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Brigham Young And Family

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Warren Leiand, of the New York Metropolitan Hotel, gives in the New York Herald an accouüi of a ball in Stilt Lake City, wliich bn attended. Ho says : " Brigham Young had twenty-three of his wives present, to all of wfíom I was introducod, n'nd danced with six different ones. 'i'lie ladies were all cheerful and happy, the r religious zeal apparently makiug thein unooneuious of the psculiarity of ihe domeslio relatiou. During the evetiing Biighani requested all bis ive and daughters, 6ons io law and sons, with their nuinerortí wives and djughters, to oooupy seats at one long table, in order, as be remarked, that Mr. L, could see whnt a large and happy family he bad. I looked, bowed, and blushed. Brighariï rs a bat, bearty, gray old geulUman, six four years old, utid apparently bas many yoars and a long liuo of prnoreny still before biin." fiF " I never compl.tiued of my condition but ouce," said an o!d man, " wben my feot were bare, and I had no moiiey to buytshnes; but I raet a man without feet, and beeaiBecontented." j;ag Why ïsa bluah fiko a liitKgir! 1 ífiM'uusí? it bfoomew a woniaii,


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