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blUaedoTery FridT thethird story oi 'ekblock, corner of Main and Hurón Sts., A.VN JOB k. Kntrancoon líuron Street, opposittth JjgU B. POND, Editor aña Ftíblisher Ttrrn, t'A OO Teirln Advance. ..„rtUlliR- Onoaquare (12 Unes or less) , on ïiaants; three -eek 1.50 ; and 25 cent fo ■DWrton ttiere .fter, les than three months. . muaré 3 mos Ï4.00 Qurtes so. 1 year $20 .ouare 8mos 6.00 Half column 5 mds 20 .iourlyear 9.00 I Half column 1 year S5 i .a'r 8 mo 8 00 One column 6 mos. 36 ",ij'rilyer 12-00 One column 1 year 60 Crdin Directory, not to exceed four lines, $4.00 'if'.rtiasrs to the eitent of a quartor column, règu ' ihrouiih the ytar, will be entitleil to have th.i y",, Directory without . e f tra charge. ■af iirftii"mftnta unaccompanieu by writt'enor ■ildirectiona wiiibe published until ordered out ,"', ,h.redaccordingly. . '" 1 d8rtisements, Èirat inBertlon, 50 cents, per 'f 25 cent perToliofor each ubaequent ir.sertion ''"' ' . goatpcnament isadded to an advertiseinenlthe ""'"illbecUarïedtheaanie asfor flrstinsertion. t„ Prlntlmt- Pamphlets. Hand Bills, Circnlars ■ a Ba.ll Tickets, Labels, Blnnks, Bill fiebds, und :V .,rietiof Plaioantlfanoy Job Printing, eiecu',,jthpromptness,andinthe best stylo. rrd- W have a Ruggles Rotary Card Press, and ■ i !,. variety of the latent styles of Card type which ' l'l ui W Pi-t ''"da of all kinds in the neatest hlêityltauucheaper than any other liounein the !, Baiinem carda lor men Of all arocations and pi-o, i'om Bal!, Wedding and Visiting Cards, printed on Oallandsee samp.s. , ■OOK BlUDIMO- Connectedwith the Office i a kBindery in charge of two competent workmen.- f .tr Uscords, Ledgera, Jburnals, and allBlank Bonks "'.i. to ord.r, and of the bent itock. Pamphleia and f ile.lsboundina neat and durable manner, at De,,ít ptic.1. Eutrance to Bindery through the Argns


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