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The Elections In The Towns

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Ann Akdou Town - Whole Republican ticket ekcted. Majoritiss not furnished us. Augusta- In this To-n the whole Democratie ticket was eleoted. Aaron CniLDS beat the nullifyiog Serjatpr 10. Bridgewater - Wo bave not beard a word, but put down Daniel LeBaron and the whole Democratie ticket elected. Dexter - The whole Democratie tieket elected. V. A. Jones, for Supervisor, bad G3 imijority- Judge Christiaxcy aud Messrs. Wells aad Oomstock, each had 103 votes. The Republiuau candidatos for Regent got but 10 votes. The Republicans seeuied to have dropped thern with Christiakcy. Freedom - Judge Christiancy and Republican candidates for liegent bad each 2 votes ; Messrs. Wells and Comstock 160. But one ticket running for Town officers. Feldkamp re eleoted Supervisor, and W. Buss Clerk. Lodi - We báve no figures, but take it for granted, Newton Shelbon and the whole Democratie ticket is elected. Lima - Camo out almost rigbtsido up. Sharp practice and " luck" saved the Republicans a Supervisor, and "nothing more." Lyndon - No Republican ticket in the the field. Christiancy had 94 votes, Wells and Oomstock 73 each, and Walker and Willard 26 each. Manchester - The tie is broken. Case elected Supervisor by 35 majority, and balance of the Democratio ticket by majorities ranging from 11 to 25. Northfield - But one ticket in the field, headed by Josepii Pray. Presume he was elected, with bis Democratie colleagues. Pittsfield - No Democratie ticket. But Siiaw, regular Republican nominee for treasurer, was ijeateu by Campbell, also Republican. Siiaw opposed refuuding tconeys subscribed to pay bountfes, being williog to give what he sup posed given, and was proscribed. Free opinión is tolerated in Pittsfield, "over the left." Salem - No j?eturns Supposed to be Republican, perhaps by less tban 100. Saline - Republioan; majorities not given us. Sujo - Electa Tuomy, Democrat, Supervisor, over Gr. A. Peters, by 63, and the entire Democratie ticket, except Giert and Justioe. Ciiristiancy 209, Democratie Regents 35 majority. Shakon - Haven't tbe figures, but Republican no doubi. Superior - We guesa Democratie, witb E. M. Cole for Supervisor. Sylvan - Republican. Don't know how mueb. Webster - No Democratie ticket. Repbücaa candidates probably aü elected. Yokk - Rcported Republiean, vote not given. Ypsilanti Town - Ditto. Ypsilanti City. - Turns up Democratie, or inelined in that direetion. Capt. Booardus elected Mayor. LST" We havo loaned to eome friend or frieuds the W minister , Edinburgh, and London Q.iartcrly Reviews, each for Jaunarr, 1861; alsü Blackwood's Edijiburgh Magazine for Novsmber and December, 1863, and should be glad to have any or all of the mimbers reti;rn.ed to our office.


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