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JULIUS BAÜEH & GO. Great Piano Forte & Melodeoi) EMF ORIIJM, Wholesale Agents for PR1NGE & CÖ.'S ïairKOTEJ MELODEONS, WARRAKTKD FOK FIVK YEAKS. The OUest JixlMishiiieiit in tlus Unüed Staleï ! Tl HUT Y TILOUSAND Oflli-RL' iil3tnir,i,'nl.3 Itre linw in ttjíj niostly in the Bnlteil Stnti-s aiiJ Cnnnila, also In Eurouo, Asi. África, Suutli America, ané theWi-st Indias, atiB Piom all (Tiese quartcrs we llave the most üntU;viiiii tesltooniius of Uiu hlKll estinwtkm in whloli tliey ars Wiel. Al. uil Industrial Exllibiíioits, Un-y havo iuv.u-iubly Ijecu Awarded the Highest Premium ! ivhenever exlilbitínt; in comiu'tition with otliers. "We Bhali take pfoasufe In forwardiug by mail (it our own expense) our liluslrated Catalogue, in whWv every instrument we manufacture, ia fully detorlbed and illuatrated by elegant cusravlngs. CAUTIONÜ We daily see a'lvcïtiscments of somü new recil lotnnncnt, (Witli strafijce nKme,) pui-poi-tiñg to bo superior to Melodeons And Schoo! Oriruns. A new exterior and a new name wlll naturally attrnct attentlon ; bul tlie puhlic will be'n miiiil lliat nll Reed Intlrmneiüs, how manñfacturad in Hio'InUed gtates jnd Canada, are asnear as they can be made without infringing ourputtnts, copies of our own. GEO. A. I'RICE & EO. JULIÜS BAUGR & E0. Wliolesule Agenta for 1VM. KNABE & CO'S CELEBRATED GoldMedalPiano Fortes AIbo, for SOEBBLER & SMITH, BOAEDMAN & GEAY, Aud other First Class Planos. ManufacUirers and Importcrs of MUSICAL INSTRÜIMENÏS, STRINGS, ACCOHDEONS, VIOLINS, CLARINETS, DHUMS, GUITARS, BRASS INSTRUMENTS And other Musical Merchandise. The Silvbr and DKAdS tSBTRÚMBNTS, of our manufacture and importation, and usecl hy all tho beat bnd3 in the United StaU3, and wheuever exhiliited have always vccciveii tina Gold Medals and KIUHS6T ggHaving conneotior. with Manufacturing Houses In Berlín, Leipsic, Dresden, Bbgland and Paria, we are prepared to fumish DKALKKS, BANDS and INDIVIDUALS, wlLb everyarticlc in thís line, at the loweai maaufacturerü' piicea. Remember the Place. Address JULim BAIER & CO. WHOLESALE WAREROOMS, 99 S. Olark & 89 Washington Sts. CHICAliO, IL.L. BF" SEND FOR i CIRCULAR. PRURIGO LOTIO. The great Itcli and Humor Killer of the 19th Century ! TMh new preparation possesscs most wonderui propei'tics, and is .A. STTRZÍ OTTRB For every species of the ITCH, mAIB1K ITCH, BARBER'S IïCH, WABASH SCRATCIIES, ILLINOIS MANGE, CCTASÍEOCS EBCPTIOXS, PIMPLES ON THE FACE, SALT UEiM, SCA1.D HEAD, Kisewoums, &c. The PRÜKIO0 LOTIO Is a new and certain cure tot all kinds üf Itch, ami beins a fiuid preparation It !s free Srom all the gumray, disagrecabie qualities of tlie ointmpntá in geuerifl use. The PRURIGO LOTÍO is safe to use under ALL CIRCHMSTaNOES ; wlll not Irrítate the most tender skin, and C0NT4INS NO MERCUÜY. Don't fkil to try it. ñíánufactured by