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WM. KNABE & CO'S PIANO FORTES. ïead the following commendatory letters from distinguished Artista. m Wm. Knabe &. Gfc- GtatltouTi-; f) After having played on the Piano of Mmm. f i Knahk A Co. t Ín impost-lMe not to testi■É mony to theii' qualitiea wMch have acqnïred for thein the eminent reprtatlon which. they enjoy. ■ The l'iuno-, of hvv manu facture, on which I " have played, are exceedingly remarkable for 2 thcir (milities of tonk. The lïass Is poweiful, ■■ without harstines, and the upper notes weet, W clenr and hannoniouhly mellow, (chryatalln,) ■ and I do not hesltate to expres in regard ie j these Instruments my enilrt: satisfactiun, and ■■■ lo ileclftve that thi'y are cqual if uot superior to tfie bost mauufacturPd in Europe or thin coun try by tlie most celebrátéd makers. r. M. ;ottn(:hai,k. é Julins B.tner & Co. Chicago - Gmtkmm; T corifliler Wil Ham Knaha & Co's Planos ! the moM perfect in use, eomljining In the , hlghest defjree the mort raluahle and essen ■■■ tial requisitos of power, ensiuesa of toue, and t general accuracy. The Bans possesses preat Mma oompan and vmifme, and the higher notes a clearnesa and richuesa of tone ge Ido m atta'med in otlier Instruments. The touch or ftctlon appears particnlnrly agreeahle, aod in Ita proportimiHte a[inptHtlon refleotl grrat credit 00t npon Us manufacturera. The Inti'oductiou of - your Pianos in the West has crented a new era M Í'1 Musical cirrlea, and wlll douhtleSB om wn ■M your efTortH with tl) e emrnent succeas you o w - richly merit. Ver? truly.yours, aS Chicago, JuntV, 1S64. I.OI'IS STA All. 5 Trecommend (he Pianos of Mr. Kïïabii io ff.3 everybotly who wants a reully first cliiss inst-ra ment. II. IIALATKAt 2 ra n ■ Co - Gentlemen: 2 I have greatpteasure in cortifylng tlmt I hare ■Bid r't-1' your Square Pianos, nnd find them equal, if not superior, to any In this country. Among P thcir great qualitles, which distiuifuish thfm, te 's tne evenntí3s tone, the agree$ble and easy 5 touch, and volume of tone. Wishinfj you uil the Buccess you so hiplily deserre, I am sir, yoursvery truly, S. THALBEBG, ■■H Wm, Rnahe k Co. - Öcvllemen: 2 I cannot but congrntulate you upnn the lm ■■ mense progres3 and impruvPinents whicli you j contimmlly niake onyonr Píanos, which, in my opinión, rank among the v-ry blghett in thii J country. JTÏ. STUAKOSCH mj J. Bancr & fo. - Gentiemm: mmé Oui Opera Troupe are at prenent tinlng fr'w of ytmrjuatly celt-lirateil Kaïik PiAKOd, and ai 3 the exponent of the viewa and oplnioos of the various Artiats, peinilt me to say, I couoider 1 them wMUrpeased in brilliancy tnd excellence and pre-wíftenlt withovt a rival in tkiscovn2 try or in Kuiope, Their xuperior quality of toney comblning great depth and powerful roiT urne, with wliich md a pccnliai'ly cienr and ■ evéu (reblé, togeuiër with a magie elasticity of 'r touch and action, render thrm superior to otktr mtr inslrttnient.%, which rarely if ever combine theee moit easemisl requihites. 1 most cheerfully endorse the high and merltorious encomiura v everywhere prnnoiuiced upon these PianOB. K. .TllIZlO, Musical Director, halJ5T írtn Opera. Chicagot Frb. 10, 1864, TTm. Knabe k tQ.- GmÜemm: t Hfivinjr rerently had opportunltie of tifiing QJp% both your new st-ale (Ji;iinl and Squnre Piano. It gives me great pi easure t& state t hut l have found thrm to combine all the qmXtffS to malte 2 a Plano üb perfect as possible, and unswpasseó! r by any thnt Í have seen eithor Ín this country 00 or Europe, for great power nnd roundneBB of ■■i tone, combined with that peculiar sweet and singing quality, so oftí'n found wanting in ff Pianos. Thry are really unsurpnanable, and in , touch eTerything that rau be depircd by tha lP moit briliiant playor. Wisliing you every 8U 'K oeu, I veniain, yours li"uly, y C. aNscHUTZ, CzE Musical Director of the Germán Opera. .JULIOS BAUER & CO. jSj Wholesnle Agonts Tor NortHwestern Stares. 