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EchigaFTbÍtIal r aMöïdÏ Trains now leave the station In this city as follows : Going West. Going Kast. 9 20 a.m. 6.40 A.M. 7.10 p.m. 6.35 f. M THE BRID1L CHiVMUKR, an Efay o VVarjiing and InstruotiuD inr Young Muu- publishcd by the Howard Aesicintl'in, and s9Dt fr e of chargo in ield,TelèpM. Aldrts.i, Ur.J. 9KI1UN HODGUTON, Howard Aesiciation, 1 hila.lelphia, Pa. Ij99fl PROF. B. J. LYONS' Patients and all others intcrrested will pleasï take notice ttiat he will contin ae his visits at the Moaitor House, Aun Arbor, durinj 1864 and '65 and ittílie expiratiünof which he wil] dis continue his vin ïfail openin Infirmiry l Cleveland, Ohio, for tlie tratrnent ot Lung and Cliest diseases. CHÉROKKE CURE. Wis To Knüh-, in-T Wkak io Do. There ii n moro llit tlian tbat of a young nlan strtcken bj weakness f wilt, jet possessed uf suffldent knowledge lohf.i tlie lof Wialrng to do, but too enerrated in ril] and in Ijnrfy to act. HeaTT oyed whcn he nhould c iimieiis tho of an eagle, Ustless whe evrry nerve ulionld tiüitle with encrgy, dreaming in lieu of doing, faaring inarriagf instead of scekniR it, nd fast Binkinj t, and tast sinkmg nto a drivelli'r and a waruing to ot'hers, .ind ail tlirough seminal weakness, due to over indulgence, n:itural or unnatural, ilisplajed in hmthsome emissions that humiliate and disgust liim. fo such we say, takethe Ohrkokek Cire, observe tbe dircctions that act-ompany it faithfully, and it wil] infalliblv btstow wliat Dature ineant you to possess :- streugtli, energv, health, aud, iu lieu of impotnc . manly power. Read the advsrtisument . Sold ly all druggista. 4w998 INFORMATION FREE ! TO NEKVOU8 -iUFFERERS. A (ENTUMAN, cured uf N'orvmr; !.,!,, nty, lncom Detener, rrema'.ure Pccay, and Y M-.thíuI ICrror, actúated bva aesrre to benefit others. will be happy to fura. ish te. Ml who needit, (free of cliarge.) the recipe and rlireclims for makinit the simple remedy uSedin bis case. Sufferers wiahinl? to prolitby the Llvertiwr' bad cxper:ence,and pnsess a sure aad valuable rcmedv can do ao by ddn'ng hira ai once at his place of biisinesa The Keciue áuil full informatiofl- uf vital lmI1OrtA"dT.W"1 ChCerfUll5roHNb5B.'S:Nma"No.60 Naflsaii Sir?rt, New Ynrk. p.S- Nittous Sufferer of botb sexes will fiml this inforitwtinn invaluable. 3m980. TGOOD TREE IS KNOWN SY ís d. good l'b'ysician bj bi Successful Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, THK GKEAl' ANU CELÉBRATE!! I'HYSICIAN OF THE THROAT, LU.VGS AND CHEST, Known sil over ths countrj as tbe Olebratcd INDIAN HBRB DOCTOR! F um Soulh America, will be at hl rnnins. RU&SF.LL HOUSE, DETROIT, Onthel8th aud 19th inBt.,on the same date of nd .„„■ 'su1)üsquent month durirrp: 1862 and 1803, } ' A KHAT i'AMIULKT Of the life, and extensivo travel of Dr. I.yoi.8 eau be proeured "by all who leirc one, free of clrRe . Dr. L will visit Ann Arbor, Ja.ckson.and A'lnan, Mtoh.,asrollows : Ana Arbor, Monitor House, Mth. Jackson.Hibbard House, 21st ijl,HriickotfcIl. usc,22ii and 23d. MODK of Examination.