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WIIISKERS! WKHSJttERSü Do you want Whisknrsor Muustaches? Our Grccian Dompound will force them to grow on the smoothest ace or chiu, or hair on batd heads, in Six Weeks.- 'rice, Sent by mail anywhere, closely sealed, onreeeipt of price. Addregs, WARNER & CO., Box 138, BrookljD, N. Y. Iy999. THE BRIDAL CHA.MBER, an Essay of rVarning and Instruction for Young Men - published by the Howard Aesociation, and sant fr e of charge in ealedenvelopes. A-ldress, Dr. J. SKÏLLIN HOUGHTON", Howard Aesociation, 1 hiladelphia, Pa. Iy996 OHEROIEE REMEDT AND INJECTION. Thb Indian Rkmedy. - The celebrated Indian medicines, bnown as Cherokee Conapounds, will be found advertised in our columa. Tbey are various in kind, but all have their cure of urinary deraogement for their object. The Indian Remedy is that one of the medicines which, undcr the Dame of Cijekokbe Rem kdy, has beceme fco well known asacertain cure Fluor Albus, or Whites in fem-ales, nod the beft specific in Gonorrbcea &nd (leet. It ia always taken in conjunc tion with the usa of the Cherokbe Injkction, and so taken never failsof achieving a thorough cure either of Gonsrrhoea, Gleet or Fluor Albua. Jn composition it isa pure vegetable syrup, not unpleasaut to take, and b wholly free from mineral drug, and one of the best remedies for which it is recommentfed . Pold by all druggists. 1003-4w THE CELEBBATED American Bumorist, JOSH. BILLINGS, (Henrt W. Shaw, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.) W!I1 Lecture io this City at HANGSTERFER'S HALL, Moudiiy, JEve. ,Am?il lOth. SUBJECT : " F-atty and amisli." Doors open at 7 o'cloclf : Lecture conimences at 8 o'clock. TICKETS 50 CENTS. --'K. 'i,;,,4 ..-.Af ': '.;■, I ' L ' "5 r ■Jj;$FE! A BLicK Tt5iK-:OURGHINAMAN STILL UVES. Apd eontinues to furuisb that unrivaled quality of TEA alwaya Gound at tlie Peoplt-'s Store, Lovers of gooü Toa will pienso try a sample OP OUR NEW TEA. DkFOKEST &STEWART. Of all kinds. Fruits. Extracta, Spices, PíoUIps, Oll IV-rfumes, &c. Pure Liquora ívad Wines for Sleiijiu'ai ■ purposeti op}v, ■ DkFOREST & STEWAKT. Sugar ! Sugar 1 A Binall lot of LOW PEIOED SUGAR. DeFOEEST k STEWART. L3T FISH.- Oodfish, Wbitefish, Trout, Mackerel, Herring, &c. DkFOREST & STEWAIÍT. SYPUP ! SY RÜP! A few barrels, extra quality. JeFOREHT & STEWART. LOIL AND LAMP DEPOT ! KEROSENE 0IL! ÏThe best quality ONS DOLLAR Per Gallon. DkFOREST & STEWART. l3O! YEJ Purchasers oí CROCKERY. GLASSWARE, LAMPS, PLATED GOODS, TABLE CUTLERY, &c. for sale at lesa than New York Wholesale prices, by DeFOREST & SÏEWAKÏ. A Good Clotbes Wringer. Saves time! Saves money! Sanes elothing! Saves strength! Savts health.' Saves Uring help ! Sanes weak wrists! Sanes burning hands ! Woolen clotïies can be wrung out of boiling water to prevent shrining, without injury to the machine. UeFOHEST STEWART. piILiES- A SURE KEMEöY. Everybody is being cured oí" thiá distressing disease by the use of DU. BILLINGTON'S PILE JlEiiEDÏ. Read what those say who have used it : r.XT3.'iELii, Washtcnaw Co., Mih Dr. L. A. Eillingtin : DearSir ; Fortlie good of tbe afllicted, I herewtth tiansinit fo you a statement of the benefit which I have received from the use of your PILE IIEMEDY. Kor a numbur of years I have ben very bailly afflioted witb i::. I'iitïs, ao Mach" flo as to rentier me at timos totally uniit for buile_i,d. I found no permanent relief from tbe many remedies vhigh ï made use of. and ahnost despaired of efl'ecUrig a permanent cure. ï was ftt lenffta indnceü by your agent at Ann Arbor to tnabe trial o i' your remedy. which he warranted to eííect a curíí or re coi ve no pay Ï consMered it liko most othur paíent medicines- a hitmbug, un til I beganto improve. W;th imp ovement; andat length an entire cure, 1 bccarae convinced it was axsientific aud reliable remedj'. 1 uspd One Package 0ly, which 1 am bappy to Rayen tirclycured me. Trusíing thaí all who make use of the Klectuary Por that mout distressing disease - Piles- may realice the sanie happy resul+R, I am Kerfpectfullv y'irs, SHITIT MAC0M8ËR. For caspi; salí po the Agen! and ubtaii pamphlet and íeference to a ntimbor of citizons of Aun Arbor who have beeu curtd by the use of the Klectuary i EFORE3T & STEWART. WALL PAPEEÜ - o - CHEAP! CIIEAPER !! CHEAPEST !!! THIRÏY ÏHOUSAND EOLLS OF WALL PAPER of all descriptions, BORDEES, W1ND0W SHADES, CURTAIN PIXTURES, PICTURE FRAMES, CORD AND TASSELS, FANCY AETICLES of all descriptions . Also a largo assortment of MtSGELLANEOUS BOOKS! AT REDUCED PRICES. PICTURES Framed to Order at the Shortest Notice. G1VE US A CALL! JOHN F. MILLEff & CO., Corner Main and Washington Ftreets. lmlOOl jsa. FAIRBANKS' JTnI standaud j Wr OF ALL KINDS. ALSO, :"5B"= Warehouse Trucks, Letter Prestes, te. FAIRBANKS, GREEEEAF & CO., 17 Lako Street, CHICAGO, Sol in Detroit by FARRAND, SHELEY & CO. Be careful o bny only the Genuine. JE8ly9S& A KNABE PIANO- one of tlie best iastruuients ruadeeuHrely new. Inquirí at the ARGCS OFFICE.


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