E. T. & W. T. MfFARLAlVD, Sole Proprietors, Lafayette, Ind. PRICB 50 CENTS. LORD 4 SJHTII, ChitagO, Wholesale Agenta. Sold at Wholesale in Chicago by FULLKR, FINCH 4KCLLER; CHARLES G. SMITII ; HUUNIIAM8 VAN SCHAACK ; W. D. UARR1S 4 CO. ; SMITH 4 DWY15B; J. H. REED & CO., and H. 8COVIL. WIZARD OIL! THIS SFLENDID REMEDY CURES 89 TÖOTIiAClTE JS NEURALGIA S In Three Minutes. In Ten Minute. {MMAlCIIK CARACHE Ih Hte Minutes. In Ten Minutes. CBA-MP CO-L1O D1PTHERIA Ln ÏVn Minutes. In a W Houvs. SOKB TMROAT ' RUEUMATISM. 1-n a Few llwws In a Few Days. LAMRBACK. BPRAINS. COTÍ AND BRUISES. BÜRN8 1I BOA LD S. COliNS. CIULBLAINS. " O JSÜE TMs inviilualtle prcpiuulion onlyneeilsrt trial to MOOHUnend Hsclf tü cveiy boust-hold ln Uu land. Vk onc Ijottle nnü yon witl ahvays keip lt on liand agiiinHt the fuue of need. Price 36 r.ent ud TB c?nts per boUlo. The large bottles contata .H-avl.v thvee time. as mach s . tb „mail W Mami(actttl).d by J. A. HAMLIN BRO., 102 yïliiTgton treet, Cluctgo, and tor sale by druKtfistu g.-nually. I ruller, Finrhi Fuller I nkio.oA. Wholesale Ag'U: ,,,„.d Smitl.. f ÜHloagO. nEÏOVALI N". B. OOLE, bas removed hia STOCK of BOOTS SHOES, tothestnroof A. P. Mills k Co., on Main Street, where he willbeglail to wait oa his old customevs and tlic public srnnrally. HXV IJIH X CAI ïi! Cluincüry Notioe. i . : ' ;::■■;■" MlCílIC AMytfuurtli Judicial Circtfut, m ) t bancer .-. f u't pending in the ■. 1 [iza M, Clark, Cir. Court fur the t, Couttij of Washte .,- - . } Dttw, ni Clmntery, ! Jt-biVl nar!;, ;U Afcn trboi DeCSü ' - ! Un; 4l1i áav of ! J Fi-1). A. Ü., 165. ■ It RjHicarinjf tn thftsaïIüfBctitjT] oí tbis Court by ihe . HÍÍiildÍÍ ( i J' n N (íntt. (''úlur tor i iijf 'oiiphii;ui:t, t.liivL .!.■!. iel Clark s not a resiien1 f tïie Skate 4f Micliiíian., bul i n resMeiit oí the Stftttif Ohio, báj'ctid i.)'1 juEMttlicitou ui th!s í'iurt : Un hwÜíiu '■( Jbu N (íoH, !5olioitor for Co!tnplai4, itt ihtfoia cau ed by 'd C"iirt t.hat ftald U :,',■[ Clatk, ciuie bis appearftaee to be i-uttíTBd o thls caue, iu! uticu tl)j oí net ■! ■ .', ;■■ :-;i ni"ö Solicitar wiihin two monthí ftom th date ui' Lfeis wrtltr, ,-iud in subí1 the DeleiniiLiit cn i .: pjjta ratee Ri entcred, ti ■ ' hU ans.ver ti i ;,;,'■! tíhfreof be g(rved cu the ■ L'rtr i 'i. üi i];i.i,r.;f . wiihin tweatj áays afteír tbf a-'t ■ ■ - ■ ■-!■" -:'i". 1 ítil. nr in defaultrihpreof ■ ' ;m-u ; ;i cuiiitasad-by saíd I)efeDiÍHiit: Qdi1 ls furthar ftrieiTíd,tb.ft wtthin twenty ay tb ti. i ■ tuííl iuufli ■■■! ■ -■ i coj v '■, t'.ii.. or.tler l u he pb-h,-,l ,i th r , ■.'f.-i, a imbííc aewtpapi c rmip'1 an'l puhHaheífat thetTIty oí Ann, in said i ; ■ . . iv . D ru'li wffli , l'ur giot succv.jive (■■il ni d . i ■(.■.. ;■■■ - ■,: ; : . B&UjVflt ltat tWGBty iays , te.) .