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-rqM 'mí ír OUR CHINABAN STILL UVES And continúes to fuMiMi Umi unri valed qualitj of TEA alwayafouud t the iVnpleV Store. Lovet-tf of roo'I T"=t will jilen'nc try .1 samplo OF OrJR xEW' TRA. DsFRE8 &SÏEWAET. O-ROCSniES Of all kin-l. Fniits KMr.cts, flpies, I'icklcs. OU, i'ciTuiDes, Sec. Pui Lijiioni mal Winea for Mtnliciutil pur Li(jitt Univ. LlEFOREST & HTI-.WAHT. Sus, ar ! Sugar ! A smnll lot uf LOVV TRICED SUGAR. DSFORJESI k sTI.WART. S3T FISII.- Codfish, WLitefish, Trout, Mackerel. Htrring, feo. IlKFdliEST íc STEWART. SYPUP ! SYRUP ! A fewbarrel-, exiri erualttTl KFORRST & STEWART. tOIL AND LAMP DEPOT ! KEROSENE 0IL! Eii %$V' The best quality %f ONE DOLLAR fej Per Gallon. gË?fX DsFOKKSTJüiTliWAKT HO! YE! Purchasers of CROCKERY. GLASSWARE, LAMPS, PLATED GOODS, TABLE CUTLEUY, &c. For ale at lesa thau Xew Yorl; wbolcsale pricea, by DüFOREST .t STF.WAKT. A Good Clothes Wringer. mm Saven time! Sotes money! Sanea dothing! Saves strength! Savts htalth! Saves hiring help ! Savet vseak wrists! Sanes burning hands! Woolen clothes can he wrung out of boilin water to prevent thrink uc, witliout injiiry to the machine. DkFOREÍT k STEWART. JOHN BROWN'S KNAPSACK Was nlrapped upon his back, and when opened teas found to contain a Pot of Dr. Billingum's Fig Kleotnart whtafi washis insep:irabie cnmpanioo, and this accounts fr liisivibiist and vigoroua con&titutioo, lii indilTcrenci' to fatlgtVB :nl liis hale andheaitj oíd age. It is warrasted to cure ALL KINDS OF PILES, it not onlv trnats dircctly fur tho Piles Vut is a ccrtaln cure 'or Oyspepsia arfff Liver Complaint, .(aundicu. Salt Rhoum, 1 ' Purly vegetable and nevel failstucl"':D.FORS5T&8TEWAET, (ïentfr Michigan. Greatest Medical Circular MA Cl Ever PuMishcd! KM Cl ■ E rjlBW-Fifteen-SO lorge 1 I _JJ Jl mf letter pasea for two % M r s cent stampa. Youii' .lien' ('ünSJfnlüU Medical Artv.s.T inoiise of S[)B;"m nrrhen or. Seminal Weakness Museil by Musturbat.on, Gonitnl Iitaliiatin, selfabow, or secret habits inrtulged in by youths at the ago of pu"mti. JiCKSJX, HKRBERT Í; CO., I'roprietors of the National Dyspensary, establiabed at Cincinnatl, Ohio,.liin. lat, 1860. Emissiunslead to Impotency, Consumptiou, Iiiuiity and Iieath. Ttose wb) Mifl'er in tlie least trom this banlul practice, sliould apply tha wholeeueigy of the soul to the attaicment of hoalth aud consequent contentmeut and bappiMi. Kvery oiio, either sick or well, should bavc our raluable tiealise on this subject , wliicli is sant free of o' argo. Wc Kuarantee to cure Gonorrliocallcct. Pj pliillis, Impotency Nocturnal fc.missions cr niAuuw, ""■ nal Eminiíioi, Female Coniplalnts, in shctt, ererj possible foim and variety of Sexular Piscase. Cures rapid, thürüu(rli and permanent, and feea moderate.-Send for our Circular 1)K JACKSONS FEMALE riLLS- $1 peí box - Special written replies, #eÚ sealed, Bent with the Circular nitliout chiirgc. 350 pages, ICO engraviDgí.