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viíhed-very Friday iuorning,in tuethird story "t ílíiü btoekooruer of Main and Iluruh Sts.. AXN ' OK MicU. Eutranceon Hurón SU-ííOt,opposíUtlie tílSU B. POKTD, Editor and Publisher. Term, $3 OO a Year 1 Aclvnncc. , Jrertllng- Ono square (12 line or less) , eme , -jeents; three weeks $1.50 ; and 25 cents fur .'niiertion there iftrer, leastiran three montlis. "i, ,ou.e 3 mos $4.00 Quarter col. 1 y?ar $M i qa 6 ni os 6.00 ! Half column 6 mos 20 Y1' aure 1 year Ü.00 ! llalfculumn 1 yuar 85 2 n.u're 6 moa 8 C0 , One column 0 mus. 36 Lo „q're 1 year 12.00 jt One column 1 year 60 (rdíin Directory , not to exceed four liues, $4.90 i" 'Sl-tiíár ó the extentof a quarter cnlnmn,regnthroughtlieytar, willbe eutitkdto have thtir Wí „Directory without extra charge. Xilvertisemeiits uiiaccompanicd hy written or ■idirectioní' willbe publi.shed until ordered out, "r,.t,rired .tc.cordlngly . l. il ali-crtUements, tirst inaertion, 50 cents per !cent8perfolicifor eacli subsequent itsertion. ' „„„tpr.noment iaadded to an advertiseir.enUhe l,willbchrgedtheameastor lirstiusertion. i.n Prlntlnt:- P.lmplileta. Tland BillB.CircuIars, , Bsll Tickets, Labels. BUuks. V.'M Heids, and ffi'riciotiesof PlainamlFanoy Job Printing.execu';a,;lliprmnptness,an(lintho bet style. r.rdí- Wi' nave a Rutiles Rotary Car.l Press, and , „rurietvof thelut.-ststyles of Card type wfctch finito pint Cards of all kinds in the ncat.-sl ibhstvlsamlcheaper üian any other housem t.ic BulinèsJ caids f ir men oí all avocations and pvoioni Ball, Wedaïng nd Visiting Cards, printed on iïortno'tice. Cali and see sample. BOOK BINDING-Ooimectedwitli the Office is a „„kBinderyincliaïBB of two competent workmen.- í,l.e.l,-l..,.;1rnal:i',andallBlankBorS l, order, and of the best stock, l'ampl. Iets and . dical bouud in a neat andrturableïnauner, at De''ítiiícM. Entrance to liiadery through th Arpa


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