- The Doctor .lucerna ditieaBts bythecyes. lie, tlM'íetore.asks no aueition nor req'úrci.piiSentstoexplainuymptom. Afflictcd, come ndhve yonr symptoin? and the iooition oí your Dneuseoipïained frfco of charge and buy your J3EJBL J JBEÏ SB 9 OF MACK & SCI1M1D. Thev tecp the bCFt mi larjest ■■ In AnnArtor ... : ,. v ■ ■ ; , ■ p.for C..h. WWV- has a new and coniplete STOCK OP SPRING GOODS r JT mm 'Í bought before the rooent GREAT RISE IN GOLD ? Whioh will be Sold FOR CASH OISTLY, .A.T TIEïE LOWEST ."MARKET PRSCES ! Cali and See ! Ann Arbor, April, 1864. ü. S. 7 3-ÍO LOAN ! Fiust Nvno.N.ii. Bank cf Aks Arbob, i ilKPOSlTARY AND FlNAXOAL AllENT OF Ü. S. STATKS, February I3th, 1806. ) THB BANK is tho agent to roceive subscription and cillkeepconxiantly n "and for sale and delivery the United Staten 7 3 10 Treasury Notw, and will pay the Oterest Coupons whuu due on presentition. The Note aré i-sued in denominatie s of $50, $100, S5U0 SSlOJOand $5000, with senii-annual interotCounns'attached. ïhey art datod August 15th, Wé, indattlie expIraUon of three years froin that date, are convertible into fr. FÍVE rWENTY YEAR Six ptr cent. Honds, of wh'.ch the interot and principal are pajrable in (Jold, or roüecuiable in Current. Funds at the option of the holder. ïhe interest amounts to (wo cents per day on each $100 note, and i payabl'. semi-annually by coupon attached to each note; - The great advantages of Tliis Lo tn ara : It pay a surc rato of interest, (seven and three tenths per cent.) not dependent npon or effected by the Uuctuations in üoló, an( highcr manmveitoriarcaecustomtd to rrceii't from Savings Banks, Bonds and Mortgages, Loens, ..aud ie exempt trom State and Muni 't is convertible at the end of three years into Bonds preciséis similar to the popular auJ favorite 'FIVE TWENTIES," which are novr eiling at a hi(?li premium. In taking the'new Seven Thirty Loan, therefore, inveitori aro m effect , fiecuring an option to take Five Twenty Bonds AT PAR In three yars from August tBth, 1S64. 999td CHARI.ES H . KICHMONE, Caslilor. PLASTEE. Mr.Smit'ú, Proprletor of tho "Alabaste Works," annoúncos tu the trade, 'hat he is now extensirely working liÍH quarries at Siinduhky, Ohio, aad also at Alabaster. tbe newly discovered üypauni Bed lncated npon Sp,inaw Pay, and nill be prspared tosupply Millurñ or Dealers, the coming Sprine, with KOCK or GROUND PILASTER in any quantity Ohio orSaginr.iv. l'articulr attention i invited to the Sagiua-w Piaster, whioh is superior to any known in America. p He ]lils just comploted in Detroit, at the old Match Far.tory, beluw the Central Depot, works for grmding and calcining, whcrc the piaster is shipped di rectly frora tht miil into cars, without expense for carUae or loading, or injury to bag or barrels. His planter will be founn betlur ground and superior to any othr. . As thift will bc a permítnent institution, Mr. S. desirea o make arrangement with partit-s interested, for tho rectionnf slat ebcMaMS at Ihe vari"us depoUïilong the entralana other (tailrouds ThoSaginaw Flaster, when cnlcinod, is found to po ess markante trmgtV, as the matoM using it have t-htifled. Tt wrks Blower and sets harder than ElkKtvm r Grand Ki,iids. Persons wautmg the BF.nT nd oiikapT are inTited to try it. ... Thesainv superior qualitl of PUítr can be obtamed rrmi the l'laster M il l at Mouro. (addri's MJBfcB & MIl'H ) or fruni Jacltson , addresi Kl'XLOIKi & MUlljiii bntli of whieh Mr. S. ii intertsted ; also, rom D. DüKOl'-KST. at Ann Arbor. Cali at the Alajstür Woiks, tu Detroit, or addross GKO. B. SUITB Aent. MIOHIGAN CENTRAIi INSURANCE COMPANY Kalamazooi Mich..