99 8. Clark and 89 Washington Si. E CHICAGO, ILIz. 1 C7-SBND FOR A CIRCULAR. PRURIGO LOTTO. The great Itch and Humor Killer of the 19th Century! TWi mp preparatie pO9Ks mout umuferfW proportie, and isja. ST7HXI oxmjo Fer CTery species of the ITCH, I'BAIRIK ITCH, BABBER'S ITCH, WAIUSH SCRATCHKS, ILLINOIS JlAXiK, CCTAHEOUS EBI'PTIONS, PIMPLES ON THK FACE, SALT RHEl'M, SCALD BEAD, RIXGWOBMS, kt. The Püt'RIOO EOTIO h a new and Mrtota cm for all Itlndi of Itch, and belnr a fluid prepnratlon 11 I free froro all the pummy, disagreeabie qualitii of the olntmenti in general use. Thf PRURIGO LOTIO Is ufe to une under ALL C1RCUMSTANCES ; wlll Dot Irrítate the munt tesier kin, and CONTAINS NO MERCUBÏ. Doa'l tiU to trj It. Manufacturad by E. T. li W. T. DIcFAELAND, Sole Proprleton, Lafayitte, Infl. FKICI 60 CENTS. LORD & S3IITH, ChlfSgO, Wholesale Agtnt. gold at Wholesalein Chicago byFÜLLER, FINCH 4FCLLKR; CIIARLKS G. SMITH ; BUltNHAMS VAN SCHAACK ; W. D. HARRI8 CO. 8MITH k DWYKB.; J. H. RBBO CO., aod Ü. SOOYIL. WIZARD OILÏ THIS SPLENDID BEMEDY CURES B TtlDTHACITE OIS NEURALGIA S In Three Minatpi. In Tra Mlnntea. üSdRlcÏÏË EAKACHK Ia Kiv.e Minutes. In Tt'D Minutas. caMr uipthehia la Ten Mjnntes. In a Few Hours. SORÏ THROAT KHEUMAÏI8M. In a Few Hottrs in a pew Days. i, UMK BACK. 81'RAINS. C1JT8 AND BRUISE8. BURNS ANC SOAI.US. COKSBv CI1ILBLAINS. " , a ; sys gj Tliin Wwaluable prepiiration only needs a trial to renomruend Itsetf to rvrry UoutU-'huld In the land. Use one ïiot tle nnd yon wih alwayi ketp it on hand againat the time of nced. Price 8öcenta and "5 centB per bottle. The large botth'l contutn nrarly three times a mach as tb ■mail ones. Mttnufacttired by J. A. HAMLIN k BRO., IOS Wnnhington Btreet, Chicago, and for sala by dmgglsts genenilly. _,. , , . ,. ( Fuller. Finch k Fuller 1 vi- - Wholesale Ag't,: j Lw.d 4 8mithi J Obio T EMOVAL! 3ST. B. COLE, hs remoTed hie STOCK of BOOTS SHOES, to the utore of P. Uilli & fo. , on Main Strekt. whr h wiïï h ffljvd to wftit on his oïd enatfliners anri tb OIVE H1MI A CAI.1, ! Chancery Notice. OTATE np MICHIGAN ,-Fnurth Judicial Circuit, in U7 Chance, ry. ,_. ., Hu't pendingin the Eli M. Clark, cr. Oonrt for the Complainsnt, County of Washte _ , ,T?V- naw, m Chuncerv, Jeblel CIrk, t Au Arbor Defeml&nt. Ihe 4th day of j Fob. A. D., 1S-65. I It ipp&rlag to the satisfactlon of tlus Court by tho I aflidavit of John N Gott, oiicitor for theComr.laiuant, ' tliat Johlei Clark ia not a rexident oí the. State of Michigan, but isa resident of the State of Ühio, boyond thojurisdiction of tina Court : On rootloBOl John N.Ooit, Solicitor for Complain. arit intlns uim, tt I ordered i.y nid Court thar raid Dvfendpt, Jehiel Clark, causo lus appearanco'H be entored in thm cause, and natías thoreol ser rA on the emplaiuant's Solicitot witbin two inontha from the late of thll order, and in cantthe Defendant cause his appeararcc to be ontered, that he fHe bis anwr to CoinpWnant'ü Bill, m-pj thereof b orved on tlm Soliciten: for Complainant, within twentv dav nfter ttia service of a cujj of saiü BUI, or n default thereof the siirl Bill be taken na confrn.'ed by said Defen.lanl: and iti furtherorderad, that mthhi twenfy (aya the wid ComplainantoauAe a oopy ol thlaor.ier to be publinhed in thu Michigan r#uit a pabilo newspaptr printed and pubüahed at the. City of nn Arbor, in aai.l County of ffashtunaw, in each weck, for ix auccessive weeks, or that ho caueea, copy of said orderto be nervi'.l on nid Defen.lant DfHonalty, at least twenty days boloro tlie linie preacribed for said Ilefeudaut's a'ppearanee in this cauae. RÖRF.Kr F,. FIUZEIt, Cncuit CotirtCommipsioner, Washtenaw Co., Mich. J"Hm .V. Gott, Soliiitor aud of Council for ConiP'!"" 