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A Western correspondent eays there are unmistakable indications that the rebels are either massing their forces for a desperate battle, or tbat ihey are preparing to evacúate Petersburg, and perhaps Kichmond. A special says it has been decided to pay Gen. Snerman's army ia iull to the end of Maren as bood as it arrivés at a point wbere it can reat long enough for payment to ba made. Thia will give six raonths' pay to nearly the whole armv. Gen. Sherman wrote several days ago fioui Fayetteville, to a fiieud, that be had received bis euppües from up Cape Fear ltirer, aud was at the time oí writing, ready to move agaia. He had followed, witb aslight exception, the path laid out before he left Savanaah. He strtes tbat he had ordered the arsenal at Fayetleville to be blown upr as he tbüught the Ctoverumeut would need no aiBcual iu future iu either of the Carolinas. Johnson's en ti re army was at or near Goldsboio. It s bclieved Le had uot moro thau 40,000. ËSST A most pitiable state of affuirs exista along the shores of the Mississippi, from Cairo to Memphis, in consequeuco of tbe high water which is overflow-ing the wholo couutry. A steamer ou her upward trip, was frequently hailed by familien along shore, who had been eu froin tlieir hüuses by the flood, and had constructed rafts of rails upou whicli they had placed their families and aiüagre effects, and were ridiug at the mercy of a flinvsy clothes-line or bedcord. Often they found the family yet iu the cabin surrounded with water, aud having a horse on board, they sent a man out ou horsuback to bring of the wife and childreu, while the husband, with a canoe, brought ofl the eflects. i he stock was waaing in tiie rastrising water, the poultry haviug souglifc the roof of the house Of stable, woio quiotly awaiting the slow prueess uf staration, and the ptock, nearly the entire wejlih of tho pooi' pco)]e; had lo bvi ubaadoaod.


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