ordered, tbat Mpnday, tluKU"! of March uxt , at teu o'clock in thcforenoon, be P" forexaiaiaing and il o log Buch account, M the irtdow, nd heil at law of j ceaei!. iml al! olhor parsoni. iHtcrittotaW"J rreqnireatopiértiBdon .fW c"" % tobehldon at Ilie Probate ufflee, tn the City l Arbur, and show oauae, if dï ttiin why ihe ajJecount shouM not b" allo : 'n11'' therordeiedthate.iidadm.n'stra'oriflvi'n'-.ticft! som lntetnted in said eütste, f pt-wirw) '■ '"' euuBt, iiüd hearinc therei f. by tausing s wpr' - Or.U-r to bi puulislifd n the Mii-higtm Argi", " J per i.rintpd nn rircuLiúng D iaiti C'ounlï ''";,' three nccef-ive eeks preTiouslo W 'n.v '; ,.? (A true copr.) HIRAMB UkfA S9Std J116 " ' "Í. Estáte of Eiggs- Mioor. rVl'ATE OY MICHIGAN, ur Wisiiti,"J J At a sesión of tlie Probate Court f r , Washtenaw, ho.'den at the Probate Ollice '% Ann Arbor, on Tuesday, the twenly-Uh(1 di ", „1 rmiry . in the year one thouwud eigUt b"" HXpsf nt, Hih.iji J Bkakks, .Judsr of Pr1' „d In the matter of th Bitste of William H. W Matilda J. Kiggs, irinorlt. „riñeí Ou rcadingan.1 filing the petition, culy ' (l; Mnvy Mgfca, GaarSiaB unto said minor, F'. „,; he muy uu liconscd lo ell certaiu real UOM Dt" t(j ai'l minors. ,. ti,lrdJ Theroupon t is Ortoea, Ibat MoetfaT, i ' „. o! April uut, at ton oVlocU in the f"""',,Jl signed for the heariDg of laiJ putitio, " .iiiruext r.f kinof said minor, and all o'h f , , „11: mor! in laid ontate, are rcquiíed, to apper ' , 069if md Court, then to be holden at 11 I '"!"■' ■'(,, in the City of an Irbor, and sboiï "'" T,,! be, why the pi-cyer cf the jje'.itionfr sn iSeD granted: And it Is furtluT orrtereil, tliat';,,,,! give uotico to the persons intertsted in '' lbe:lDf, the pendenc of said petition, and the neJ "f J)n by oïnslng a epy of tbis Ord.r to te puW „ Mickig.xn Argui,& newspaper printcd nJ .„!! n aidCouniyof Washtonavr, thret uccei'i' preTious 10 uid ay of hearing. „cirrí, aco,,,, .Hjgagit. Tíetato of Miobael Walíí' J OTATE OK MICHIGAN, Cou-VTT or fftfjWJf ;,,(! v At a esioQ of the ProUte ( oiirTf" '" .b,CilJ Washtenaw, h oid. n M the Probate Office t ' o( f)V Ann Arbor. on Tawnay, the twenty-HRhth J .rf runry, in the jear ono thoasand, eight '■'." "praBent, Hiram J. Biukks, Jlge of Sl"' In tho matter of tho Estute of Mi. " ceased ■"', Un rêatlinft and filing the retiliou, ""1%, ,' Aaron L. Fel.lkamp, Adminiftrator of tM ](t tnaving thfithemaybo lioeuaea lo sell .c0"' tate, wheréof the snid áéceinJ died. i"' b,Biif Thoreupon t is Ordered, Tliat Vol} , 'fottt teenth daj oí April next. t te t. oluck : n tn a w be aIgna for the heatlng of ".JSíMJÍ thuwMow and heirs at law of snl ". „i; otlicr pómeniintertstw' iusaid ""'■"!,, nel1! arpclr at n mston of al 8 Court , 1hco . J wáib1 the l'rob te dffice. in tho City of Ann WJJ lltlo eau, if a.v therc be, why the in-ay" ' " „rfn Bhoulá not be gianted: And ll 'f.i''1' that .id pUtionr give notice to tlit ■■ V „ ' twJinisldestste.of -he pendency of "T „..Ord the htarinK the.eof, l.y ' „emPf tobepuWi-hed ir. tho AfrAtyn -''", ff„t''' prln-cd nl circtflutJng in Raid Coiuuy " brtt tour mcep'.v. wertn.previouh u w ogii'S(Atr.-.or) HmHi-tTf(ri MM w


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