99Btd Keal Estáte for Sale. OTATK OF M1CH-GAN, Ooc.vtt of WlsnTliAW, is. O In the matter of tho estáte ot SylvU Lowry, (now ?ylvla St. John.) Nfary E Lowry, Mark A. Lowry, and Martha E. Lowry, minors : Xotice Is hereby giren, thatin pursiinncnof in urdnr ifranted to the undersigiif.!, guardiah orthe eatate of aid minor, by the FJon. Judgo i.f Probnto for the county of WafihtenaT,on the twenty-süyontta day of Februarv A.D.18B5, there wlll bo aold at Public Vendae, to' Ihe htghest bidder, atibe soutli door of theCourt House, in the ilty ol Ann Arbor, in the connty ot w ashtenw,in aaid 8 tato, on Tuosday, the eighteenth iay of April next, at oneo'clock in tho afternoon of al d day, subject to all encumbrances hy mortgage or otherwlae, the foilowlng doicriied real catate. to-Titi Thenorth -west quartor of ection fourteen, ani thn aoutli eaat quarter of seclion fourteen.aud thenorth cast quartcr of the fouth-west quartrrof snetion fourteen, In township four southiind ian. fonr eaat, beinif in the township of liridiewater, in tire county of Wahteuaw, containinj; three hundred and dxty acres of land , subject to the rigfat of dower of Clarissa Lowry, as widow of James Lowry, de coa sed. CMR1 PSA I.OVRY, Guarriinn. Datld.rsbrunry 2Sth,18f;' BOgtd Commlssioners' Notice. QTATF. OF MICHIGAN, CoDKTl of W.ishtuxaw, ss.- O The uudersigned havlng been appointedby the l'ro bate Court for said County, Commissioners to receive. examine, and adjust all claims and demanda ot all persons ajrainst the estáte of John V. Surdatn , late uf the Townhip of Manchester, in said county, deceascd, hereby Lve notice tliat six months from date are allowed, by order of said I'robate Court, for creditors to present their claims airainst the estáte of said leceased. and that they will meet at the late renidence "f said decoasod in the Township of Manchester, in iaid County i f WasHtenaw, on Satur.lay, the 24th day ■i June, and Wclnesday, the 7th day of September, next, nt une o'clock in the afternoon, of eacb of said dv.-s, to receive, examine, and adjuat said claims. Dated, March 27th, Wfi5. JOHN VANDÜVK, „ . . 4#1033 lUSiaV fiOOPYEAR. ƒ l-nnilonera. RIS DON & HENDERSOA BUOKEYB CHAIN DRILL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufacturad at SpringñeldjOhio. rpHE VF.RY LATFST IMPROVKMFNT, and betterthan X all othors; adapted to sowing Wheat, Kye, Oats Barley andlïrasB Seed. lst. lt has a Rotary Feeder. 2c7. Will 8ow all Mnds of Grain and Gram Seed. 3d. Wever hinche the Grain ith. liever breaks the Gram. &úA. Sows Gratis Seed broadcast behindthe Drill. 6th. Has high wheeb& and long Hoes. 7íh. Has long and wide steel pointe. 8th. lt has a land ineasure or Surveyor. 0 9tA. lt has doubh and single rank drüls. lOth, lt has a self adjusting shui off slide. It is neatly and substantially made. Thorein liardlya Prul ofTerodin the mitrket but can boast of murp or Iohs "FIRST PREMIUMS They arealwatai ïndi.icriminjitely bentoved ai thetitle of " Profctsor,' which i Homotimeii Applied to the ' Jiddlrr ' ' or ' ' bootblack .' '' They ceawe to con re ƒ the rifa of merit. The BuekeyeDrill bas bpfm on Exhibitioa at quite a ïuniber ofritaleand Connty Fatrs, and without nwitiag avor at the hnud8 of anjr Conxrai&tee, h& received ite fylluharedf Premiums TESTIMOTÍIALS : We givc the follnwing namen of a few PftrmyIn thi vlciaity wao havebought amlunad the Bucteyelirilli Gudfrey Miller, Öc4o. Jacob Folhemu u .