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Miscellaneous Items: Perpetual Motion

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Evrry om; Iwior huw eagcrly :i self-moving power hns been sought for Ly mecliunius, and how gre.:tly t!;c der. pXitS j)us--il;lty MS Leen ccriilcii. Il v.o n:ay crciii; ihü :o!loving account '.:c princii.Ie iiaa bcn diseoveied, or t ic3'. a ï.ecr f.pproacii made 10 it h purports 10 be froni tiio Lt fKsh Polytcchnic Review. The diseovcrer was a Mr. Bain., "He set p , doek in my drnwing roon. the psnuulum ot which is in jhe hall, and both - Bltumeu s in ;: volatila circuit os 1'oUowe: On ::iü ft. K. de oí tny hopso two si7.e pbtbe, each n jout eijuaro. aio sunlt ui n lio!c oud suspended to n wirc. TJiis is passtd through ihe bous , lo the penJtilum iïrst, nnd tUen tJie clocl.. On jlie S. K. sidc of Uic house, ut a disitonce of aboui forlv yards, a b-jlc wa? du? Tour feet deep, nnd ivo Backs ofcommn coke buried in it; the prtke ano'hei v.uc as fecurcd. nid j; ■ in ar ilie drawijig room window, niid joincd 10 ihe other wïro ut the c!or!;. The ball oí tl.c jiciidaliim wéigha nine pounds, but it waa movcJ energeticallv', and lius ever tincc coniinued to du io wi'.Ii ihe self saine onergy. The timé ís to pcrl'cction. and the cosí oí' ihe motive power vvni only s. C i. There atv bul ihrce little wheela in the clock, and nèithersprings nor weigh, eo ïiiore is no'.liin.'; 10 lic wound i.. 'Vo anüthei friend in üuticrsfa. hc lins giv'eh iKré'e cl iwi) sriiiill ones nnd a hall doek, ü!1 niovoii by onc cnrrent, and rcnu'ntcd Iiy ono and fhc pendulum. Thia is ali he has pompletcd in Cngland. hnving just rrndicJ Edinburgli. uliore lie is to efltab i h a mannfactory for those clocksj uhicli, tor accuracy, 6heapnc68y rintl Btility, 1 ove, eurpass any time-piece hiihcito contriv cd" Gei Tnm Thxnnb et tl e Tuitlcrirs. - Gen. Thumb, accurnpanied by Mf. P. T. JJarnimihad t!if h.Mi-r ofnppearingbo.rore the king on;l t. of the Frcnch. nnd the royal fannly. at tlie Tuillcrie?. op iiiht, tke 2:1 uit. The oncral' waa waVrñiy conipliindnted by t'.c Uir.g. qiiccn and royal cirelo connsisling of abc ut 40 persons. Hc reprosented the G;ecian s:atues, danced the sailora' hornpipe.. sang n vaiict; ai F!igs, and appearí i in rioua cosiumes. including hhriew Hiptiltrnd dres. with which thcir majf8tie3 were panicubrly pleased. Tlic khig and quecn kissed t!e general, ond the king preBcni ' htm a magrñflceú't cmcrald breastpin set ia large brHIi'añts. Tac rucon pro-Ki-cd i" liim :i ■ :■ i 9 '■■■' '-' ,s. Tl.'c ?iinctï3 Adcltidc (the kJDg'a sls'e:) boirov.cti one of hii :r,íí. in ordur lo have one igpde io pittEcnt hitn. D) you epeak Pje:icUï-' r.skcd . 4A-jiulc," irplisct the xcneval. Q.V'Kát coa jtou s?.y in Fienc'i?"' osked Je king. ''ive ]'.■ R V' rtjücd t!io ittlo general, ainid a buist of lnuliici and opplausc. 'i'i:c a,udience la'eJ an h - .-. ;id a half, at tiic concluapji of v.i.icli Mr. . :i'::i was presente;! with a c'onccur. and :'.iï king wished hi:;rcvcry possible success, omplimented him on the gracefuhicss ofln; pó r leaving the TuiJïcrits. the gch; auo.-i !ed a Inrge party at the residence of 3!. Gu'ignitii, where he was enthnsiasticsüy reccivr.K Tlic géneral'sminiaturé earpagéiraviQiei t!;c Cliamps L]'seos every day, whtic it nt.rjcls the at'.cniion ofthoosand. Tlie general qon;.i onced his levces on Tuesdúy tle '?r.:h. at ji r ;e of thrce francs adniisdton: ánd, fromtnt íippcaran:cs, he will reap cvtn a grealéi golden harvcsl in Taris shan lie did in London. A Ji'ant stronger tlian Ilunger. - An oíd i. an bad bornean irreprochable choree ler up tothe oge of Eeveuíy-twc, was luíeíy bronglit bofo re oue of tlie tribunais of Paris for 6tealnig a piece of lead worih eight cenia. He r.dmilted tbat he was wholly without m3cr}ï, and For the fiist timo in liis fiïe' fcriew iiot wherc to Cmd a singlo eous; bul it was not hunger that drove him lo e'.eal. After considerare question'mg en tho p.m of I jüdge, as lo what could be stronger Iban hungei', he conl'essed that it was tobáceo for his pipe. 