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Burning Of The Steamer General Lyon

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Ono of the survivors from the steamer General Lyon gives the following partieulars of her loss : The transport Gen. Lyon left the bar ofl Wilmington, on the morning of the 3Oth, with about five hundred souls on board, among whom were two hundred aud four diacharged soldiers belonging to the 56th Illinois Infantry, about 160 paroled and espaped Uuion prisoners, also between tliirty and lorty families of refugees, the rost 'of those on board were the guard of the vessol and officersand ere.w. The fire hroke out about 9 P. M. on the 21st inst., and the vessel stood off Cape Hatteras. The fire was caused by a barrel of coal bil in the engine room, and oil iu other parts of the stoamer, caused the fla.nes to spread. Boats were lowered, but were smnshed by the wheel or swamped by the heavy sea. The captain oLJ,he steamer in the first boat, witb Caftain Wilber, of the 56th Illinois, were both saved. Many persons took doors and floor planks, and jumped overboard, but large numbtfs remained aboard, and were burned to death. The Gen. Bedgwick rescued twenty soldiers and nine of the crew of tho Gen. Lyon. It in hoped the schooner may have pieked up some. He saysthat among those on board were Thomas Smith, Jno. W. Lino, and Peter Wade, all of the 5th Ühio Cavalry. The following wero among the saved : Robert Simpson. Corporal of Company G. 54th Ohio ; Josiuh Cally, Oompany K, 5th Ohio Cavalry ; James Fitzgrade, 5th ühio ; Itiehard Clark, 5th Illinois Light Artillery. L3T 'i'ho following paragraph from a New York journal rofers to our fellowcitizeo, Capt. H. II. Finlet, who can íigtit as well as purvey : Ia rallying our disorganized (roope yesterday, Captain Finley, Oommissary of the 3d brigade, 2d división, it appenrs, from the credit sineo given him, ayted most handsomely and gailantly. He got together nearly a regiment, and went with thera through the fight. The report that he was wounded aroae from }j)m acconapanying Colonel Sergeant, of the áiiMh New York regiment, in the a'iihulance to tho hospital alter the latter w;is ïrounded.


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