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Thu jourriaLi ol the IIouso of Representativo of tho State of Michigau, show tliat o ilio lltli dy of March, 1885, Mr. Wnrner, oi Oaklund, offercd tho fuüowing reiutiüD, wliicli wnsadopted : WAerat, James Clement, a lïopresentaiivu f rum the 2J Didtriöt of Wah 'eunw county, has, without any justitiablo oiu-a, and in violtttioa of th privüejjca oí' thiá lloare, absei.ted himreli wTlliom louve, from aitendanoc, or the discharge of his duties us such represeutaffvo, ïuriog most of the presuiH logisliiuve stwion; ihcrefure, Ilesi'vtd, That tho Clerk of this House bo int-tiuutud, aud ho is horeby Jirocted, to issue cörtificutes to the ad Jumes Clomonts, for per diein allowaiica as a iriembar oí this House, oa!y for thu lime he has been iu attendnuce au such metnber, or abaent in the disc-hargo of his official dufkö iu oouuection thciew tb. It is not the rpflolui on of whioh wo ooapWir, or to whieh we would culi the attentiou of uur readeis. If Mr. Clïjuknts did uot atteud upon the stsaous ol tho Iloust;, aud if he was absent irom auy other cause iban siukness, ho wjs oot tfntitlcd1 to pay, and we presumo did not expect to draw it. But wh did Mr. Warner confine tbe resolution to Mr. Clemk.nk ? A refereuce to the journals oi the House has satisfied us that a larg samber of inembers were absunt irom time to timo, aud for dajs tügt-tlior, without lenve, and probubly without cause." If their ab.ieuce was for uny other leasen than sickneis, ioy wcre not eutitled to pay, aud Mr. Wakxkk, if RÍ had only right and justice in view, Bhould have inoludud thena witii Mr. Clemísxts. The facts in the oase are, that Mr. Clbmhnts vacateA' bid at immadiately after tho ducision of theSupromeGourt,. coüsidering that he had no rigbt to it, and for daring thus to disagree in opinión with Mr. Warner and Lis brother nullifiers, thy 8eek rather to cover him with odium thao to save tho State. It is th animud of the preamble which disgraooö its mover, f not the body which perraitted it quietly to pasa. It is a queslion with ua whether the "privileges" of such a House oould be violatod. SSST At tbe lates newa from Sherman, hia army had possossed itself of Goldaborü, N. C., without oppositiou, althoagh at this point the rebels had given notice that his progresa would be checked, a catastrophe now transferred so soma other poiat. Goldsboro is ono oí tho most important points ia Nrth Caroliua. It is at tha junction of the railroads running frotn Wilmington to Kichraoud, aad from Newbera to Riloigh, the of the State, which 8 51 miles distant in a Northwesterly direction. It is about 80 miles North of Wilmington, and about 70 south of Weldon, auo&lier important railroad een tre. Weldon is about equally distaut - 75 miles - from Richmond aüd Norfolk. Iu our last issue we expressed the opiuion that ho had desigus on Ealeigh, and would díctate ternas to North liaa frota the capital. We now incline to the belief that he .aay leave Raleigh to his left - though wo are not quite confident - und rusn for an kumediats judotion with General Grant or a portion of his aruiy to the South of Eiohmond, either on the Weldou road, or at a poiut that will cornmand both that and the South-iide and Danville roada. This opinión ia strengthencd by the annouucemeut ia the Washington diepatches, that uuy preseüt issue of passen to visit thu Army of the Potomachaa been prohibited ; that the sutlers and camp followers have been orderod to the rear, aud are arriving. at City Point and Fortress Monroe ; and that extra surgeons and Sanitary supplias Lave bcuu sent to the j Arruy. We also learn from private aüricos, that the Anry of the Potoraac, or ■ a part of it, was under marching orders 1 with twelve davs rations, and that a junction with Suekman was understoot to be the objaet. The country may, therefore, look for startling new sat auy inoiueut. L3L" The Legislaturu adjourned on Monday, or rathcr stopped businass on Aloiiday rnorning, and fioally adjourned on Thursciuy, to whiuh day the inewbers drew pay, we suppose, nothwithstanding the resolution of the House not to pay Mr. Clemknts for tho time hü was absent. As soon &s the list of acts passet} is publiahud, we eau better jadge of what has beeu accompüshud. rW' SheiuiíA.n has come out at thu WLitc House, and has irobably joioed tho nrmy of Gen. Grant boforo this. Wo are disappointed at this termination of hig moveinent, for we had auticipated tliat ho would niiiko a sucnessful attempl Lo cut tlio Düiiviüu load, and pcrhjp fÖeit a jiuctUu witb tiiiANi' ucd Ecifesi :c tte Étm'.b of P.aluyü.


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