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KÏSDÖS & HEJSTDERSOi Havo Ilio BUOKBYB CRAIIU DRILL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufaetared at Springfield, Obio. qiHE VKHY LATKST IMPROVKMKNT, and bettfrtlran X all othi-rí; ndayted to sowing Wheat, Rya, Oats, Barley andGra8 Seed. lst. It has a Rotary Feeder. 2d. Will sow all kinds of Grain and Grass Seed. 3d. liever bunches the Grain Ath. Never breaks the Grain. öth. Sows Grass Seed broadcast behindthe Drill. 6th. Has high wheels and long Hoes. Ith. Has long and wide steel points. 8th. It has a land measure or Surveyor. 9tA. It has doublé and single rank drills. lOth. It has a self adjusting shut off ulide. It is neatly and substantially made. There shardlyn Drill offered in the market but can boast of more or "FJBST PREMIUMS?'' They areaboutas inrtiscriminately bestowed as the title of " Professor wliich i oinetirneH pplied to tlie Cljiddler " or "bootbtack," Thej cease to convey the (den pf mcrit. The iiuckeyeDrilI has been on Exhibition at quite a number ofStatcand County Kairs, and witliout seekiug favor at the hands of any Coinraittee, has received its f uil abare of Premiums TESTIMONIALS : We give the following Dames of a few Farmera in this vicïuity waohüvebought andused the Buckeye Drill : Godfrey Miller, Scfo. Jacob l'ollieiuut p " Jaoob Tremper, ' 4 Thomas White, t Northfield. John lirokaw, Christiao Kapp, ' Edward Boydeii, Webster. James Trcadwell, AnnArbox DanielO'Hara, " " JohnG.Oook, Lodi. 0-A. Marshall, " L. Edmonds, Saline. Geurge Cropsey, Green Oak, Liv. Co. We arealso Agente for the Ohio Reaper & Mcwer, acknowledged tobe the very beat in use.We are just in receipt ol 100 Grain Oradles Which we wiii sell Clicap. Also alargeasaortment c G-rass And the largest and best selected stock of BENT STUT F FOR CARRIAGESever before offered In this market We alao keep a large and full NAU.S, GLASS, PUTTY, PAINT.and LINSEED OIL. A complete assortment of STOVES, TINWARE, ANDEAVETKOüGlISalwaysonhundand putup 2 the shortest notice. RISDON & HENDERSON. AnnArbor,June29th,1662. 859tf JTJST OPENING ? The largest Stock and best assortiuent of CABINET FÜRNITURE ? ever brought to this city, including SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BED ROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CHAIRS, Loolting G-lnssos Gilt Frames and Mouldings METALIO OASES, &c, ' c, and all other goods kept in the best nd lar :est houses in tïie country. We Keep n o second hand ur lituie or Auction goods. Coffins fcept conatantly n and,anc made to order. My goods are offered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES N. B. I must have money,and respoctfully requesi thoee indebted,to cali and fix up tlieir old matters without delay. O. M. MARTIN. AnnArbor,Oct.6, 1863. 925tf HAT STORE! o GO TO Befare you buj, Spring and Sumraer stjles of STRAW GOODS! GENTS' Furnishing Goods, Sec. 4u ArÜor, üptilWlfc, !. FwWI. Morígage Sale. TKFAtrI.T having beon made in The coudition of u ) ccitain inortgaf.executeO by Chris'iüii Brt-incli and íiíirbara BreUch bis wife. uf Ann Arbor, Wnflh'.e naw County, Michigan, to WüUam S. Sítunderu, cf tbe nane pkice, datedtht' ninf tcenth dy of November, u theyearone thnusantf éiprlit hundred a mi siity-one, ftn'l recorded on tnó ninth day of December, A. D. 1861, in the office of the Rt-g rfter of Deed fur the naid Countyof in the Stnie of Michigan, in Líber 28 of Mortiíages, on