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Boston Wool Market

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ïhe wuol market a dull and depressed, witb a further declina q ratea oí tome 2a3c. Western ooüsignors are now pressing thei? atecks with as muoh pèi tinaoity as they exbibited a short time ago ia irithholding them ; and lindar these circurostarjües, it is cf but liule use for Euatern owaers to hold b.iok ia ha ölfort to keep up the markot. "With the present climinuüye eupply of domoauc sfcaple, had Üierobsen anything lik cd operufcion ou tb part of holders, probabiy pricas might have been better saHainod, fct mat until gold dropped to a figura wbicb should have brought the fnreign rtrtiüls into competition with it. But as the caso ataads, vrool íh relatiwsly üliöap comraodity, and likely to bo oheaper stiJl uiileïa the goods markot peedily esLibltd more positire signs of Hnimation. & regarde tho prospecta of the-rarket, for t'iiü balauoe oL tho season, thero ia considerable diversity of opinión among holderg,. but all are agread upon the point that theaa mainly depend upon the futuro eoiimo of gold and military eveots. Thera is no doubt but that all tha do aie-tío wool in tho country will be needed f.r actual comsumption before the aext clip. Eiren eupposing the market lready supplied with a aufficienoy of lijrht _good for the spring demand, the timo is cloiw at hand when manufacturdrs ru-jst begin to turn out heavy fabrice for the regular fall trade ; and with only ii moderate preparation to meet iti raqureinents (to say nothiug of the wants of the army ) U is not posiible there wíll be ny balance of old wool loft to orrj otít. The only question to ba ettlod, (and which no one i oompotent tonettle d of the iact) is bovr Iöw will gold fall in the meaotime ? wbioh, to the very end, must continue to bo the great regulator of commercial values. Sale of domestio for the week foot up aot over 230,00 Ifee., at a range of 80a üóc for üoeue, and about the same for the variou grades of pulled. Tbero are oma choice Iota however, of both fleeoa and puütid which are firinlyheld at $1. Iiuiludöd n thu ales are loU of Ilüuois a' 80a, medium western st 85o, god New Vork, Eutwn and Miohigau at 85a90 line Oliio at 83a95o, tub washed at ?l 15, and seoured t $1 25.- Com Hulletin.


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