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Thiti vurioty is a very vigorous growcr, ripeus vory eiirly, and is prolifio. The ibliago is of a haiidsomu liglit groen It j isan iuiprovud sort of 'ho apple tennuto, giving a larger proportian of li#i suuiü apple-ühaped iiuit, tban auy of üjei pominuti sortSj the fruit ripening to tne stétfi, and B'éïng ïil)l meatcJ. Tbs ' 1 matoes avoof line kízc, umi of Ld&& flavm'. ün tho whole it ia drcidudly tbu best. vnricty of tho ajiplö tomato in tbo maikut. "Do You Want a Boy SirT '; J)o yon want. d boy, wir V" s:nj Geórgéq u litlte lullow sciirei-ly eight you ■ oíd, t(i a, olí rk i; a largo ollice. 11 W;tiit a boy ? Vv' hy who wants to be e'tigágéd V üsqri tho siri-irt-lopkír.g clork. lookiti" v;lh U iiizzl.'d glauco ut tlx; íijlltí 'cant. " í ik, tir," r.';)!i('(l Qewrgö. '■i. ook l.uiv, gentlemen, ' cricd the muí), spaakiDif to Lis follow el ..-i kf. " lioro is a regular Goliath I V:iils to be a porter, I suppose. Look at him !'' ". he clt-i-ks guthorcd Ib great glfie abu'if, poor ÜKiir;u, wlio tood, fu 1 1 of curuont purpwse, beforo lliorn, and was tbeief'iv uüi-onscious of any loason wliy hü kIi'.hiU! be minio un nbjéëtcf sport. " VVlmt can you do?" usked ooó. '' Yini c;m o-t buok, of course," said aiiother " Ciirry u ba'o of goods on your back, ch ?" criod íí tliird. " Hush, ymng gentlemen," said tho elderly bookkeeper ut tlio desk, af tur vicwing George thiuugh Lis spHctaules, " llusli Don't ni:tk: spart of the ohild. Lot me talk to him." Then speaking to George in kiiuily tones, Le said, "You aro too youiig to be engaged, my child. Wbo seut you here ?" '■I cíuik!, mysolt, sic, My íather and are o-on'é to beaven. My auDt is poor, und I want to earn something to help her. Won't you ploase tako mo sir V ' The simple story, told Q i way that Boowed bow earnegt tlie boy was, not only chocked the aport of the clerks, but brought tears to their eyes. They ookod on tho d'jlieate ehild before them uitli pity and rospout, and one oí' them L'lacing a shilling on the desk, asked the rés't to folloliia exaniplé; they did so. IIi then took the mouey and offerióg it to George, said : "You are too smull to be of any use ere, my good boj. liut take tbis money, arfd wheo you have grown a )it, prrhüps we may lind sometbing for you to ii." Ql orge looked at the money withmt pflering to touch it. 'Wliv Ji'n't yo taku the monev"?" tsWèd tne clerk. ''l'li'as'!, iir, I'ni not a beggar boy," uid Gcorgt; "I want to earn soinethiug to help iny a uut to keep me, for she is verv kind " "You are si noble little fellow, "said the senior elerk. "We give you the money not beoause wethink you a beggar, but booause we like your spirit. Öueh a boy as you will not easily bc come a. beggar Take the money, my boy, and may God bless you, and give yon and your aunt butter days." I like George 's spirit in this affair. It was noble, brave, and self-reliant bevond bis years. It was the spirit that malíes peor boys gruw into useful and successf'ul men. It made George do tbii-; for in after years that litt e boy bccame a noted artist, whose praise was spoken by many toogucs. All children should cherish a desirc to do all they O,an lor themselves and to support ihometilves by'their owu labor as early as possible Those who lean on fatber iind mother for uverythmg will find it liard work tri gut along by and by, as they may have to do vvbcn their parents die. Those vvho early learn to rely upon themselves will have little diflSculty in earning their own liviug. Learn, thereforo, to help yourselves - always takiog cure to do so undor the advioe anil with the conseut oí your good parents and guardiaus. - Yuung Reaper.


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