ïacnbTremper, Thoman White, KorthfleM. John lïrokaw, ' Christian Kapp, " Kdward Boyden, Webster. James lYeadwell, AonArboi OauielÜ'Uara, " JohnG.Cook, I.odi. O. A. Marshall, " L. PMmonH, Saline. George Cropaey, Green Oak, LÏt. Co, We arealso Agentn for the Ohio Reaper & Mcwer, ackno-wledged tcb tbTery best in use. "We are ju8t in receipt oí 10a Grain Oradles Whïcli we will sell Cheap. Also alargeassortraeni c Grrass And the lsrgest nd beat selecteá stock of BENT STTTITF FOR CARRIAGESever bofore offered in this market We alBo keop a large and f u 11 NA1IS, GLASS, PUTTY. PAINT.and LTNSEED OIL. A comiIote asflortaient of STOVES, TINWAKE, ANnEAVKTR0UG3SaIwaTiionhandand putnp 5 the r hort es tno tice. RISDOK& HENDKRSON. AnnArbor,June2!)th,18B2. 858tf Rifle F actor y! Beutier & Traver, [BuccessorB to A. J.Sutherland,] Manufaoturers of aai Dealers in Guns.PistoIs, Ammunïtïon. Flasks, Pcmthes Game Ragt, ano Every other article iii that Line. All kind of done atthe shortest Dotice, and ïntnebeft rnnnar. a full ainortme.ntaïwayp Vpt ontand an mi)dftr#er 1f$L. Hhop(ornF Mfttj itnA WashfDg1!.,. in Arttoï-.Öet.P. #Ji. Wlf V Estáte of Benjamin Slocum. STATtf OF MlniTGAX- Coiinty of Wasbtermw- m. 1 At a .fesfiion oí tlio Probóte Couit fot the Cuunty of Wtislitensw, holden al tlr Piobnto Office in the City of ADn Arbor, otl Tharsday, tho 23H day of &ia;4b, iu the y air ime thousmii eigtat hundred and stvty üve. ]'rtfi(.-nt, Hiram J. Beakea, Jydge of Prubat In tlio marter of tha Rítate of lïenjatnin Slocum, deceased. Oii ronding and fllinjr the ppt'tion, dulv ver'ïfleii, of Ofzillo H, Slocuiu. piayiitg tha.t he may bo ajpoiutel Smlnlttratof of tne esxote of eaid dere;iSL"l. Tberoupon it isürdorefl, That Monluy,the 24th dny f April next, at ten o'clock in the foren oon be naigned few tho baannf? of oaiil petiti'm, aol that he widoW and hetra nt nw of uaid ilt'censed, and all ther persons inte res ted iu said estáte, are reuired to ap-ppar át a nesaion of sa ui Conti, Uien o be holden at the Probate iflio(,m the City of Ann .rbor, and how oause, i f any thcre be, wl:y he prayer of tho putitioner ihould not be granted: nl it ia furtheï orderod, tliat said petitioner gire oticeto tho perwkaf interetid in aid esta1e,of tlie endvoey of eaid ettou,and tlie hearing thereof, by auHing a r.npy of thtfl , Order to be publiahiíd ín tbe Michigan Argus, a newipape.r printed and circuUting n said ('ounty three isoMMfñ weeks prvioua to said day of hearing;. (A true copy.) HIRAM J. RKAKE3, 1003 Judge of Proba W. Estáte of George Ziefle. QJATEOV MICHIGAN, County oí Washtenaw, S. J At asestiionof the ProTjatdCoiirt for the County ói Vaahteuaw, holden at thj Probate Office, in the City ei Lnn Arbor, on Saturday, the twenty-fifth day of píarch,iatheyearonethou.-JundoighthundredandHÍxtyflre. PF0Bent,HüanJ. Bfakes. J'Jge of Probato. Hl the nïatter of the Estáte of George 'iefle, deceased. Ou readingand flling the petitinn, duly rerified. of Gpo. A. Krtiinbach, prayblg that he oritomeotliev suitable peraon may beatiointd Adöitnistrator of the ea;ate of said, deceased. Thereuponitis Ordered,that Saturday, the 22d day f April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon , be asüigned forthe faoaring of aid petitioa, and that the heirs at law of said ae'eëased-, and all other erson(i interested ip said tjsta-i'è. are required .oappear at asesaion of naidCourt,thonto be holden at the Probate Office , i n the City of Ano Arbur , and show eause, if any there be, why the praver of thepetitioner sliould nut be granted: And it is furtiver oríiered, that said petitioner ;i7e noticeto the persons interested in said e .sta te , of -he pendency of aafd pèntioh, and tho hearing thereof, by causmga copy of this Order to be published in the Michigan Argus, a uewspaper printed and circulatinji in said County three successive weeks previou8 to saïd day