paj 55 upon whieh Mortgftfre (herti Ís clnimer] t be dut-, at tliedntti of thí-i no tiCe, the Hiim of ní-i?ty tWo dollars, and uo Kuit or proeeeding at Inw or ni equíty. having been instítuttíd to recover the same orany part theveof. and iba power of Btle in sud Mortgagtí cntuined harinfl tíiert-by becme absolute. Norfci: is therpfore heieby given, that on Saturday, thf tltirtt-enth dnj of May ten of t!ie clcok in the forenoon, I hall sell at public auctiou to the highest bidder, at the South door of the Court ÍTouse in the f'íy of Anu Albor, (b!ug thíi place Tt-here the Cfrcuit Court for said County of Washtenaw is In')d), tlif premi es described in sid mortgane, or o much theri of as may be necesary to Batíafythe amountdue on s.iid inortíico. and interpt, topethfr wítfa the cotü and expense aHoweii hy law ; Haid prein íhpk beinpsituated ín said Counij (l Washtenaw, and decribed ir said Tn(rtga%e as 'olio va, to wit: All of let Vo. tweWe and thirteen in Wm. S. Sauuder's addition to the Ci'y of Ana Arbor, according to the recurded plat therouf. Dated.February 1" lñP. WILLIAM S. 8AUNTfl&3, Mortgjree. A., Attornpy for Mortgagee. 996td Chnncery Notice. STATE OF M1CHIUA1Í,- Fourlh Judicial Circuit, in Chancery. ) Fuit pendingin the Eliza M. Clark, Cir. Court for the Complainant, County of Washte Ta naw,in Chanctry, Jehiel Clark, at Ann Arbur, Ón Defemiant. the 4th dav of j Feb. A. I., 156&. It apuoarïng to the satisfaction of thts Court by the affidarii oí John X Gott, Soiicitorfor theComplainant, that Jehii Clark ie uot a resident of the State of Michigan, but is a resident of the State of Ohio.beyond the juridiction of this Court : On motion of John N Gotf, Solicitor for Complainant in thifl cause, it is ordered hy sa id Court that said Defendant, Jehiel Clark, cause bis appearnnce to be entered iuthis cauae, and notice thereof sered on the Ccmplainant's Solicitor within two months from thé date of thifi ordfr, and in case the Defendant cauee his appeararce to be entered, that he file his nrswprto Complainant's Hill, and a copy thereof be scrved on the Solicitor for Complainant, within tweoty da.vsnfter the service of a copy of Haid Bill, or in defanlt therecf the nad Bill be tnken as confeased by sail Pefendíint: and it is furtlier ordered, that within tweníy dag the Complainant cause a copy oí tbia order to be published in the Michigan Argu, a public newRpaptr printed and pubb'shed nt the City oí Ann Arbor, in said County of Washtenaw, in each week, for six successive weeks, or that he causea copy of baid ordnrto be served on said Defendant peisonally, at least twenty dajg before the time prpscribed for eaid DefendnufB ;ip])carance in this cause. ROBKRT E. FR4ZEH, Circuit Court Coinmisflioner, Washtena C., Mich. Jon N. Gott, Solicitor and of Council for Complainant 99fitd Estáte of James Steward. MATE OF MICHIGAN', Cor: vry ofWashtiw,Ss. O At a session f the Probate Court for the t'uuntv of Waahtenaw, holden at the Probate Office, in the City of AnnArbor, on Thursday, the ninth dav c.f Fc-bru ary, in the year one tbousand eight hundred ar.d sixty-fiTe. Present, Hiram .1 Bkakr, Judge "f Probate. In tbe matter of tbe Es'ate of Jtmes Steward", deceased. On readinp and filing the petition, duly veriited, i f Alty Steward, Administrntrix f the estáte of saiddeceased. praying thiit he may be li-eused t sell certain real estáte w beroof tlie .said decea.