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A Visit To Longfellow

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yie i-üinuhiud in our cairiago u i'ovv lüOiueuts, vviiilc mi' kind conductor 1 tercd tlu ImhmJ toi usk if iis inüHier wüuM rucivc us. Jlo hm yuflerud ai most awful bi ruavoiuout - a btre;fémcnt tlio bitter.est that oan idilio t a tender and oviu hcart; and he livad now i HiLtulJSt cutiré secluïiop - iitncrng liit; cilJfüii, Ik.wovui1- - in i(a;M', ooriiftii him-iclt' in tliu pültiviition of ood lettors, a.B] '.fia ueccyqplisbment i Í wjjrL W'tí eoterod u prutty ll)r..iy parlor, SirtfVVB with ui. tlio littef of a ; man ëf tiistt: and C'dltuVe. Aïkiü In: carna iu, siijiply dre.-ct], his huig wljüe beai'd noating n t t n bis brons!, u llttililiful and pati miulial mail, but. i:i ! .-i tired out und ponsive Ipo'kiii - ah ! and ciiÜ'yreut Iroui him vtiiaae clii'oi y taco and trailunt port aro tso laiiiilinr in tliö poitrait of Iweuty yüar.s sin'je. He seeined lo havo let his board "uw, u-t ui aconi'düncc wi.h t Vain fasliion, but fór Üiu gako of sorrmv, ps (lie -01011 of tlie East di). But wliën I heard bow uoblv In.' böW u;j uudor liis great loss, mul bow, wiedfas'ly lio went about his appointod tasks, I n-iücinl).)-cd bow David the King, undpi' aj afflictiüíi as cruel, gave over grieving, saying : " Wliilo thé child was yct aliye, I tasted and weit; fot í said who éJin to!l whiitliur God will bu Rïaairtua to me, that, thu child liiuy live ? Bui uovv he is doad, wnereïbró should I fa&t? Can I bring him back iigdih ? I sliull go to hun, hut ba shall not return to me." And ibis mun'w loss bad beau greater tiiiin that t' tweuty cuildreil. After a u Lile he grevy quite oheerful, and wb cliatted, to me, the moHt ueliglitful gossip I ever had iu my Ilïe. He gavt) me u oigar, and he smaked one likewise, Süine oue in .Engiuiid h;td seni liim an album ful! of pbp,togrphs of EngTi'sii men of letters, áhd I was proud and glad to nuil thit mine was among tho number, aod tliat lm tecog nizi.'d me by t - proiider than Uinunii I hid been bidden te s'and bufore a bitig. I roee at last lotli to Ucp;ut, and je'ft him thore, SÓrröwïal bnt not desolate, (via mitltum ainnvit. I shall nevrr see hit again. but 1 shall uever forgW that I have been pennitti;d to tuuch tlje hand and to listen to the discouren, full of Ciilm, and vviso, and ëdtle ttliïis tif a iioblt) Auiericau tnan- of liim wiio wroie the 'ViMaj.'ü Bl;icksinüli,;' and '' Evitngelino ;" - ofhiiu wiio-e lile has been bhmieless, whose record is pure. ffhose imroB is a sound of lame to all people. - Geo. Aug. Saa. fhe writer rêfers to U:e iIeïuMi of Longfpllnw's wife, wbieli oi'curro'l Kt 16t'l, i.'trciimsuu.c.-s : She was saling fruit c:ins when me wnx took, lire, an.d f;i!Iin; 11 ,.n hor dresa set il iul; in . Ërery ftfwrt waa made b her Ji : .sI;:liisí T who cli!ini--il tn lir iifiir. ttJ i'-Xliir.iiu.-h it, but unsLitc-i.v lullij aml death enstud.


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