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ï-ell-known humorist at Hangsterfer's Hall, Bü Monday evening next, will undoabtedly draw a large audience. The writings of Mr. Shaw, under bis familiar nom de plumc, have been widely read in this sección, and there is much anxiety to both see and hear hira as a Wcturet. Tbe interest liere will uudoubtedly be iccreafed when we state that heis an original Michigander, having been for a long time resident of llonroe, and being a brother-inUvr of Hon. Daïid A. ííobe, of that city. - .Mr. Shaw is at present a resident of Poughkepsie, N. Y Thi3 is the örst visit in bil new capacity west, and we presume it will b isuccessful one. L3L Those of our readers, city zeng pr farmers who have laid away a roll of greenbacks wherewith to purchae . new buggy ■orcarriaga thia Spring, would do well to cali t the factory of N. Aeksey, on Detroit ítreet, where they will flnd an assorjent froiu whicii they cannot fail to select éne to giye satiifaction. Mr. Aeksey has shown great mechanicftl sicill and taste as a tnanufictnrer, and his can-iagea are made of the best material, and are elegantly fimiished. That this is so is proved by his ha?ing fieqíiíDtly taken premiums at our Couuty f airs. Gond examine his stock. EF We are in receipt of Part XLVI. of tbe Rebcllion Record, being the first namberof Vol. VIII. of this aulhentic record of the war. Eighty page of the number are taken up with the report of the committee to ijveitigate th,e Fort Pillow ÏJaesacre. The report, upon the condition of the returned prisoners il enterad upon ; and there are sixteea pages of incideuts, rutuors, poetry, &c There are fine steel portraits of Gen. Daniel E. Sicklks .and Gen. J. G. Fostee. Iseued inmonthly parts at 60 cents each. Address D. Van NcsrEAND. ?9S Broadway, N. Y. ftS" We invite attention to the Piaster adTerkisement of David DïFobest. W know nothing about the merits of the aÜcle old by rival dealors, but, it is well fof (irmtrs to gatisfy tliomselves and, perhaps Ihey may do ihis so far as the Alabaster is concerned by calling oq Mr. DeFokkst and Mimining a certificate of analyzation giyen !;S. P. Dufpikld, cheraist, of Dtroit. gf Mr. Theo. DdBois, so well kcown to onrfruit growers as a dealer in all kinds of fruit, and ornamental trees, shrubbery, &c, hu now gone east after his spring stock, and ja bout ten days will return and be in readiMsitoftll all orders. We believe that Mr. DcBoig has ahvays fulfilled his engageipenls toDornbly, and that the tree he iells have proïed to be what h representa them. tíST Wheat wüb quoted in Detroit ÏMterday, No. 1 White $1.50, other grades in ptoportion ; C.gEN 83 cents on the track, 90 tti bagged ; Oats 58@60 cents Buttee, ftesh roll 23, firkin 20 ; Eaas 19@20 ; PotaoB 40@60 Sugar cured Hams 20 ; Labd Price in our City rule a little lower. S" Gen. Geo. D Hill has returned (rom Washington, but it is not yet definately toown whetber he brought a Postmaster's topmission for our neighbor of the Nkws. " omebody teil us. ty Edward R. Slawson and HenWW. Stevenson, of this ,City, departed for "ifope on Tuesday. We believe that ihey int go to Paris, from which enter they will "rt out to " do " the continent. CS" We have received a specimen aomber of the Jackson Daily Cüizen. It is a Ten column paper, and considerably spicy. Tll publishers, ifessrs. O'Donnew, & Ray, entitled to a generous support. W We have received the April "jinberof the EcUctic Magazine, with a table f rntents selected with admirable judgp from the foreign quarterlies and raonth■ 5 a year. Addres. W. II. Bidwell, ' 5 Beekman Street, N. Y.


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