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Diptheria Or Putrid Sore Throat

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. ry pr?valet discaso hae frrfm 'he paruuVal lay manj a al)0 ' lU' t0 i'lvvent furtber ,-üvng'eK r.ii'ong the little innocents slipuld be the earnesfc objact of fathers aird mothers. A fricad has handed us tha i'oliowiug recipe, whioh we take pibasure in g.iving to our readers: A poultioe made from the volk of an egg and fine salt, of a paste íike coriBÍstoucy, ío be put on tbe throat, and kept on thirty minutes unless soonsr dry. If a ciyld be very feverish the poultieu Bbould bo repeated. Awash or gargkhoulci also be propared and used, con ;,ting oí' equal parts of fiuo aalt an.d alftw mitad with viüegsr. For a very seaua oudfl, taaka a v, aah for tlio throat of Ife ;? roo' goliien 3ei , a&d pulverizcd éajberrj. We are orodibly in fo:med tht in crery instance whero ther"e remedie? bave been applied the cüfieroiiLaa recovüred. - Doserei News. tS Göngrave was disputing apomt of f.iöt with a n!in oi'a very positive dispasition, but oua who was overburdened wi-h iensf. The lstter ?aid to him, " If At (aal ia not a8 I have stated, I'U giyo wia my head " " I accept it," said WQUjfrevev " for trifle ehow respect," L3T The Mendota, 111., Press, sayu that two citizene of that town have recently lost their wives by eloperaent, and that the custoraary salutatioo ra tho iiretttu, instoad of - " How you do ir ?" hg becoine : " Is your wife Safe thi moroing ?"


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