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Trial By Jury

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Jobn P. Hale has lost fais seat in tho Seuale, and has most likely given up the idea Q&gattíBg the Freucli niission. He therefore thinks Ij e can afford to wpcak the truth. He reountly took occasion to decounce the system of arbitrary urrests. which has made 'the aduiiiiigtratiou so inf;imous. Hear him : " If trial by jury is overthrown in this country, take the rest. I-would not litï my hand nor open ury rnouth. nor coun sel one of my constituent to shed a drop of blood, Ör a dollar of treasure, if the Constittition is to be preserved emi"culated of this safe-guard of liberty. Iu these tiuies, wheu so much is detiianded, and so much is at stake, with a geuer ous confidenoe I would give to tho ad ministration almost eveiything that they want'. I wnnld consent, and I have consented, that the habeos corpus may be suspended, and that tjjü-aordinary tri bunals may be erectocr'and iustiiut.'d för the trial of everybody that voluntarily c mes forwinl and connects himsolf with the public service. But, sir, ifyou are going to throw a drag-net over the land, if you aro gpjpff to bring iu this whole people, and subject thein to tho penalties that may be iuflicted by military tribnnals and thesu court martials, then the last, step in tho humüiatioa ar:d degradatiou of the country is taken and we shall be loft fit instrumenta for auy despotism that tlie Bóla umi the laaluss may see proper to establish over us." U3T Cornelius O'Dowd, in the last, Blaokwood, indulges iu a humorous pro test against populariziug cienoo, espeoi ally aa it affects Mrs. O'Dowd. 'He comes home and finds t h ut estimable lady iu tears, becausu slie has lcarned at tho Seientiöc Congres, th;t the coal iields cannot last over twelvc thouind years, aud the earth's crus: ia a ; teenth of an inch thinner it was af the time of Mose.s. And thi'ii lio asks, " What right has Sir David Brew.ster pr Professor Paraday to fill my wffe'a head with speculatious about the first man ? I aai, or at least ought to be, the iirst man to her." But eveu this is not so bad as this dismal ipfói matiop thrust upon him rearding the constnnent8 of whioh both aro composed, " I do not desire to have it impressed upon me so furcibly that I ain only a compouud of neutral salts, gelatine, fibrinc and adiposo mattei'. It is no pleasuro to ih'ë to regard Mrs. O Dowd as a vehiole for ]lni;;ihnte of lime, various carbonates atid an appreciable portion oí araeuic."


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