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A Letter From General Sherman

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Tiie fiHritig lette frm Gonoral Sher;ü?.i LasJBüt been ptibhBhed :. JIvMQ'-AnTrcx .Vit. hv. ot Tin?) MiiWMiri, ix i mi: Fim.d. Kp.m: JÍÍSIBTTA, Vr., J ■.;!;■ .')íl, 18CJ.) Mts. Anna Oiliimn Bpwea, B.iliiiuore, M! : Dkír ?■! m i - Your wcK-omo lotlcr oí JnuM 18 h uame to mo buro smid the sound of bnüle, and, as you say, little ciid í (]raiu, wlicu I kucw you ptujing as a fi.hcol gir] on Sallivm's [slaua beaub, ibst I should oootrol i vast irroy', poiuting, like the swarui of Alario, towurd llie Umn of the South Why, oli why ia tl. is? If I know my own licftrt, it UiatSM wannly as töwnrd ihose kind un] geuerous í'siüüks that greited us wi'h warra hospitality in days gouo p;;ai Dut stnl presdul 111 memory, uud to u:vj', vcve Frank aud Mra. Parcher, and E Man Gil:u;n, and Mury Lamí), aai Marjrnret, Blak, the Barksdalef, the QumIiÍs, tliE Pryors, indeed ucy nucí a'l ol our cherished eirclu, iheir clnldroD, or even tlioir chüdron's childreu, tü como to rno as of o!d, the sten! feêlinga of duty aud couviction wonid. mell ii3 bdqw bcfore the genial sun, and í believo Í would stiip my own children tliat they inight bo sheltered; nnd yet tlioy cali mí! barbarían, vadnl, and mtffliter, und all tbo epitheta tiiat langnage can invent lliat are signiticatit of mulignity and hate. All I pretend to say, on earth as in bcaven, mau must submit to somo arbiter. He must not throvv off nis hIIcgiaüoo to his government or his Gnd vvit!;.'í jut reasou and causo. Tht: Sou' h há no cnuse - not even a pretext. Indeed, by her unjustifinble course, sbü bas thrown awny tbe p'Ouct historv OÍ the past, and laid ópsli lier fair country to the troad of devastíitint; war. fthe batitered and bulliwd ns to tlio conflict. Hal we dcclined battlo, America would hava punk b;ick, cownrd and prüven, rnoriting the contempt of all mankind. - As a nutiOD, we wore torced to aceept baitle, and that once bcgun, it has troné on till the war has assumed proportions at whioh even e, in the hurly-burly, sometimos stand ahast. I would not suhjugate the South in thesense sooöensively assumed, but I would make every citizen of tho land obey the common law, submit to the same that. we do - no worse, no better - our equals f)d not nnr superiors. I knovv, imd you ttiiow, ha' there wore young nifn in oiir day, now no lotiger joung, but who control their fellows, who assumed to be llie genttemen of the South a suporiority fif cxmrage and manhod, and boastiugly defled u of Northern birth to arras, God knows how rcluctan'ly wi aneepted the issuo tut once the issue joined, like iu flht-r ages, the Nnrtheni race, thotlgh alow to mger, oiK'e aroueed, are more terrible tlian tuo more ïuflniumn ule of the Suuth. Even yet my bart pleads, wheu I sce the carrmge of b:ittle, the d'.soiation of hometi, the bittor angdisb of families, but ibu very moment iLe men of tl) e Suuth say tbal instead of ppealng to ar thèy should have uppceled to roason, t.) our Congrosí, to our courts, tben will I sav peuee - peaee; go back to your poitit OÍ error, and resume youv places as American citizens, with áll tbéir proud hetitages: Whethór I sliall live to we '..bis poriod is problemática!, but you may, may teil your mot ler and sisters tbat T nover forirot oi'ii! kind look ot greetiag, or ever wisbed to efface itsremembrancf; but in putting ou tb e a'rnior of warl did it tliHt our comraon country sbould nol periah 'm iufainy iind dishonor. I am ïuarried, havo a wife and six chüdren living lu Lancaster, Obio. My course bas been an eyentful one, but I bope wben the clouds of anger and puesion are dispersed aud trufh emerges bright ind elear, you and all ho knew me in early f years will not blus'i t h ut wfi wcre odes dear friends. Toll Klim for me tlnit I hope she tnny iivo to realizo that Ihe doctrino of " aeee&sion " is as mouBtroua in our civil code as disohedience was iu the Divine lavv. And should tli fortunes of war ever b-rin you oi' your si.-ttors or auy of your old oliijno under thu shelter of my authority,. I do not boliove they will havo cause to rogrot it. Give my love to your cbildren, and the assurance of my respect to your boricired hilcband. ïiulj, W. T. Shbkman.


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