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How To Serve A Braggart

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Josh Gibsou is a powertul mau, and hough he ia civil, he ia proud of his roputatiou as the j best man ia the country.' 3ill Stiles is a notorious braggart, and is lways telling oí his lniving drubbod this r that individual, nainiog some one who s proverbially largo, stout, brave, or acive. One day bill was at the hotel when the conversatiou turned on bis favorita topic. ' You all know Josh Gibson, says Bill. ' Yes,' answered threo or four at once. ' Well, 1 met him last Saturday, and ie rofused to give half the road. I got out and took him off his wagon and mauled him till he begged for mercy.' One of tho listeners wad a particular 'riend of Josh, who, on his return, told íosh' what Bill said. Josh, on hearing he news, pondered a minute, theu said : ' Did he own it, though ? and will you go before Squire Broadhead and swear ,hat he did so ï' ' Yes.' 1 Well,' says Josh, ' you go to the Squire's and make the affidavit and get the warrant for Bill Stiles for assault and battjry, and I'll show him how to abuse people on the highway.' The friend did as Josh told him, and egan to thiuk sure enough Bill had thrashed Josh. Bül was brought before the Squire, and plead guilty, whereupon the Squire fiuod him ten dollars and costs, which he paid without hesitation, evidently flattering himself that he had bought famo at a bargain. As Bill left the Squire's office Josh accosted him with : ' Well, Bill, you have just paid ten dollars for thrashing me in my absence, and now I am going to sec what they charge for flailing a lying puppy when he is present. Bill took the hint and bogan to make excuses, but Josh cut him short by a smart rap betow the eye, followed by two or three others thut brought hira to the pavement. Bill otiles staid there about two yoars afterward, and although he went by the name of ' Fightiag Bill,' he was never afterwards known to brag of his exploits in that lino of business ; ia fact, Bill was never quarrelsome, and it is belieec that tho only fight he ever had, was the one in which Joe Gibsou struck the first blow.


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