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tSo race between the hare and the tortoise, in. whick, the latter, despite its ■lbWDOSf", carne out wineer, finds u modero illu8tration in the case of .Secretary Welles and the army. The okl gentil man, wlïo had been dosing for the laet föuryeara over the conflict, and wakiug up at intervals only long enough to or der dome more vesaels that wnuldn't ftpat, ha guddenly awoke t find that hifl part of the task-i doive - his shnre of pu-tting dowa the rebellion completad Of all the places on the coast that once weFe to be thieatenod, there remaius only Mobile; and -of all the riveri, in k's and íounds to be guarded agains ""blookade runners, there remaiu nono . tast of the Mississippi rivor. Slow as bas bean the aooieot eesretarv, ne nas beaten tbs army ; he has subjugated the aqueous part of the rebellion, whilo the army hf months of labor jet before it. That the race not always to the swift t agaia domoostrated to be cor reet. - Chicago Timet. Two Lessons. - Gen. Grant, in h'w order reipecting. the contegt over Fort Steadraan, naya : " To lesson oan be learned frora these operations, one that do fortiöed position, however strong, will protect an army frora an iütrepid and audiicioua enemy, vigilantlj guarded. Tbe otbor, that no disaster vr luiiiortune is irreparables vrhere energy and bravery ure difiplayed in the deLrjin'.in to recover lost, aud to pruuipily assutne the otfensive. ' f3L7 Dr. Franklio laid, "A gporl iiok Tt of doo is botter than all the rli v t'i t '-u te W'ir'iL'


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