-ed , dicd, sciz. d. Thereupon it is Ordcred, tliat Mnnday, the 27th day cf March next, at ten o'clock in the f lenoon. be assigned firthe iiearing of aiü p-tition, and that the heirs at law of said Jecciisedánd all otber persons iuterested in said estáte, are required to appear t a aesstbn of said Court, then to be Lolden attlie Probate Oflïce, ín tli4' Cjfy of Ann Artior, and nhow cuse, if any thcre be, wliy the prater of the pi-ti'i"inT ttliould iidt be granted : Aid it U furtbèt1 or,_dered,that otM petitïoner pive notice to tl,; ,..-rns interested iii said estáte, of the pcuilency r f -jtid peli tion, and the hearínij tbereof, by caucíñg a copyof llü? Order to be pubiilied in the Michigan Argvs, a neu.spáper prioted and circulalïtig in s.inl Countj' of Wasbtenaw, four Hucces.sive weeks prt-vious to said day ot hearing. A true copy .) HIRAM J. BEAKES, 995td Judge of Prol-at ; PRüRli LOS The great Itci and Humor KüLer of the 19th Century ! Tbls nfw preparation powesses mort vtondaful propertles, and is ■A. STJIIB )Y I t-t TCT For erery sjieeies of the ITCH, PRAIRIE lTCli, BARBER'S ITCH, WABASH SC8ATCHES, ILLHOIS HA1VGE, CCTAIÍEOÜS EBITTIOXS, PIMPLES Olí THE FACE, SALT RHEOI, SCALD HEAD, RINGWOBaS, ke. ■, Thñ PR.rRIG0 ,,L0TI0 b n.w ftnd eertain eur. for al! kinds of Ilch, and belng a fluid prepararon li is free froui all the gumroy, disagreeable qualities of the ointments in general use, The PRURIGO 1.0TIO la safe to use under ALL CIKCVMSTANCKS ; will not irrítate the most tender kin, and CONTAINS NO MEKCURT. Don't fail o trjr It. ilanufactured by E. T. & W. T. McFARLAND, Solé Proprietort, Lafayette, Ind. PR1CK 60 OENTS. LORD . SMITH, ChlfagO, Wholesale Agenta. Sold at Wholesale in Chicago by PULLER FINCH 4FÜLLER; OHARLKS O. SMITH ; BÜRNHAMS VAN SOIIAACK; W. D.-HARRIS I CO ■ 8MITH i DWYER; J. H. E.ÏBD i CO., ande! 800 VIL. ' ? WIZARD OIL! THIS SPLENDID REMEDY CURES B TOOTHACíTE Ü O NEURALGIA ÈS In Three Minutes. In Ten Minutes. liÜtlWhCIIK F.AKÁCIIK Ia THe Minute. In Ton Minutes. CBitMV CO-LIO DIP-TIIERIA ín Ten Minutes. In a Few Honrs. ■80RE THRÜAT ' R1IEUMATISM. toafew ilauji. [n a Few Daya LAMK BACK. SI-RA INS. CUTSANDBHI-ISES. ' BC1BS ■ SOALDS. CORNS. CHILULAINS. Thla invalttable prc]ar&Uon only needd a trial to reromiuetxl itsrlf to evrry houü'-hold in the land. Uie one ïoltle and yon wUl alway ke-p it on hand ftgainst the of Price Söcfins and 'ib cents per bottle. The large bottlcs contain nvaily Uiree times aw much as the ■mH one. Manufncturrd by J. A. HAMLIN t BKO., 10-2 Waiüiington sireet, Chicago, and for aalfl bj dniggists genrrally. dft DU. SMITH'S PRESCRIPTION & DRUG STORE ! Is the place to buy jour MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, "Writinfit ïapOr J e Ream otIqsr, and all other artidoK in our line. 4E Especial attention to Compoundingand putting upPreacriptions, at the fli(?n of GOLD MORTAR, Exhang Block, Ann Arbor, Michigan. -ftfir f%, I'rofotrsonal calis promptlj attended to. 1 Y960 100 Oity Lots for Sale. Estafe of Enos Reynolds. otate ov Michigan, focwiY of w„J Ö At a mitro. , f ,he píoittt, court hir tw' " Wastm-naw .l,oWen , ,be [-wUte Office n?),"; of Ano ,r, un tfomláj, tl,e t rcnlfetí ch,v "f'ï.'P'T t;y,;v,'." the f e" uue "'ni ' bundíá'f; Preseut, Hiiux J. Rmkiu, .ladee of I'r, I ín the n.atf-r o f the Ksllle 5? uos R, ' u eeiised. Sldn.y Reyi,,,Ma, Ejecuto, or „í?!d''4eótoe, tatú Court and represent thathe U ni, MUtt ed to render híj flnal account as sucb Eiecu", "'" Thereupo it i Ordered, thaf Sïondav rï . day of March next. at on, o'elock in"Íi ,,? th as,,g1l for examining and allowing „el, L'"!D. b' íhatth,, Jeja,,,, legstee, .