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The Last Day Of Winter, That

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Winter monlhs, was ushered in with a 1 „.„ storm, but;Jdi1n't stay long, and ;ce lhassofar been very misteady. But back-bone of Wiuter-if not of the re;",. n__i, broken, " sugar weather " is at , ' i &Bd Spring will soon show herielf in per character. We don't object. Surintondent Ricb bas re, thc pextev acconimodation train. GotUt Ü train leaves Dexter at 5 46 A. M., tr'atG.lS.Vpsilanti at 6.40, and ar,.t Detroit at 8.10. Coming West, it .Detroit at 4.45 ,. .. YpMUnti .t 6.00, ; Inn Arbor at 6.30. It wfll probably Jthnsuntil the Spring time table il arroged. ry The Jackson Citizen says that JU-Marshal IUrrt has been notified .'sltl,sdraftwiU be ordered to commence .week in tliose sub-districts in which "reD' „„.is slack." We fear that Aun Arbor HrJeive an early cali, as our quota Is not bj. up rery hst, and wlren the heel turns e'of our citizens nmy wíA that they had mbscribed more Iiberally. jy Dr. Isaac Lovbot, of tbia city, dedT'ry suddenlyu Friday eveniug last, at j ,bm,t the hour of 9 o'clock. He had been to H, cM of the Ore in the 5th Ward, returned by the way of thei'ost office, and had jast Uken lus seat to read the eTening paper, rttndeath summoned hira without a moBfnfi warninz. Dr. Lovkjoï had won many jfcnd. during the few years of hit residece t,ere,hosympathiie.witli lus family in their tprtavement.


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