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Now Yorfc. !f:irl 01 Tüe Zkrs City Poiüt oorrospoDd ent, 20th, gaya Sberidan reachéd the V blte House oi) tfee l'j.h. Ho lostonly ttty lueü and tvvu offitors. Nearly 200 negroes carne iu witb huu, and bo had to turn baelv a larjjfe nuinber, as be was whollyun:.blotofoed or proteot thora, i.utterly, however, Lu could do better, ald tbo üegrom managed to procure tboir own bubsisteuce ou tbe marcb tfortress Monroe, March 21. Advic s by mail state tbat Gon. öherician's troops are in the very best coudition, and appeor lo have suflered liitio ( r nothiug front the effects of their lonr uiarcb i'rom WLueliestor. About three hutidred rebe] prüMmew are at tLe White liouio, tugetber with soma three thousand negious, whü followod lbo troops as ! they pMied tlu-ouph the couutry. A i largo nuinber af prisoners were captured duriDg the raid, but owiug, to the rapidity of Sheridau's inovemênts, niany df theni had to bo abandüiied, aud otbers made their eseape, owing to the relaxed vigiluucu of therr guarda, who were glad to set rid of the. The eutire cavalry forco bas crossed tbe aouth bank of the Pnniunkey Itivcr, and is now ouaged in reeiuitiiig, proparatorv fea tiew movemeato. The robel Gen. Longstreet, with his corps, ia supposed to bo lurking in the vieiuity of tbe White House, for on tbc evening of the arrival of Sheridan at tliat place frequent skirmisbes occurrtid botween bis advanced pickets and uuknown small tquads of the enemy, who appeared to be prowüng about for reconnoitürisig parpoacs.


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