■ i : ■ . J""l ;''-" , ntl Oefeedanfa appeaín in lUi.s CÍH. Sí - ROBERT E FR4ZKR. ' ■ er, V ashtenaw Co., Mie1). ■,!niïN N'. Goxt, Suli:ïtor aud ot' Couucil for I oxolaioant ■ 3?6td SherifiPs Sale, CATATE OF MICHIGAN, County of WaBTB!V,í- ■ tachment ssucd oul of the , ■ !'.ni;i l'ür thc. Cou,,u of W'a-htrnaw, to me di■ th l;üíjiÍ.s and chaits ac 'ir want tLen'ui', !. . rtf l.nciusF. 1 . . 11 : ■ ry27th Ü65, I bave levied nj ■■■ íi ■ (dlav iug Jesciybed rea , . ín ',]t ; A (HTtain . . I oí' [and in the City of Aun Arbor, ín .lid (Juimty Qf WutilitLuiaw, and State of Michigan ; nmvu and described a.s follown : Begimaing ;t tíic cen or of sellon t vt.-jity-onL', ('il,) townsbip twosautl i í da vr. trence soutli oq tht' quavtfr .ection line i , ■ cbains and fourteen linkfi tó tliy uorfh line of tiie Road, thetlCC nörtb tifiy six degrecs eantalüiif, riine of Sítid load tliree cliiinH)tnd ♦ ;!i i y liuks .Lance i.i . to i poiiit ih ' ■ ■■ nd vves ter ' . s i-U of the center .'í' paii s etion, thenc west fco rt ;iacc of bezinning, co'Dtaín . moro or lesa. Ajsoj a [jieco or [tai ce of muí i') BM City desci'ibfcd a; foilow.. , viz ■ - [Jcinuiiig on tlie nurth side of tlie 1) i:. '.uto Koad une . y fonr caiward froiq th.e south eafi-rly coráe. nL lut Nd. (áf) twenty-si inTruver' LCÍilKtcmttbu VIHRge'notf City of Ann rboi, tíience north thirty-aíx dejfrees west paralleJ to tiie oorlh eastlï line uí' .saíi' lot. riuni'M'i i to Mili Street abouLt ■ ■! uiui'ty íiinií Hnks to thaquarte line runntng nortb and soutb tlirough -said section twenty one in townshiptwo soutli xange six east on sah ■ lina four chains and fiTty-six links to said Dixtoutii fiñy-Omr degrees wesí ftlong said Dixboro Roarl fifty links to the place of begïoniiig:, oontaining about fifty-five one bundredtlïs of ívaacríj ol lamí, w iiiohl Eball expose for tale at public auction or vendas, at the front door of the Oourt House, ín sa M Ctv ;f Ana Arb'T, on Saturday, the twenty m'cond day oP April, A D. 1865. W twelvo o'clock, (noon,) of eaid day. Dated at thcCity uí' Aun Arbor , this 9th day of March. ISüo. P. WINEGAR, Sheriff, 9D0td Waslitenw County. lleal Estáte for bale. SI' ATE OF MICHIGAN, Cou.vty gf W-WHTBIUW, is. In themaver of the estáte ot Sylvia l.owry, (uow Sylvia 8t. John.) Mary E Lowry, Mark A. Lowry. uud Mar'.ha i. Lowry, minor : Notice is hireby Liven, (lint ín pureuance of au order granted to the undersigsieG, guardián of thr.1 estáte o i' said minors , by the Hou. Judgo óf Probate for the county of 'vV.isiitf'i]a-,un tlfl twenty-seventki flny of Februsry, 4.D.1S85, there wil] be txld at l'ublic Vendse, to the bijrli est bidder, at tlie soth door of the Cuurt fluuso, in t'.ie (tv oí Aun Arbor, in the county ot skíiI .State, onTuesday, the ghteenth day-of April.nextr t oom o'oioeh in the aftcjnoon f said day. 8ubjet to all encumbriintee by mortgage or ottu'r'.vis.!, tttL fiiiowing (leícriáed real ftistate, towil: Tiienorth weet quarter of section fourteep, and the soutU east quarter of seotion fourteen,and tiienorth-east quarter of the fouth-west quarter of seetioll fourtecn, iu township four poath and ranee four i-ast, bfiiii in the township of liridgewater, ïa th' couuty of Washtansw, opntaixrivg th'ree hundred anii f-ixty acres of land , subject to the right of dower ui ('larissa Lowry, a widow of James l.owry, doCLARISSA LOWRY, Guardian. PatfJ, February 2Sth,1805. 