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Nil Admirari

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When Herace in Yeuuujian groves Was scribbling wit or „-ipping "fassie," Or sitiging iliose delicious luves Wliich aftei' ages rcckon classic, He wratf oue day - 'twas no Tagafjr - These fainouis words :-Nil Admirari! " Wonder Rt nothing!" - said the bard ; A kiugdoru's í'all. a nation's rising, A lucky or a losing card, Are really nut at all sui-prising, However, men on manners vary, Keepcool and calm ; Kil admirari.' If kindneas meet a cold return ; liiiieridsliip prove a deaidolusion ; If love, neglecled, cfase to burn, Or die uiitimcly of profusiOTi, Such lessons well mav make s wary, But needn't shock ; NU admirari ! Does disappoinünent follow gaiu t Or wealth eluile the keen pursuer 1 Does pleasures cud in poignant pain ? Does fame disgust the lucky wooer, Or haply prove pwatwiely chary t 'Twas ever thus ; NU admirari .' Does J&nvtary wed vfith May, Or ugliness consort with beauty 1 Does Piety forget to pray ? Aud, heedless of connubial duty, LeaVe iaithiul Ann for wanton Mayi 'lia the oíd tale ; Ni', admirari! Ah ! when the happy day we reach "When proniisers are ne'er deceivers ; When parsons practice what they preach, And seeniing saints are all believers, - Then the old maxiin you may vary, And say no 'ure, NÚ udmirat !


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