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No. of books, 39 No. of chapter, 929 No. of verses, 23,214 No. of words, 592.439 No. of le: ter, 2,728,100 The middle book is Proverbs. The middle chapter is job xxix. The middle verse would be 2d Ghronieles, xx 17, if one more, and Terso 18tb if tlierc wero one less. The word and oceurs 35,543 times. The word Jehovah oceurs 6,855 times. The shortést verse is lst Ohronieles, i 25. The 21st chapter of the 7th chapter of Hzra contains all the letters of the alphabet. The 19th ohapter of 2d Kings and the 37th chapter of Isaiah are alike. NEW TESTAMENT. No. of books, 27 No. of ohapters, 26ü No. of verses, 7,950 No. of words, 181.258 No. of Letters . 838,580 The middle book is Thessulonians The middle chapter is Romans, xvii., íf there were a ehapter less, and xvi., if thcre were a chapter more. The middle verse is Acts xvii. 17. The shortest verse is in John xi. 35. OLD AND NEW TESTAMENT. No. of books, 06 No. of chapters, 1,189 No. of verses, 31,173 No of words, 773,097 No. of letters, . 3,556,080 The middle chapter and the least one in the Bible is Psalms cxvii. The middle verse is Psalms cxvii. 18. These are interesting facts.


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