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Monday was altoguther loo pleasant ' a duy for tho puiposes of olection, and tic voto polled w., thorefore, not i full one, falling ttboüt 125 Lort of the vote of last Full, bu1; orily about '0 short of i the vote of last Spring. I The resul t ia somewhat mixed, though I bid it not boon for the most inexcusable i treuchery it would have been almost a completo Democratie viotory. As it W, in.the face of a Republican majority of 60. last Fall, the. Demócrata eloct, Mayor, Justice, Collector, and three fifths of the Ward offioewi A Supervisor was List in the North district, because numerous Dt-moorats "played foul" and electod a Republioan, an aot we are confident they will rejpent in the future. A Supervisor might also have been gained in the South district, haA not Demócrata turnad in and saved Krapf's bacon 8o Ann, A.rbor electa two RepubHcan Su pervisurs, by Democratie votes, giving the Republicana a majority on the Board. Frazek, our candidaíc for Recorder, nominabed against bis o.wn wishes, was also sacrificedby a few dissatisfied Democratn, for what purpoae or reward we will; not say. After the good"work Mr. Frazer didin the campaign of last Fall, this treatment of hira is inexousable. Gkoroe C. Mook, the candidate for Marshal, was beaten bv bis personal friends, who did not wish hini to hold the office, and Goodhub Iiaving been nominated saouii] have hecf.bettor treated. It ís poor pulicy to nomínate oandidates to be slaughtered at that rato. - A candidate should ahvays command very nearly the party utrength. We append a statement of the aggre,gate vote receivod Uy the severa! candidates : For Assocjate Justice - Isaac F. Cbnstiancy. 750 , O. Hawkins 2' For Regents - Ebenezer Wells, 548 Oliver G. Comstock, 341 Edward O. Walker ,, 540 Göorge Willatd,, SA8. For Mayor - Williara S. Mayaard, 4&Í- 51 Ransom 8. Smith, 441 For Recorder - Robert E. Frazfir, 46(V I Densmore Gramei 479 - 19' For Justice of the Peace - Wilüam F. Roth, 472- 11 David' T: Mc@f)lliyn, 461 For Marshal - George C. Mogk, 365 Oliver M. Martin, 572 207 For Collector - O.icar C. Üpaflord, 475- 7 Sylvestcr I). N ibhi; 468 ,For Street Commissioner - George W. Goodhue, 412 Fi-ederick Girbacb, 524-112 For Supervisors - lat & 2d Wards,- William Cheever,, 214 Conrad Krapf, 216- 32 3d, 4lh&5th Wards,- Jionea X% Morris, 230 James McMahon, 24,7 - 17 For Aldermen - lst Ward- Ez--a O. Seaman, 85 Charles B. Thompson, 187-102 2d Ward- Bradley F. Granger, 98- 12 Philip Bach, 86 3d Ward- John Clancy, 106 - 44 öeorge W. North) 62 4tU Ward- Luman R. Sfewson,. - 8 Dudley J. Loomis,. $1 5th Ward- Alfred H. Partridge, 42 Erastus Lesuer, 74 - 32 For Constables - lst Ward- Josso H Stevens, 86 Charles Boylan, 186-100 2d Ward- John J. Siutt.r, P8- 10 William Crossgrove, 88 3d Ward- liornas J. Hoskin?, 81- 14 E. G Traver, 77 4th Ward-r JchnKeenan, 106- 19 Henry Dodsley 87 5th Ward- Martin Senbolt, 89 Nathan H. Pier:e, 79- 40 The candidntes first namod are in all cases Domocrats. - The Common Counoil remains the same as last year, seven Dornocrats and five Republioans. U" Tho vote polled throughout the State, on Monday, for Judge aad Regenta, was very light. But, as Ciuustiancy was running alone we are willing to bet on his head. The Republican cundidates for Regente are also probably olected. - ui - in KS" 1h news pf the captara of Richmond sent gold down to 145 on Monday, from which it has since rallied, closing at 153,Jí on Wednesday night. Other articjss peem to go down faster tban gold. S'ST Connepticut went Republican on Monday by a large mojosUy. I


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