of hearing. (Atruecopy.) UÍRAM J. BEA5ES, 100 Judge of Probate Estáte of William 0. Drake. STATE 0F MICHIGAN- Gounty of Washtenáw hh - Atasessionof the Probate Court lor the County of Wanhtenw, hoKlen at tho Probate Office in ih city of Ann Arbor, on Eriday , th'e twenty-fourth day of Marcb, in the year one thousand eihthumired and ixty-flve, Present. ÏTiram J. TïeftkefvTudjre of Probate fö'the matter of tho edtate ui William C. Traite, deceased. On r-jading aod flllng the prtition, dnly verifled, of Samuel I. BiM, praying thnt a certain Intrunient now on fil In this Cnuiti purporting to be the latWiiland ïentinnont of naid deceaH0l maj beadmitted to Protèt. Thereupoa t is Drdered, tbat Mondy, the 24th iny of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenoon, be assíneíl for the hearing of aid p'ét'tion, and thatthe vfeviaees, legatcwt, and Ldrfl t law of said de cpaned, and all other perHouf intfreted in said es-tte, are required to appear at a Resioc ofaaidUourt then to be hulden at tho Probate Office, in the city of Ann ArbOr, and show causw, if any there be, wliy the prayer of tbe pet tiener should not .e granted ; And it is further ordored. thi't naid pf t tioncr give notice t( the peleona interented iu aaid estáte, of the pendeacy of said pet tion, an-1 the haríiiff therenf, by canincf a copy of thin Order to bopubtished ín tbe Mick-gan Argús. a uew paper printed and cireulating in f=nid County threo succeïPive week previouH to said day of tearing . (Atrnecopy.) ÏHRAM J. BKAKES, 10OH Judge ut i'tdbnte. Real Estáte for Sale. STATK OP MICHIGAN, Cnc.vrr of Wjbhtexa-w, na.- Id the matter of the ef-t-ite of K.sther Anit VanRiper, Eugenia Hogers and Ohrinno Jane Rogern, minors: - Notioe is hereby given, tlmt in ntirauanc c{ an order irr.nted to the underfijfned , guardián of the enlate of said rainori, by the Hon. Judpe of Probate for the Countj of Waslitenaw, on the twen' v-serpnth dnyof March,A.I 1365, thero will be soUi at Public Vsndue, to the highe.-t bulder, at the dwelling houpeonthe premises.on Saturdaj-,the thirteenth ilay f May next, atonpo'clook in the aftornoon of aaid day, subject to all encunilfranced by mortKage nr otherwise, the fol lowinar dfacribfd rl Mtute, to wit : The undividfd three fourthi ('f tho followmg describid pareéis of land. tÏi : The eat half of the north east quarter. tho esflt half of the nérth-wesfc quarter of the northjasi quarter, and the west half of the north-rast qnartor of the soutli east quarter of section iseventeön, in township tbree êoalh of rango five cast, b'eing iu the Tnwnship of Lodi, in the County of Waahtenaw . and State of Michigan, and eontsining one hundred and twentT acrei more or lesi. LUCINDA ROGERS, Guardián. Dated, Var-h 2Sth, 1865. Therewillalso be old at the e time and place the undirlded odp fourth of the abT decrited lands beloning ) Augusta Bogera. 1002 Chanoery Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN- The Circuit Court fr the County of Waahtenaw, in Chancery. At a ession of said Court böld at th Conrt IToupc In the Citv of Aon Ai hor, ou Tuesdar, the twontj-first day of Ma'rcb, A. D. 1S65. Present, Hon. Edwin Lawrence, Circuit .Tudge. In the i ase betwoen Oscar O. SpafTord, Complrlnant, y YB. W1"!; ftÜI.Hon. Ptfzabrth Ppifford, i T D , M_ FAwtrt Spafford. 