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Isaiah And Andy Johnson, Et Al

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The telegraph informa us, with orac ular brevity, thatJHhe President on Saturday took tho oalli ot' office with kis hand on the open Bible, accordiug tu custom. Mr. MiJdleton, the clerk of the Supreme Court, hüd opened it, bul without premeditation, at the 5th chuptcr of Isaiah." Tho chapter contaius the followiug emineutly appropriato verses : COXCEUXZXG ANDY JOHXSOX. 11. Wö unto tkein that rise up early iu the mcrniug, that they may follow strong drink ; that continue uutil night, until vvine inflames thein. OX TUE INAUQURATION BALL. 12. And the harp and the viol, the tubret, the pipe, and wine are iu their feusts; but they regard not the work of the Lord, neittier consider the operation of his hands. 12. Therufore uiy penple are gone into captivity, beeause they have no knowledge ; aud llieir honorable men are fami-hed, and their inultitudo dried up wi;h thirptt. 14. Tuerefore heil hath enlarged berself, and opeued her mouth withuiit meásure, uud their glory and thoir multitude, and their pomp, aud he that rejoiceth, shall deseeud iuto it. WITH KEQAKD TO SH0D5Y. 8. Wo unto thena that join house to house, that lay field to field, till there bu no place, that may he placed alone in the midsl of' the earth. ANDY JOHNSON SÍOAftí. 22. Wo unto tliem that are mighty to drink wine, and ineu of atrength to mingltí Btrong drink. 23. Wiiioh juatify the wioked for re ward, and tako awny the righteousnes !rï the righteous from him. J8S" r'16 Rnchesler papers (wher j the draft is now being euloroed) sa that the (iba t;iven to men in which t j report after heino; dnafcted is limited t ten diiys, and that Fry has ordercd tlmt j within 'lircie days iftcr repórtïng. all i wbo ure aeorpted shall be put in uuifoini and iorwiirded to Eiiniru. 5" VVhy 8 u diill boak like etei'nity? You road it to Dü end.


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