- "Thd Mountain ai I.ight, Or Midical Protector anci Marnace Guíele, and au Kxplicit Key to Love and Beauty." ItSATBF.'Ci'01MI,Y reveáis vorioinsub jecta never beíurefully explaiDed in any popular worfc m tho F.nglisll languago. Prico 60 centB, or threo for íl. Medicine and inatructums reut pvotnpily to auy psrt Oí til" 'JUMULIU Ul I HU l'in[fHifnJ No. 107 Sycamore street. I'. O. Box, No. 436. DR. JACKFON'S ORIENTAL UNIMEfiT Removes all coldnese, aud rejiivcnate nrgans which havu lain dormant fo, many jears Cn bc malled with perfect sxicty. l'rice $2 por bottte. DR. JACKSON'S FRENCH TAXI NT MALK SAFE. lt is tle nnly ure and Faíe preventivo ngainrt en tracting rüseass over inventwl, í'tío $1 tach, 4 per half dozen, and $7 per doicu, stut by mail. 6m9S6 A SPLENDID pTaÑO FORTE! For a Moderato Piice ! ! VOSE'SnowandimproTfíriAXO lurpmuas anytbing nruv nade for GREAT DURABIL1TY ! Suvpnsmgricbncí a ml brillmnc)' of tone, ELEGANCE OF FINISH! And MODERATE I'MCE. The .-ittcntion of the penple of Ann Albor ia rcspoctfully invitcd to an exaounat;onof tbis bcaulifu) iustrumuit. J.HKNKV WHIÏTEMOKF, Geqernl Agent for tl. e ftite, 179 JeiTêron Vvpimc Detroit. Mist E. C. Koster is my attthpril] agent for Ann Arbtir. The VOSE PIANO may be scon at lier rooms ia the Excliangc Ulock. Gr TLl 32 -&. m Excitement in Piano Fortes ! WM. B. BRADBURYS New Sc ale Pianos In the Asccndnnt l ! ! Soven first premiucis awan'.ed in Cour wccksover overj compotitur. GOTTSCHALK, the Rcnowned Pianiet, says : They aro tlit best anc most perfect piano nutr mn'V, for thorougb wocl;manshi}s power, iu)it,v, rlchueF, ai-.l tciuality.of tone tbov acd J. PKNIlV WtlITTF.MORK, Vron. Agent fti Um - 179 JtOcr-soQ Au-iiiie, jttlru{t. Sliüs E. C. Fwter ie my authorii-pil ágf.ut for Aun Kïuiui in Eicharyj Bh)Cit. CLOS1MG OUT Sa LE ! -Al TIIUi "OLD CORNER!" Inonl.rto makc for BBWI PfBCBAsES, fur U.o nxt S1ÍTY ÏAVS; 1 1 fl Great Eeduction iil Prices!; All stíaíonaljlií CÜOUS, rn,hrl of a rfl-it variar Fall & Winter lU 1.1 Iw sí d om i# .#■ CLOAKS, SHAWLS, Flannels, Elankets, HOODS, NüBIAS, &C. Alio, a largt; ü!--ortiuont of BOOTS AND SHOESi Iu orJer tüclooü out tho stoelt. Prints 3O to 37c. A gooi Asioitnirnt of CIIOICE MM GR0CER1ES 1 CONSTANTLï ON HAND. C. B. THOMPaON. Ann Ari.or. Jan. lltb, 1865. Bw9'Jl CL.OSIJVG OUT A 3PLENDID iTOCK ÜF DRESS GOODS! Gcnta' FURNISHING GOODS. CASSIMERES, Cïoth?, Satínete, &c. DOMESTIOS, SHOES, HATS 4 CAPS, Orockery, GBOOEBIES, &c, Are to ba aold at pnces that wiU guarauloc thelr ale. N. B.- The Uryeát Stock of CMieo an3 ïrcwn Cottgc iu the City at lau tliau Maoufacturer's prices. Tlie hig-hest pricc paM icTradeor cash iur til kiad uf I'rodacc. MACK & SCHMID. FLORENCE SEWING MACHINES, PHOÏOGfiAPH ALBUMS, P1CTURES, FRAMES, TURBAD, SILK, X "W I S T, MACHINE O1L, ft. Tlie undersigned now offers the puWlt TUE REfT PAMIL1T SEWING MACHINE] IN" T SE. FOB DURAB1LITY, BEAbTY oj STYLE,anJ VA BIET Y o WORK,it "STANDS W HEAS. It necils only to be sen to be a p r re í t e cl . Run the work both waya, twkcB fmir kino of 5titche, hems, feTJ, gáthárs, briiidi, binfl-, qullU, patlier mv5 f-prti on ft ruUf at the same timo. from the thinnest to tfcs t'iickeït fjibric without ehftniny the stitrfe, tpiiKinu or noodl, or withuut bretking tbe tbrwd.