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"lay Still, Sonny."

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A burg (W. Va.) paper says that severa] membera of the Legislatura took the cars at Grafton lata on tbe evening of the I6th uit. for Wheeling, aud amone them was a Mr. ö. of somewhat large proportions physically, and Mr. D. of proportious undersize. Tíie two - the stahvart Mr. G. and the smooth faced little Mr. D. - took a berth together, it eems, in a sleepins oar. The little man laid behind, and the waggiah, good natured Mr. Q-. before. Mr. D. was sleeping and snoring furiously. Mr. G., more re'itless under the legislativo burdenw, soon afose, and waa sitting by the stove, when id elderly lady carne aboard and deMred a sleeping berth. "All right, madam," said Mr. G., "I took a berth with my son, and yon can occupy my place 3 that befth where my boy is sleeping." Taking Mr. G. at his word, tho lady dierubed and lay down with the "boy." Mr. D. beoamo restles from somo cause, and began to kick arotind to the annoyance of the old lady So in a üttaíerual manner, she patted the boy on the back, aud aid : ''íjie etill, Fonny ; pa said I might sleep with you." " Who are you? said Üio legislator ; "I'm no boy ! I'm a member of thü West Virgiuia legisla ture I" It 3 said that the old lady 8wooned. ■ ■■ ■■ i


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