„,1 heirï i,".0'"'' M decteded, and all other persons interesé n ' ' ate, are requircd to appear at a ses,(on of ssid r "' then to be b;,!dcn ít Üf. Petate üflic a ,h' n ,"""' Ano Arbor, ín aid Co„„t.T, anrt how' .' C'lJ"" the be why the aíd acoountfhould not be 'll "■ Ad tu fnrther or.Iered, that aid Execu,'0"' notlce (o th porton, persons ntereBted"S0?r of ti pendeney of aJ account, and the l1ea,nS.Ut' of, by cansing n copj of tilia Order t„ U T Iwf ?"'■ the Michigan Argu,, a newspaper printrt d "■ha tmgmsaW County of Washtenaw, threï ,nÍÍr?'week prerious t6(AM day of he7JDif it'j [ Vsn'd "w-} I!I!:aM jV BEaKES "7td JudeeofProút,:Estáte of Èogers - Minors OTATE OF MICHIGAN", COC.VTY o, Whib, - . U Atasessionuf ilie I'robnte r,urt for h.r of Washtenaw, hoWon at the Probate Office ív'7 EJt, oí AnAyo,,„nThur.,d„y,tbe twenty" .i 5 '' of rebruary, lu tho yé-í OTe thounánd igl.i ZLl and fíixty-five. B üuaQreiJ Prent, Hiraii J. Bw, J,ulKe of Probate In the matter ofíhe Estáte ofEsther Ano Van i.i Eugenia Hog.M.Chi-r, Jane Rógef,, mino, ck w ': ol Kdniuml. KogerK, deceaced. . ""nor childrr Onrca.infíaBd filing tlu, petilioa, dnlv verlfi.í , Lucinda Roger, Guardian for said n,in,,r, prarta-V ÏSSJ. b C"Um ICal CStIltl! WIW6If?l Thereupon it I. Órdered, that Monday, the „.J, 1ay of March next, at ten o'clock u the forran. . beassignedforthe hearing of „aid pétition, .id Zí the nest of km cf said minors other persons interested in gaid e.tate ,„ " ijuired to appear at a ie.sion of said Court tí to be hold, nat the Probate Office, in the City „} tl Arbor, and how cause, f any there be, why the Lt ■ of the petaioner ehuuld not be granten aZ il" fuxther ordered. that said petitione? givè notie to k" Pr,.taterí in said'ctate, of the penclU. ff Fa'd pet.t.on, and tl.e hearing thereof, by caS. t.,p, of this Order to be published in'thïïSi Argns, a newspaper printed and circulatLf ? S tounty of Watenaw, three succe.ssive wetlgprevi ' ? t" said day of heajing. n;preiioui [Atri,ecopy.] HIRAM J. BEAKES 9!'7td of p„b'.te. Estáte of Welles- Minors " OTATE OF MICHKiAN, rolNTT OF ïlmw M O At ■ wi,,n , f the Probate Conrt for th cun'nw ashtenaw, hohlea at the Probate oflicr. m tl t ïltf 4 Ann Arbor, on Wedneaday, tht fitt,cnth da, o, February, in the yearone thonsand eight huudrtd ,Dj Klxiy live. Present, Hiram J. Be.ikes, Judge of Probate In the maller of the Estáte of Claripsa S ' Welta Sarah W. Welles, Mary F. Welles, and Susan H w , ' Minors. Silaa H. riouglaï, guardián unto said mi„ ' comes mt.) Court aul represes ts that be is Dow ■,„„, ' e.l to ren.lerhis linal ;ccount as such Guardian Thereupan tU Ordered, that Mon.lay.the thirteimk day of March nex!, ,t ten o'clock in the iil Zm Bucb accoun ' am that the wild niino.s ann their next of kin aLd.ll other persons nlerted in said estáte, are reciiiitíl. appenrat a sewion of saidCourt, thento be loldimtlk. Prebate Ollice, in Ihe City of Ann Arbor, in eai.l Mq? and show Buse. if any there be.whv tl.e evl acf-uunt bnuidnotbtaUowrd: And il i, furtlicr admd tÏÏ ul , guarnan pivu m.lice to the persous iuterest, il ií n d estáte, o( thopendencj of said account, and Ihelnr ntbcnr, by caiiMogacopy vfük Uriitrub, publpslied in Michigan Argu$, a Eespperi.nnM and ci.culating in said County of Wafhtei. thra successive