'Jiffitd RIS DON & HENDERSOiN' 7EX.tx-ve tilO 33 TT O SL 3E3 TT 3ES CRA1N DRILL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufactured at Springfield, Öhio. TUK VERY LATKST IMPROVEMENT, and betterthan all others; adapted to sowing Wheat, Rye, Oats, Baiiey and Urass Soed . lst. It has a Rotary Feeder. 2d, Will sow all kinds of Grain and Grass Seed. 3d. JVever lunches the Grain tíh. Wever breaks the Grain. bth. Sows Gh'ass Seed broadcast lehindthe Drill. th. Has high w7ieels and long Hoes. Itlt. lias long and wide steel poinis. Sih. li has a land measure or Surveyor. 9tA. It has doublé and single rank drills. IQth. It has a self adjusiing shut off slide. It is neatly and substantially made. Thoru U hardl}' a Prill offertü in llie marktít büt can boast ff muie nr k'.s FIRST PRFM1U2ISP Theyare'aboutaa inilibcpimiuately bebtowod as the title of 'l Profefiïor,'.1 which is sometimea applied to the -jUldlcr'' ur li bootbïack, They eease to convey tüe dea of int ■■ it. HuckeyoDrill bas beon on ExliiLition at quite a numbor of iind Couniy Fairs, and without seeking feVöi :.u the hands of any Couimittee, lias received its fnll share of Premiums ♦ TESTIMONIALS : AVe L;ive the followmg uames of a f er Farmers in this viciuily ffao havebought and used the Buckeye Drill; Gudfre.v Miller, Sclo. Jacobl'olhemus " .lacobTremper, u Thomas Wbite, NorthfleW. John Brokaw, " Chrlflti&B Ka)p, í( Edward Boyden, Webster. James Troadwell, AnnArboi llanielü'IIara, " " JohnG.Coi.k, Lodi. O. A. Marshall, " L. ICdmonds, Saline. George Cropsey, Greon Oat , Liv . Co. We iirealso Agentn for the Ohio Heaper & Mowcr, acknowledged tobe the Tery best iu use . "We are just in receipt oí 100 Grain Oradles Whicli we will sell Clieap. . Also alargeasBortiuent g G-rass And the largeat audbest seleoted stock of BENT STTTIBF FOK CAP.KIAGESever before offered in this inarket We alsu keep a large and f uil NAILS, GLASS, PUTTY , PAINT.and LINSEED OIL. A coiupleteassortmentof STOVES, TINWARE, AN D E AVE TROUG3Salways onlianaandputupathe shortestnotioe. RISDON & HENDEHSON. AnnArbor,June29th,1862. 86tf HOWARD ASSOCIATION, PHILADELIVHIA, I'A. Dlscnses of He IVcrvous, Semlnnl ,l'rliai-y nnd Scxnnl Systems- new and reliable trwtrucut- nlrejiortj of the HUW .UU) ASSOCIATION- Sent mail m Boaled letter eflTrlopps, froe of chargeAddreas Dr. J. rtKII.l.IX IIOriiHTOV. Hownrd Associtloft No 2 South Kinth títreet. rhiladelpliin. ïinnsjtvania, i!'M3


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