'Tobacco, monsieur j'idge!" said he, gro.ving violen': "I have the misen1 to be a hopeless smoker! í smoke ut wuking ; I smoke while enting; I cannoi sleep without smoking iill the pipe fa-ls frorn iny moinh. Tobacco costs me six cents a day. Wben I havo nonp I am franíic. I t-uiir.ot work, cor eat, nor sleep. I go from place to plece, raging liko a mad dog. T!e di I sto le the lead, I had been without tobáceo twelve liours! I searchcd the day through for an acq laintance ol whom I could beg a pipe fúÚ. 1 could not, and resorted lo crime ns a less evil íiinn I was was endurinpr. The need wad stronger tlian I!" The cloquence .and palhos of the ola's plea mollified tlc judge, nnd he conemncd hún cnly to eight days imprisoament. Jt TtaeÜi Carolina Baby.- We lmve juet Eeen, says ti;e Ruleigl) Register, one of the grealest natural curiosities of the day, viz: n cbild who will not be cigiit years of sge ontil July next, and weighs 177 lhs- more than the eelebrated Daniel Lambert weighed at tbe same age. He mensures round the waist, 45 inches- round the hips 47 - the thiglis 26- Ihe knee3 18- hcight 4 feel Si inches. In the developement ofhis mind and manners he has all tbe childísh simpjicity of lads'of bia age, and is pleascd cxuctly with whatusually dcIights cbildren. It lpoke odd lo see sucb o lumpof fle=h chuckling over o new toy or o colored marwe bul a monu nt's cxamination will eatisfy ony one, Ihat he Í9 tlic mere child Jie séeins to Ljc. í lis nnine is Jasper JackBOii- is a nalive eí Crange county, and is tbe eon of poor, and very respeclab'e pa - reñís. The pcach is derived fren Pcríia, wliere it still grows in a natíve f-tute, email, bitter, and with poisonous qualities. Tobacco is a notive of Mexico and South Amciica, and latély one species hns been fouuü in New llo!!;.nn. Tobicco was fïrst ifUrpduccd inlo Engltifid from Nortb Croli;a,15IiC,ly Waker Raleigh. Aspriragus vtt6 brotighl from Aio; cabbagp ;ind lettucc from Holland; horco Todiíh funv Chna; rice from Kthiopia; bens from the Ëèst Judies j.onions and garlie nro nativea ol' KtTiauB pía 'Cá both in Aia and Afrira. The engar cañe is a naíive of Ciiinn, ar.rl the art of making sugar from it hos been practiccd from the rcsnolest antiquiiy. üchoohtn Luiher's ïinié! CJlrtsTticmenifi and fenrs wero the-n'y impulse to ediuTouon. Marlin Luilier, a fuir reprosentative of the boy? of Mnni-field, was ftvquently mul evrrel fiofrjed. It is caid liis mnfier floggec bim fiftcen times in one dy. That was ccrtniitly the dark uud cri'cl age in kerj ing. The ypunfrest eon of Mr. Clay, has latplj bccome derangcd. This mnkee tiic sccoik ton cf Mr. Clay now in the Ijnalic A-ylum.Incombustible Couthtg for If'ouii. - T'ikc u titmn:ity of wíitor,proportionale to llic surfaco oftíie wüodyou may wisii to co.vér, and aud lo it ns nrich p -;üs1i as can be dissolvtd Uien-in. Wheii Uic water ll dcs&olvc po inore pías!j,íiir m?o ihe 66lüUpp,6ret u rjuanttt oftflm pasíe cf Ihc cmisistencv ofeonv nion pninler's tize; sccoml, o snfticuMicy pf pure c!av io rendér it. oftlie cdiieííteMey oí efeam, Whén the cley is woll mixed, iply :bo prc paration ns dlrrctcd to ihivwmxl; ii wil! secure u frena iba aciin nï boili fire pnd rain. Ín n n.)st violen! i;ro, wood lln'.s snturaíed may be catbunnu J, bui il w!l never blaze. If do?iral)lp, a most nprerulile rotar can lo piven to the prepara ion, hy oddaijr a ttí] qhanlityofrtd or yellow ücIjto. - Bvf. Com. Vicior Unco, a n Kirsird Frtncíi writrr, gives the fi.Ilowmg beautiful slntements of tho cliiyf eminente vhch opérale to produce ilie civilization of a people: Tlie idea of tiie vsefvl, producinir lntfa#y and i he prnc'icnl seienceí, inathemat'ic?, phyéics, nnd politic-il ecr.uomy. Tiio idea oC '.]