weeks preïiousto said cay of hearioi;' (A true copy.) HIRAM J. BFAKlJ! J1 Judge oí Probal,, Estáte of Judah E, McLcan STATE OF MICHIGAN, COVSTÏ OF VTSBTOJ ,. Al a sessií.n of tbe Probate Court fur tbr (VudIt of. V.i.shtenaw, holden at the Probate OfBcp o riilÏT of Ann Arbor, on MoDday, the tbirteenth day u[ l,bruar.v, in tho year one thoussud eiirht hnar4inó sity üve. Present, Hibím J. Bwites, Judg-e ff Probatt. In the matter of the Estáte o! Jmlih K SicUiD deceased . Ou rea'diog and Bling the petitinn dily Teriicc if Wllliara Preston, Admimstratoi il the ertale ut u.i lieccased, prayins that he may be liceiued to iel! ertaiu Rea! Estáte wheieofthe ,aid dcceasul dita tiiifd Tbereupon it is Ordered. that Monday, llie llitrd du day of April next, at ten o'clock in the fbrmi,, be assigned for the hearing of said petition ms that che widow and heirs at law of aid iitoai and all other persons interested in jaid estáte, aren' qviin-d toapvear atasession of aaid Court, lbttU holden at the Probate Office, in the City of AunArtn'. andshoacauBf. if any there be, why the praycr oMhi peiilicinershould not be granted: Aud it isfiirtber..rdered, that said petitioner give notice to toepenoaillteroctedia said estáte, "f the pendency ol snid fitltlot, and the hearing tbereof, by causing a c(py ol tliOr derto be published inthe Michigan Argüe, a i epiperpjinted aud circulating in said (ountv of Wafhtenaw. foursuccessive weeks previous to'said dawf hearing. (A true copy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES, Wotd Judee of Vit&nU. Estáte of Jane Ho we. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Washtenaw is.Ata muiob of the Probate Court for thf Conot; vi Waslitenaw. iiolden at the Probate Office in tbecityof Aun Arbor, on ttVinesday, the fii teen th daj ofFebruarj iu theyear une thousandeijlit hnndred andsixty-fiTC Present, Hiiam J. Heakea, Judge of Probate. ïu the matter of the Estateof Jane Howe, rit-ceaeed. Jonu N. Gott. admini trator of mH ftate, e-omes iuto Court and represente tluit he iftnof prepar to renner bis final account as such administrator. Tbereupon Ordorcr],that Monday, Ihe tbiiteïfttfr 'l.iy of Maróh sext, at tn bilock in tbc forenooii,' bassigned for exasiining and allowing such account,1 anil that the heirs at law of said lieceaffd, w aPother persons interesteti in aaideatoterereguBtitíl apiH.arat a session of Haiiï Court. then to be holditut the Probate Office, in the City of Aon Albor, in MÜ county, and show cause, if any theie be, wbj the $pAd account"should not be aliowed. Aai it i.s further ordered, that said Admini.'-tratnr gi uotice tn the persona interested in said MWg of tli; pt ndeney of ,snid account aod the heancf thereof, by causfag a copy of thia Order to bf pubüshedin the Michigan Argv.$,a. newspaper printtd and circulating is Raid County of Washteuaw, thrt uccessive wt'i'ks previous tosnid davof hearing (A Lruecopy) HIRAM . BF.AKtS, 9f6 d Judge of Probate Estáte of Lyman Carpenter, QTATE OF MICHIGAN- County of Wafibtensw-"' O At a sessiou of the Probate Court for the Coustf (f Wnshtpnaw, bolden ui the Probate Office ín theCiiJ of Ann Arbor, on S;vturlny. the llth day of Februtrr, in the year one thousaud eight hundred and stxty-fl' Present, Hiratn J, Beakps,,Iutlí;e of Probate. In the matter of the Estáte of Lyman Carpo nter,l ceased . On readinc: and filing the petití-n, duly rerifled,of Malinda Carpeoter , prnyiug that admiuistration ofia 