[usuren asalnst Ï..OSS 01 Damage by Fir or Jjightuiug. CHARTER PERPETUAL. Guarantee Capital, 6y State Authority, 300.000.00. DIRECTORS: J. P. Kennedy, Marsh Giddings, A. P. Mills, Geo W. Snydsb, 8. D. Allen, Geo. W. Allen, OFFICERS : J. P. Kennedy, Pre. T. P. Sheldon, Pr Geo. W. Snyder, Sec, A. P. Milla Tieas., H. E. Hovt' Ass't Sec, S. D. Allen, Gen. Agt. MOtf Rifle F actor y! Beuíler & Traver, LSueeemor to A. J. Sutberland,] Manufaoturers of and Dealers in Quns , Pistols , Ammunition. FlaiJcs, Pouches Gamt Bagt, and Everjother article ib thatLine. Allkin.Hof dne at the .ihortest uotice, and intuebcst manner. fulURortini-ntalwnyskept onhand and madeorder n Slinn dorper Main and Washington utiects. AimArbor.Ot.8,1362. 873tf GET THE BEST. WEBSTER'S UNABRIDGED DICTIONARY ! ! NEW XLLÜSTRATKD EDITION, Thoroughly Revisedand much Eularged. Over 3000 Fine Engravings, 10.000 WOItnS and MEAMNGS not found BOther Uictionaries. Over thirty Mo American and F.uropean Bcholar onl plnjuit upon Ur.s revisión, ind thirty years of labor expended upon it Amonij the collabcinitois aro Dr. Malin, of Iierlifl, Prof..sor6 l'ortcr, Dnnn. Whitney, I..vra:in, Gilman, mid Th:icher, Capí Crai?hil], ot W,et Toint Mili tary Aoademy, JudRe J. C. Perkin, ProfeiBor Stiles, A.L. iiollcj, Hbo,. , &c, ke., Several tablei or great Talue, one of them ol fifty qualto pasrcB', Kspianntory and Pronouncing, of ñames in fiction of permina and placee, risíiiáo nrm, kc, kc, Abaddon, Acad.a, Albauy Re ■"igeiicy, iiother of Carj , Mason and Dixon's line, Mr. Micawber.ic. Contalning 0110 fiftli or ono fourth inore ma'ter than any furmer editione. From new electrotypo pl.ites and tbo RiTsrside Preen aid Bindery. In one Vol. of 1840 Royal Qirirto Pages. " GET TUE LA TEST:' UOET TEE BEST." ' (JET WEBSTER.' Publfohwl b? & C. MERRtAM, SpringfleW, Mjsi. SOUl IIY BOOIÍSKLT.KRS. 109 O FOÍa SALE! rt( nOüíE"? AXD LOK, wor'.h from $1,000 2j) $5 1X10. A1o bcverl improved K.IIUIS. nu jLrhor.Feb. M,l!l. 9ie( Oommsrci! AgenK WAR MOST ENDED! CHARLESTON TAKEN.! ! GUITERMAN & CO., BrinR cojmectcd with ono of the laigest houscs ín S'ew York, which ha bttUer facilitits fuiSelling Cheaper than any other houve. Are bounü to be no: by an tbat now oiists. HftYinjf employod au xpvrLeuood direot from NEW YORK CITY, who has liad long exporience In the tmsines, W8 gnarantoe to givetlio bst SATSSFACTION to uur nuniyruüö CUSTOMERS & STUDENTS of the CniTrlty. Keeping on hand the larget itock of 1OTUS, CASS1MERES, VESTINGS, together with tbs largeit tock of Heady-Made Clothing, GENTS' FINISHING GOODS ! ! &e., &c, &c., maar rmrm:32 cïttw, wbich we t aU cheaper tban anj o'her estabMsbmeot in the cHy. All we ask isthatour fneudg aud Studentfe will give a a cali and satisfy tbeniselvefl. M. GUITERMAN. A Co., SIR. SOXDITKIM is abmit to stt for New York tor a now Ktock of Spring and Suminer Goods. 9aitf HISTORY OF ir WORLD. BY PHILIP SMITH, B A. One of the principal ContrihMorê to the Diaiovaria of Qruk and Roman Antiquitia. Biography, and Cicog raphy. TLAN OF THE WORK. Since Sir Walter Kaleigh solnaed bis imprisonment ín the Tower by the compoüitiou of bis ' Histor} of the World," 'the Literature oí "ínítlanr! has nover achieved the work whicli he l(;ft unlininbed. Tbtre have been " Universal Histories," from the bulk of an enrvclopiedia to tbe must ini'agieoulline. in whlcta the aniiali tif each nation are epara toly recorded ; bat without m attcmpt tu trace the storj of Divino l'rOTideuce and liiimati progrese in ono cnnnected narrative. !t is prüt)..el to auoplj' tliis want by a vork, condense enough to keep it wiUiin a veaonabie síze, but vet sofull as to be free trom the dry baliness uf :in epitome. The Literatura of Uermany abounflB n hitury,- suchas those of Muller, Schlosser, Karl von Rottock , I)unr;Ut-r,an(i otht-rs, - vrliicb at prove