- Tt is The Wonder of the World ! Al" n Tatictv „f the mi st bfwitlfnl rHOTOfJRAI'Il ALBUMS, 1'ICTL'ÜF.S and VKAtHH in trt vsriftj. and jiioturcs traint] to r ai bnrt uotic.e. Alto. lURNUM'S PELF-SEK'rll ot TU KER, hitl, can bc aljusUci io :tuy tíewiii Machine. CH al tl, f sim f-r t!i? FT.Or.DNCF BEWIN'G MACHIMA, Cow 'l"ors Eastof Oouk Ik'.cl. Sti'ching Nen.tly Done to Order, AUo, on p.jLibi-ion, tliscclol)rtf " WKKH SEW1NT, MAi'IIINK,'1 vihirh took tbo prPKiura tt fh MieUgan Ptote Kair, of 18.4. W. D. HOLMES. Aun Arbur, Dor, aft'J, 1ir4. Stflf E M 0 V A L I N. B. COT.,E5 ban rnaArfS bi HTOL'K of BOOTS $c SHOES tn the slnrc nf A. P. Milla Í. Co., itf'frïïSrjM. - hfi ; bi" 'vil! t r:Kii to w.iit tvn lüs üU custoniftr nl tt , buMÍc e rally . 'i (ÜVC IMH A ClLL! .,MJ75J-----'P='-'"=='--"--"--" 'T CHEBOKEE PSLLS i P 1 1lf j W'JtTfritVé-AT iWi it- - HEALTH PRESEEÏER CERTA1N ANJ SAFE. Fvr the Vcmoral of Cl'.'-v tioni mi! l.'.c fn'urunct itj' Btgitiarii n tlf !e arrenee y H ikmlUhi JVCfotl. fT" Tlicy cure or obvíale t.Iu.-9fi nuinerotti dl ru' i. Umi B;jrini irom iri-cguliu-ily, l-J ri-uigTtaj lio imimhu-lty KeU. , „ , They cure SüpprtMíd, Exceraive aod Pata, ful Menstrtiatiou. HS T''"y '-'ulv Green Slckiu-M fClilorom). M" They curfl Neroiil :n.l Spinül Arfectloaj, tmius iu the back, and lown pacta of the bodjr, -, Fatigue "■■ l'íftit sertloní, I níilation of tt Jíeart, foilmm oí .ipiriU, Uy:rin, Siac llííi.!ai:ht, OÍddinets, etc., etc. ín iwd, by rmovlng the lrreguLiri''!, tíuy remove the aune, and wltii it ai. i. (lia cir-ets Ihat spring froin it. Composcil of simple vegetable extracta, thj ontaln notldng driewriojw to ony cuiiatitutlou, huwovcr lielloate, their fonetlun btlng to substituí itreQgth l'or weakneBS, wWch, whtu i'iuprly um1, they never fail to (io. Ê3" They my be aar-ly aaed al íiny ne, and ti knyperlod, cxoirt DOmsu rat rmsr.Tmtu montiis, dnring wliich '-= nftllng ntUre uf tliclr uctioa would lnfalllbly frevk.vt pregnimey. All leWeraeeklnginform&tloi) or r.dvlce wui Im i'Minptly, freelj and Siscreetty nnswcred. f '■" Pull dlrecwODS ttf.-uoii'1-fiuy tnch box. 1 lric' 1 per box, or aix bnxes for í-5. E" Seat by r:i:i'.l, frve. of postare, on rvctipt of urlce. {- Pampblets sent by mail free of postas?, by DR. W. R. MERWIN & CO., CS Liberty St., New ïork VprlfWia. DR. WRICHT'S RBJBÏBSHISB ELIXIR! Or, ESSENCE OF LIFE, PrDrcl Tram Pure VvcctnMc Extract couUUttliití juthliiic Injurlou Ut t ut must ".;■. "As the Phwntx ric from tlie nhe of lts fire. onlmatcd wlth new Ufe1- o doen tlil KUxIr rcjovenute thtí syatcu nii overcutio JUcbi L3$r The Ufjavenating Elixir id vheresult of modern dlscotcriM in tlie veex-table kingdotn ; beinf au entirtjy neff &ad abstract .nethod of cure, hrtpecttva of all the old and vrovn out ayatenM. fS?'fhi8 medicine ha been tested the noi eminent medical men of the day, and by thera prnounoed to be ont of iht greateft medical dlscoveriJ -5no botóle rtiïl euit general Debillty. T" A ffew rtüSöi curc-3 iïystt-rice in feraales. ty Ouebottle cures P&lpfiatíoa of the lioari. g Proni neto thww bolllea restores the maalt' DVH aml full vigor of yüiitli. HJT1 A Few áoaes rgiatoreí the appetite. y Tlvrea bottle cure th wordt oa3o at LmxfV9 A few doses cures the low sphited. O7" Onr bottle reBtore mental power. T$r A ftito d.Q8?