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Lima Almost Redeemed

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The fulloiviug fron) an active yo;mg Democrat of Lima tclls its own story. We congratulóte úw Lima Dütnocrncy on the cajpletj ■ iotorj so awarlj ajfctainsd, &!id putioutiy v;it uiéiber turn of tlie wheel : Lima, April, .sl, ISG't. Friknd Af.ous : ïo-day has beun a, busy JUy j„ Lima, and, wi.h om singlo exoeption, it Iris boen glorióte in iu resul a. ïus, we are pïoud to say thnt the Domocracy huKe dected thcir ouüre ticket, with the siugle cxoeption of Supervisor, mi! tiie two caudidatcs for th;s office stood tid bwi tUe vutea were couuteiJ, au 1 tho AbulilioDi.ts muy giinel the day liy drftwitlg a Díimucratic yo'.o froni the box, boaides overriKiiiir.g the time sJt to clnse the polls some time. in waitiug lui a ciilutory Rcpublioaii wfeci had to be eunt afier ; also, by refusing to rgiswr a iianie whioh was left with the Slerk ir registra tron, aimply becaue the be:iror (Md not appsar bofyro the Boar.d wÉon in 8.ÍS8ÍOU, bnt left it wilh the Clerk as otliers dij who were registered. But thmi, Mr. Aitans, when wu rcinember wbafria;ghty Republicaa runjorities have been wout to bo rolled up here for the past iow years, we can but tbiak that we have done nobly, and we ak thoconpratulations of our neighbors for our pationce, and at last partial suscess iu the noble work, hopingthafc by another aoason we shall bo able to send yoü lUe news of a full and complete victorv of the Democracy of old Liaia. Rtjoice with ua, aud wait patienfly ye friends of froedom, g,, ZiST The Rpcky Mountain News of March 15th aiinouoces that the Overland Camul Cftmpany is.rapidly completing its preparations for business. Tkoy propose carrying the great Overlund mails, and also the local mails oa side routes Omaha is named as the startiug point on the Missouri, and Sacramentó the íhicific terminas. A camel w:ll carry 1,000 poitnds and travel 50 nvles a day for 30 days in succession. It ia said they wiii eada-rs more hardships, nnd adapt themselves to the climate more readily than either the horso or mulo. Mr. Maih, loag üuited States Minister at Oonttantinople, and weH known as ono of au,r beat scholars, and most celebrated eastern travelers, in at the head af this d&w and novel enterprise.. t liiglttltev. Wm. Delancy, Bi-hop of Western Nuw Yorlï, died at hn residence in Geueva, on Wednesduy


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