thede mand for sucha book, and furnish modela, in somerie gree for rtfl executiou But even thosw ijreat works are somewhat deficiënt intliat organic unity nrhieh !s the chief aim of thïa "Hist ry of the World." ïlie story of oöVirhote race, liUethatf eich sear ate nation. has " a beginning, a m3ále,anrt an en.l." That story we propose to follow, f rom ite beginning in the sacred records, and from tlie divn f civilization n tlie East, - through theucessivo Oriental Kmpires, the rise of tiberty and thp perfcction of heathen polity, arts, and literaturein GreeOfl and Rome,- tho clianjre wbtch pABitod over the face of the worlt. hon the light of cbriftianity sprang np,- the origin and (irnt nppenrance of those barbarían racfs whicíi overthrew both divisionn if the Roman Empirr, - the anïalsof theSi:'tR whicit rose on the Empire's ruin ncluding tbc pieturesqne details of medieval history, id theateacly propres of modern libcrty and on.- and Ihe extwwion ol mese ïnuuenceK, oy uisovery. conquest, culonization, and Christiau misaioiu, o the remotest regioDS oí the earth In a word, as eparato historio re liect the detached scène of human ction and suffiring, ouraini is to bring into one view li everal parts which tmueiSJ form ono great hole, mOTingonwarrtijUnder the guidunoo of Dmne 'rovidence, to the unbnown end ordained in the Uivino jurposes. Ko pains wiilbe sparea t" make this historj scholarke in substance and popular ka style. It will be touned on the best authoritie.s,nncient and modern, origiol and ocrmdary. The progresa recentlj made n hitorical and critical uvestigations, the resulta obainedfrom Ihe moiiorn scienco of comparativo philolgy, and the discoverie!" which have laid open new ource of infolmation ci.noerniug the East, afford noh facilitiesastomake the present a flt epoch ior OTr undertaking. The work will be divide! iöto three Periods, each complete in itself, and will form Eigkt Volumes in I'emy Octavo. lt Anciext Histoby, Pacred and Secular: trom the ' C'reïtion to the Fallof the Westorn Empire, in A. D. 47fi_ Two vo limes. I Medieval Histoky, Civil and Eoclesiastical ; from the Kall til the yebtern Empire to the takinirof Conttantinople by trie Turks, in A. D. H53. Two VolumeK. II MODKrcn Histohy ; irom the Fn.!l of the njritntice Empire to our own Time. Four Volumes. It ri!I bf published in 8 vnls. S vo. Pnce in cloth, 3 .50 per volume. Sheep, KÓU. Half Morueco, 15Toluine 1 uow roady. Agents Wanted in all parta of the Country. ApplicatioD should bc made at once to the Pub!ih 1). APPLETON & CO., SamtlSSS 443 k 144 Broadw.iy. N. Y . -pFAIRBANKS' Trf STAÜDARD JiággEB S O Ij E O, SaP iJ OF Al. I, KINDS. ALSO, 1K: %'$SLFr" ?1 U'iwk-nisr Truete, Letter Pressts, dio. FAIRBA1S, GREENLEAF & CO,, 17a L,alic Street, CHICAGO. Sold in Detroit by FARRAND, SHELEY 4 00. Tíf carnrul v buy only tía Genuine. .ÍEQ'ly958 WANTED - Marriod Lndiü, Prof. Von Veras's Diamonil Uropp, a never failing hiirrolen re:noly for all otjtnictinus iinrt inyt nlarities All marrie'il ludio will &afl thls a n.'vcr ful nu nrevcntiTO, lor whir.h iti warrutcdin evcvjrmstancc and are iiTi'cd to end fefl tiump fof circulr ;& for a bo.tlo, W 1 K STEARNS, Wholesale drogftai. insrJ gnl fjr MbWidB, fcr Ihe m-imoiirt Drop, P. O. Drauer iö, Detroit. Hoaler supplMiLtproprictor'spriM-s. o9'jm j TAKE ÑÓTIGE 1 ! Go toMACIC&SCIlUlb'S fyl thel.itffitsiylPï of HOOP SKIRTS! Tou -uili alwaj a b toltod viiili tho qaality, rtylo in.l


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