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Order Of Gen. Pope

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An importuut general order froni Gen. Pop was published at St. Louis, cm the 20th, vyhieu icj the first step towards iviDg practical effect to the views of hia recent letter to tbo üovernmeut. It diroota tliat as eoon as kiforniatiou shall bo raceived froni Gov. Flotcher of thö re-establishment of the Courts and civil authority iu any couuty @r district, he promises that thu exercisö of utartial' law thüU shall cease. Provost Marshals will bo imiuudiately relievud iroiu all dutius except tho.-,e atrictly military: all pnsouera in their custody charged with offeuces aineuuble to civil tribunals. will bo surrendered to these tribunals for triaT7 military authorities Ftíderviug, however, the right to try by military commlsnion such offunses as basbwbackBCS, guerillas, and other arrucd ouüaws wheu they deern it advisable Military uffiuers are to furnish assistauee to tho civil autbority iu execiUiou of processes wbenaver called, hc'mg oarofd ia duing o not to supersede civil by military authority. AU officer aad soldieFs are enjoined to do everything in tbeir power to promobe the eatablishiïient of civil law ia that State, but without relasing their efibm to huot dowu and destroy guerrillas, bu8hwhaokers, and other outlaws. The commandiDg General admits that an attetnpt to restore civil administraron after the reign ef marüial kw will be attended with difficuities, but be appeals to tha candor and forbearance of the people and soldiers to mako those difficuities as light as possible. It regards guerrillas, buahwhackers and anned rebels and outlaws, as enemics eatitled to do mercy, and requires thein to ba treated without tsercy, but sternly prohibita military officers and soldier become lawless and tyrannical uuder pretenee of upholding law and euforcing justice, aud enjoins upon them respectful deferance to civil authority.


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