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A newpaper correspondent givea iuo i following dcscriptiou of the Charleston i of to-dny : ' The reporta of the Charleston editora that the city experienced but little damage from our shells, likc nearly all ethers emanating irora the same source, were essentially false. It requires no very extended examination in the lowerstree'ts of the city--those near the bay- tosatisfy the most skeptical of the fnet that our shells were werking the most serious iujury to the town, and that the coutinuance of the bombardmeut would uiake it a inass of ruins, as it had already rendered it uateoablo to the most courageous resident. 13ut two persons resided in " Shell Towu," as somu wat uamed that portion of the city east of tho two milo post, visited by our shells, and they clung to thfir firesides with a tenacity of purpose that tho most demoustrative and aggressive Parrot shell failed to relax. Tliough their beds were torn to pieces while l'aey were engaged iu their domestic affairs - both bcing females - by i;n portinent shells, and their cuhnary -ffuirs seriously damaged by projectiles, their n of's perforated, and ventilators put in front oí their dweliings, they would uot move, but eudured the boinbardment with a cooluess and equaniniity rarely found. On lauding you observo that tho wharves are iu a very dilapiduted condition, tbat telïs very plaiuly that they have uot been muob in use the pust four ycars. - The palmetto logs that form tho cribs are covered with grass, and the plauking is muuh decayed, f'ull of man traps, and about worthless so far as cartagö is cuncerned. Advuncing up tbc riokety docks, you como to a parapot of saiid, over which peer the muzzvcs of heavy guoe, beariug down the chuuuel, for home defence; then around or over the batteries into the silent streets, covered with tho dehris from ehattered s ores aud dweliings, aud bearing at poiuts a tolerable good erop oí grasa - thu samo kiud of yrass that was to have spruug up iu the Btrcets oí New York wheu Kiug Cottou exercified his potent snray. Not a building for blocks hure that is exempt from the marka of shot and kIiuII. All have sutttred moi-e or loss Here is a fine brown stone bank building, vaoaut aad deserted, with great gapiug holes in the sides and roof, through which the auu shines and tho raio pours, Windows aud s'.shes blowu out by explodiog ühells within, plastering kuoeked dnwi), coun torn toru up, flüors cruthed iu, and i'ragineuts of uiosaie pavement, brokcu and crushed, lyiug urouud on the floor, mingled with bits of statuary, stained glass and broken parts of chandaliers. iiuiu withiu aud without, and its neighbor iu no better plight. Here a great steil bas struck the chiuiuey aud crushed a large portion ot tüe roui ïu ; men expioaiug, distributed Ha fragmenta through tho ceilings, and burst out great pjUotuja of brick aud mortar, which uow lie ou thu pavemeut below, untouuhed since they feil. Every imaginable portion of buildings bas been damaged by our fire, aud not a single bouse in this portion of tbe town bas cscaped. Not a building is oo cupied, save by the brave women to whom I have already refeired, and the front doors or windows gapa open, througb whiob you may gazu upoa battered offices, demolished stores, and counting rooms in ruin, where commerce once dwolt and active business men pursued their respective vocations unmolested aud undisturbed, The churres, St. Michael's and St. Philip's, have uot escaped tbe storm of our projectiles Their roofs are perforated, their walls wounded, their pillara demolished, and within, thü pewt. filled with plastering of lragmeuts oi mural tableta, which were to perpetúate the nicmory of soine good man loug asleep in the graveyard near by. You may couat up a round number of shell holes in their sleeples, and inany upturned monuments iu their graveyards. From Bay streel, utudded with bat teries, to Calhoun street, our sllöll. Lave carried destruction and desolaii!?!:, and often death with them. Wilhia tha limit no house was safe from their des tructive visits; and uo oue lived there eïcept i' a constant state of alarm anc dread. None knew wben the deathdealing shot would come, and none feil easy or safe for a inoiiicut. Kolow Calhoun streot but little business was doue and but few lived, aad thia was tbe most importaut portion of the town. All the hotels weru vacated when tbe boujbard ment comrnenced ; stores wero clused offices were moved, churches remainec unopened, and an air of desolatioa soon brooded over that portion of the towu where, in dnys of peaoe, tbü most anima tion and ufo wero to be found. Fiftj years vvill not inako thü city wbat it was befoi'ü the war. Ü3T A Western ediior cautions bis readers agaiust kis.-iog ubort wom( as tho babit bas rnado hiui round-shoul dered. Ot what truda i a clergvinan at a wed'.li;g ? A jjiu her.


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