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All Blockade Earners To Be Arrested And Banished

All Blockade Earners To Be Arrested And Banished image
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iJBPAETMKNT Or STATE, } Washington, Marck 14, 1865. $ The President directa that all persons who now are, or hereafter shall be found within the limits of the Uuited States, and who have been engaged in holding iutercourse or trade vvith the insurgents by sea, if they are oitizans of the Uuited Staten or donuciled alien, be arrested and held is prisoners of war until the war shall close, subject, Devertheless, to prosecution, trial and convietion for any olfense committed by them as spies or otherwise against the laws of war. The President further direots that all nonresideat foreignera who now are, or uereaiter ehall be, íound ia the Uuited States, and who have been or sball have been engaged in violatiDg the blockade of the insurgen t porta, shall leare the United States withiu twelve days from the publication of this order, or from their subsoqaeut urrival in the Uaited States, if on the Atlantic side, and forty days, if on the Pacifio side of the country. And such persons shall not reiurn to tha Uuited States duxiug the contiouanee of the war. Provost Marshals and Marshals of tho United Stales will arrest and coinmit to military custody all such ofienders as shall disregard this order, whether they have pasaporta or not, and they will be detained in such custody until the end of the war, or until discharged by subsequent order of the President. Wm. H. SEWAED, Sec. of State,


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