& T' itores tiw, orgawt of jen9txtfiénA t" A few dosed bring the rose to tlie check. L3- ThSs medkiae reptorua to manly vigor and rooust health the poor debUitattd, worn-down aa4 despairing. E3?" The UstleWi enervated youth, the over-tawted man of buflnéM, tke victim of nervous depresaion the Individual autferiu? trom general (iebilily, of frrrm weah-iuss of a aitvjle orgm, wïH all find Imme diatc and parmanent rtlief by the use oi" tkls BlUlr or KssiMice of Iñfe. Price, ?2 per botlle or Uiree bottles ior % &D-1 forwarrkd by tixpro, on receipt of moatf to au y addrss. tTThe Chrokee PI1U and Rejn veiiatiiiK Elixir, are so ld by all enterprléing DruffRUtri in the civilizad world. Some unprlnoipUd dealcr3( however, try to seü worthleas compounda in plKC of tliese ; thosa wlñKh they can purohase a a ehefip prict, and mak e niore money by 80Uing , than tíit-y can 011 these medicines. A8 you vlut your health, aye, the liealth of your future ooprioji, do not be deceired by such unpritcii)let Drugit3, ask or these medicines and tak no oíaer. ífthtí Dragztst wilt not buy them for you, 1close the money 'in a leUer, and we wlll send thaoa to you by EqArM, securely sealed and pacfcd, trm from observation. LaOies or Gentlemen can íiddrees 8 in perfcel eonfidence, ttatiug fully and plaiuly their dlsea and symptom?, as wetreat all disoasee of a chrontf naturu in malt or female. Patlents neod not healtate becauae of their inabiUty to vlatt as, aa wo hr trented patienta Buccessfully in all portions of Xa clviliied globe, by corresponde nee. Patlents addreasing U3 will please state plalnly afl the Byniptoms of thc-ir complamtR, and wrït Potofflee, County, Btate and name of write, plam. VA incloae postage stamp for reply. Ws aend our 82" page Pamphlet free to anr a4 drew. Addreii all letters for PamphleUor adrio the proprietori, Dr. W. R. MEHWIN A CO., Ho. 63 Uberty itint, Ne Talk. Sold by Wkole ule Drnggutt in Detroit, nliw r SWtBUfSWltSH, Anii Arl'.r. Silyl V.. .. i 7.i ■■--- jggmaB Ut MatUews Brat propared tbe VÏNETIATC HAIK DYE iinc tlia thnlt has lven uspiI b ' tliousni", and iñ no iustange has it faüa'i '.o give entirt satisfThe VEVF.TTAN DYE Is th cbpaest n tbe worH - Ita iincr i uuji Í i'ty CnuU, IBO eaub boltte coutain iionble the quánlit ƒ of ilyc In those asually BOld fr The VKNKIIAN DTS warrantud iiottu injur% Hit hairor the icMjp u ün tttghtetf '!■■■■'. The VKSliTl AS DVK wöïks witU riliity and ourtainty.tln; rroaitlaf " preparaöop -hatever The VEVETHN 1YE proiicehanv hljaae iüat roay bedf8red- nnf that 11 not f.idi'. rr,.c nr wuh out -one tkal is as permaaotlt lis the halr itself. lor sal by Uürairgista.- riet 00 cent. 12 üo tl Street, New York. Alm, Miinufartnrer of Mjthkws' AïSlCi H.ilGLOSS.tlif bat hair dressing in uie. In arge bottlw, pricneocenta. Ij96 NEW PERFtTBIE FOR THE HANDKERCHIEF. A Moa líxqiil". 5l''n nnl ■""- Krant Pp.fni!-. BWJlM K!.r and Mcnutifill l'lowor fr- wliirh il tnliv il IMM, Mamira,iurea oiüy 'y P-t Í-OX ? IdP Beware of Counterfeit. Sohl by dniípstH enernlly. ARE YOÜ IMSURED? Il" STGT, CALL ON C. H. USLLEN, Agent for tbe rolíovnnj Srst rli OilftpM : Home Insurance of New York, Ciulj Capitel 'Tor 93,50(1,000. CONTINENTAL INSURANCE C9. OF NE V0KK.. r.piKT ror tl,5ahAM. ín thls ftniijJ th ! euríí i,rtcn,,-.tí u S) e I ■ OI-X-ST FIBE ZÏSTS-, CO-, Cpta! over Three I; Tlíd !o"Bn. C. tí. MIl.bN. grvf ; („tiriietíi, Aun Arííor.


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