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Strawberry Culture

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Why does not every person who has land hae strawberry bed ? There is no fruit more delicious, and, none more easily raised. Last year I raised nearly two bushels on a small piece of ground, with but little expense and trouble ; and eertainly it is pleasant to have one's table supplied with this delicious fruit cLuring the season. I took asmall strip of land, the lowor side of my garden, too wet for most kinds of fruit, threw it up in ridges about three feet wide, and set two rows of vines 18 inches apart, a year ago laat August. After they blossomed last seseion, I spread a thick coating ot litler between the rows, then poured oa several pailfuls of liquid that had leached from the manure-heap in the barnyard, and I raised strawberries piibh as we read of, and such as T never saw before. The Cutter seedlingwas the variety grown Unobserving people are not aware of tho great benefit of mulching, and the rapid and powerful effects of liquid manure. I treated a row of black eap raspberries with mulch and liquid manure after they had begun to lilosscm, and the eñect was truly surprising. The sam& (reatment was extended to somo dwarf pears with the samo result; one UtÜe Lpuise Bonne de Jersey tree, flve yoars from the bud, and four and a half feet high, bore 83 pears tho last season, which made a heaping pailful, Was not that a gem in the garden? I will have a walk a


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