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h,,hedery Friday thethird toryo! pub , ilnck oornerof Main an.l Hur.m St., A.NN 'ifoÜ Miel. 'Éutranceon Hurón Street.opposiUthe 'íLlfl B P0ND' Editor and Publisher' Tetui, $■ OO Tvr l.i Advalicc. '"'"lionthere ,fter , less tlian tlirce months. "'r mare 3 mus $4.00 I Qaarter col. 1 year $20 '■"" "reíui 6.00 ■ Half column 6 mo 20 ' l,r 1 year 9.00 I Half column 1 year 35 Onc í Jrf g 0Q 1 One colamn 6 mos. 36 ■""■íes í year 12.00 ! One column 1 year 60 cVrdíin Directory, uot to exceed four linea, $4.00 ''■','?'' rtiser to the extent of a quart-r column, regnff'iiliWreotory without extra charge. "Í. ilvertisements unaccompanied by writtenor !ltrtctions wlllb publ.shed until ordered out, .'"„nt per folio for each aub.equent icsertion. """'.Sie "f l'lkin a.,d Fancy Job l-rinting.execu. íiít pro.ñ,lns, and i. the be.t otyle. J 'la. We have a Ruggles Kctary Car.l Pres, and C var'ietyof the latest stvles of Card t,le fertt4PtCirdl of all kinds in the neate.t ■"""í.',;,Vlen4chP than ny other hou.em the '""Lines "=ard tor men of all avocationB and pro■ „í 8aí WíídiBK and Vhlttag Cards, prmted on Jtoo. Cali and ceainpleí. ' nnlf B11ÍDIÍÍO- Connected lth the Office is ft 'K l Sr i íof thè best stock. Pamph Iets and glrn-VinSh JlSce. __ .=


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