9BtaH bo grsmtetl to Janirs T Honey. ThereuponitioOrdered, That Monday, the 13tti dJ of March next, at ten p'clockfn theforenoon b ■' fUgBed for tho hearing of said petit'n, au t'{ the heirs at law of frald dreeased, and l' other persons interested in paid eytate, are r(quired to appear at a session of said Court, tbffl1 tobe holden at the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause, if auy there be, ï the prayer of the petitioner should not be grauw: And it is further ordered. that said petitiontr p noticeto the persons interested in said"estate,of tw pendency of said petition, and the hearing thereof, V causïng a copy of thia order to be publisbed in tb Michigan Argu$, a newspaper printed and circalt'8 in said County of Washtenaw, threo succesBire ff6 previous to said do-y of bearing. (A true copy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES, 996M ' Judge of l'robtf. Estáte of Joseph P. Eiggs. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Cocnty OF WieBVBï,"-", At a teittm of theProbate Court for tbeCoonty Wasbtenaw, bolden at the Probate Office in theWJ Ana Arbor, on Monday, the sixth day, of JebnJ'Ji ia the jear oe thonsand eight hundred and Hltl"" ' Present, Hikam J. Beakes, Judge of Probate. , In the matter of the Estáte of RWi i ceased. James Rigg, Executor of the last will " testament of said deceaged, comes into Court SB" S resentB that he is now prepared to render bii ön account as such Executor. . . - Thereupou it is Ordered, that Monday, the llJ "S of March next at ten o'clock ia theforenoon, be fflJ, for exaxniningand allowiog suchaccount, aod that widow, legatees, devisees and heirs at law of ' f deceased, and all other persons intereated 'Dph,estf. are reqóired to nppcar at a session of saiö Coiirt-1 tobe holden at the Probate Uflice, in the CitJ ' 'T Arbor, in said county and show cause, if bbt 'Je., ,' why the said account should not beallowed: AM f urther ordered, that said Executor give notice totwf sons interested in said estáte, of the peodency h. count ,fend the hearing thereof , by causing a copy "■ ' Order to be publishedin the Michigan rí"'il, per printed and circulating in said County of w s" three successive iveeks previousto said day ra De"11 (A true copy.) HIRAM J. BKAKfi, 996td JodKeJn, Commissioüers' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Cor-XTi of WisnlBAJi1 The undersigned havlng been appointedby te bate Court for said County, Comm ssioners t0 J ,]t examine, and adjust all claims a.nd deipanfls persons agaiust the estáte of Joña han Mitcbe' i of ihe Township of Bridgewater, vin said 'm"'!ítl ceased, hereby give notice that sixmonthe tf01X1 l are allowed, by order of said Probante Court, 'or . v tors to present their claims againsl !,'Ae es"4 '. . deceased, and that they -n-ill meet at thelate re" of said deceased in the Township of Bridge" "ï',,, said County of Washtenaw, on Saturday, tW "■ , dayol May.andSaturday, the fifth day of "8% next, at one o'clock in Ihe afternoon, of eacb o days, to receive, examine, and adjust said clan0 Dated, l'ebruary 6th, 1S65. DAVID W. PALMER, „„„lone997 td EDWIN SMITH, } , Chancery Notice. IHEREBT DESIGKATE ROBBKT E. rKAZSJ',i,)(. ouit Court CommisMoner, of the County of a duw, and State of Michigan, s Injanction lU"" and for said County of Waebtenaw. „, Teb. 3rd , 1S06. E. WEEJOE. (A tro. cor-r.) Oreuil.:T E. B TOND, flrtttr.


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