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Richmond Has Fallen

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TVteivhurg and Richmond have boen taken po.spession of by the noble veteren ■arniy of Gen. Grant, md Jbff. Davis, Ge::. Lee and the i eljels, mili'arv and civ"il, have fled from the capital. This greut event transpired on Mmiday morning, April 3d, and beforo Monday nighl ís afiooaiteasaant ad boen hailed with joy tbroughout the lougih and breadib oi the land. The figlitii.g on Thnrsday, JFriday and Saturdity bcfcre Petersburg, was dos érate, ud the tida of battle tuiuing against Gun. Leu he a$ compelled to evacúate both Petersburg and Richmond, or sacrifice his whole army. He chose the former, and the Coofederacy has lost its Capital, aud v.itb. it tho last hope. of succtss. Tba maggitude of tho v.iutory can not bg estimated. It breuka the baokbone of the sebellion, demoralizes the rebel army, aud wül de8troy all signs oí Bj-inpathy viith the rebel cause abroad. All honor to Gen. Grant and hls noble oSIcera and inen. And tnay the fruitu oí this laat aud greatest victory be peace and ivuniou. - In another issue we-shall;give some of the dütaiis. SufBce it to say dok, that we fear timt our losses have been heavy, and that many a family will mourn the loss of fathera brothers, son9. A nuuiber of Miuhigan regiments were in the fight, and the 27tb Infantry was the first to enter tho wors in front of of Petersburg, and the Ist Sharpahooters the first to enter Petersburg. The loss to Gen. Lee is reported. at high as 40,000.. Gen. Lek's army was laat reported at Amelia Qout Houso, about 3 miles from Richmond on the Danville road. He will aim at a jncticn with J.ounston, but will be cloeely followed by SlIEKIDAN. Richmond and Petersburg were both Qred by tho rebels bufw leaying, but the fires were extinguiehed by our sol diers. The army waa weloamed by the uitizeus of Riebmond. It is said that Gen. Ler left Peters burg Sunday evening, that Davis left Ricbmor.d after the Union forcos entered, and that Mrs. Gen. Lek remained in Richmond,


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