■ just, producinj civil society. the Elatc; and ji)r?"n;dcnce. The dea of thc bcautijúlt pioducing t!;o fine arts. The idea of 6W,proi'ucrc religión aml worsliip; níid, Tlie idea of iúc truc, producing pliüoïophy. This ocaiiüful and phnlosoraical síateme shows ihat the hais of CiviHïfttSori ií not in the Coria9 and insíimtions of focietj', they being but the embloms of i;s progress; but ín ]o mhid, which pives birth to gront ideas and insülulicüs ofsücioiy. - Murshüll Shtlesman A nPW imjilcment óf terrible bfficrfcy ha:hcen iíevised in EnLÍ8iid by Profesor Í3 t consista of a hqujtl similar id nlchoJiól, u uhich the oxvíreu is repaced by arsnic. Ti ignites tlie niprnení it is xposed tp t!:o Rir. If any vrsfcl fiüed wiih il' like a glass or iron globe Bhould Le thrown upon the derk or .iuto the ports-.of a ship, it would ij.M)i'"e tic moir.ment tlje vesse! strock cny hard substsnee and tlio infhnimable Hquíd insta olí y would be 'n a biaze. Tlie atinopnliere at once bucemos fiÜed wiih clouds (fwl.Uc T.-enic, by which a deadlv poiíon i? cvolvrd and inh&led. jeincr heavier tban, nnd insoluble ín watt-r, it coi-.k' not be cxlingitifhed, and of cource itbecomeíi fatal to all wilhin its iníkience. The French Annr,'.- In lookinpf over o file ofEnropcan pnpers ve find t'uat the uverníro ifa&igtíi of the FiíT.-h Army for.lfee current yrar isos'.imtJted nt 510,000 nion, of whicli Si,6C9arL inounled Cftlns immense forcé, 60,000 men ond 13,806 horcos cío on sevvice m Alrerin, nn llie rpmainder on dnty at home. The expense ofthis forcé to th f oernmcn( aniounis to the enormous su:n of SlO.TSS.CCSf., cr nenriy 864,000,000 per arihiunh! The Brithh JIrmy.- The total nnmbr of tbe Brilish ormy for the year e:ding Slácl 31, 1846,. is fixed al'100011 men, anc' the total churgo L5.079,272. This is exclusive of Ive regiments of cavalry and f.vcnly three ofiíit'anlry, L0,30: men in all, emplojed in 4he Eust Iudiee, and paid by llie East India Company. How they do at Cinúnnal'u - A srcnllenileman recently from the West says the sub scriplion list of the Piiiloníhropipt is thc brgest west of the mountain?. This is the paper first pojected by Mr. Birney ?.í Pnnville, Ken., but whic! wns riven from tíiat Sta!e and eatablished ten years ago at Cmcin nati, and rvlich was repeatedly mobbed, ond had its preces dctroyed undor tlie contennnco of sLch men as 'Burnot, Blake, nnd other leading characters of Cincinnati. Times are cbanged. - Chronicle. An oíd parsonand a ytong gul were once ookibg at ibp nnon togetlier through a epyiïlass. "Oh" aid the young lady, "do scc those two lovers in the moon - how lmpp} theylook!' "Indeed you ar mintaken.'1 eaic théparsoD, "hey are two Church stceples." We undeistand thal our Cincinnati ast roño mersj by the use of their big glas?, have set tled conclusiíely tíiat wiiat have been sup posed to be lunar volcanoes, are notlifug bu big fires inthe moon for trving out hbgs 't nnd, that what have been taken for sess r.m !ale-, nre iieillier mire nor less than ciipaci ous rcfeervoirs of lard oil. - Louisvülc Journal. Thc Sailor and the Qwa7;c'. 'A few day: ago, a sailor on one of the wharves ín Boston was swearirg away very bri-: r'oíiely, uii'M oneof tlie Society cf Fric: ;í. po fsingf '--Y-y-'S accüsled.hini very pleasantJy . antl urgedhiir to conümie 1 he exercise. Sajd he, 'dweor awav, friend, swearaway, tul thee gct.s all thn bad stuff cut of thee, for thee can never go t( licavcn, with thr.t etuff in thy heart.' Th tailor paused, and with o lonk nf rs:oiníhment and líame, bowed to tho banssl Quaker and retirod from the crowd, which Ji is turbi:k:ice had gathered around him. TJfe ihyVÜtó York.- Three ftiïl columns o yrfteidjij't: Ktw Ycih Kxprc?s aretoken u with arrivals, copied fren rrgisiers of Jli different hotels. This ü-r ccn'.a'ins eonv cightecn hvrdied ñames! Of lïife rnnb r, Úi s'bppetl at itík Alorlloucc, oüd V2Z at Howtrd's Hotel. .5 Lover's Lrap." A young (jurnian,in Duy fon, Oíiio, v. hfite hidy-lovo liad refufed ti with hiii), jumped from tho third ston wiiidow of the dancing saloon int o a ccll tr,bi which he broko bis own jaw njjd iho t;tairway Botb have 6nce been monded. Picase to observe ihc address. - The oíd in scriplion iibcd to be "IWcsíoges carefuliy tleliv ered, and carpeta Lcat." Presidtrüt l'u'k ' íloun?liing addreíe otight to have üppendcl l( it, 'Mes.-riíTc?, cnrcfully delivered, oaúvtluii heat." - Ptinih. Tho rdifrcíscs ofthe Loweil OJ'ering ar rdach annoyed 'uecaiise postmaslera nd.lreüj - j tlirm as 'Mear eirs-'" Tñey pay it soundi udd. ílu'.ljcr t'i!d, but nol ñ-mist.


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