8un Uean, ' [I" Prübn. arolint SpafTord, I'avid Pean, } and David StiUaon, Itofenriants. ) It sstiefactorly apioaTinK to thia Court bj the affldavitofOsnarC. Spafford, fili d in this cause, tbftt the cfpm1ant. Edward SpafTurd, rosMes out of the 'rítate f Michigan, and in a rra;dent of the State of California, and tlmt ho cannit be fund in this Stnto ; On nantion of Mr. Beakes, Solicitor ior tho Complainant, it ordered bj tbo Oourt, now h 're. that the taid Edward pafTord, nd all othcr parties interen t=l in öiif Ia mis and premfses of which partí t ion u fiougbt by tb e Bill if Complaint filed iu this cause-, do appear and answer the aaïd Bill of Complair.t. bv the flixteenth da? of May next, or tliai nucJi Bill bo taitón au coi ftíssed bj him and them, which naid land and premises are describid aafollowa: Situated ín the City of Ann Arbor. En the County of Washtenaw, aformaid, to-wit : Villagp lot number fiftceu, nnd the aai-trly Ihree rodi in width off ot number feuïfp'en, in block two, n Ornisbj and ■'lire's additionto tho VI Ha ge of Ano Arbor accordiug to the recorded plat therenf, the we.t üne rf'the above mentioned part of lot fourtern being three rod from and parallel with fhe east line of eaid lt. And it is further Ordered, that within ten dayi from thifi date, the naid Complainant cause this Order to be [lublished in the Mirhigan. Argus, a newnpaper printed ind circulating in aid County (.f W;nhtenavrt and :hat auch publication becontinued in mul npwspaper, once ín each week, successively, for fonr weeks frora :he time of suoh 6rst publication thareor. (A true cnpy.) E. I.AWRKN'CE, Circuit Jndge. Trjict W. Root, Peputy Register. 1001, SheriflPs Sale. STATE OF MICHIGAN , CotTHTT or Washtrxaw,P9. - Bjr Tirtuo of a writ of attachmpnt ssuft out of the Circuit Court for tlie Coantj of Wafihieuaw, to rae directed and dolivered, againut the goods and chaitels and fo want thereof, lands and tenentónts of I.ucius F. Muil, defendant therein named, dated February '7th, 1865, 1 bave levied upon the following described real estáte belonging to said rrfêndant, to wit :■ A certain piece or parce] of land in the City of Abiï Arbor,in said County of Washtrnaw, and ft&te of Michigan, known and described as followi : Beginning at the een ter of seotion twentyone, (84)) toinsliip twotouth range ix east, thencp south on the quarter eotifn line flve chains and fourteen Ünks to 6li north line of the Dixboro Road, thence noitb fifty-six degreee eaatalong the fiildline of Baid load three chains and eighty link, thence north-westerly to a point in the oant and weBt quarter Hne thirty two links east of the of said seotion, thence west to the place of begtnning, concaining on acre of land more or lss. AIhq, a piece or ytkEcelof land in iiaid City dencribed a foVlowi, tiz: - Begnniug on the north fiide of the 1) ixboro Road one chain and gixty-four links eastward from the Boutheaaerly cornei of lot No. (26) twenty-six inTraverV addition to the Village now City of Ann Arboi, thence north thirty-eix degrees west parallel to the northeastly line of saidlot nuraber twenty-six to Mili 9treet, about two chains and nint-ty nine links to the quarter line running north and south through aid section twentyone in.townshiptwo nonth range six east on said quarter line four chains and fifty-six links to said Dixboro Road, thence south fifty four degrees west along said Dixboro Koad fifty links to the place of beeinning, containing abont fifty -five one bundrmlths of an acre of land, whiclil f hall exposé lor pale at public auction or vendue, at the front door of the Court House, in sai City f Ann Arbor, on Saturday, the twenty seconc day of April, A í. 1865, at twelve o'clock, (noon,) of paidday. Dated at the City of Ann Arbor, this ÍUhday of March, 1865. P. WINKfíAR, Sheriff, 999td Washtenaw County. ARE YOU INSUREXH IP NOT,. CAIX ON C. H. MILLEN, Agent for the following first elasn Companics : Home Insurance of New York, Csh Cp!tal orer 43,500,000. CONTINENTAL INSURANCE GO. 01 NEW YORK. Capital OTer In this Compaay the Innured particípate in tbe profita. GITTT FIEE XISTS-, CO-, OF HARTFORD: Capitel om Itirrf ITundred Ttaoutand Dollar. C. H. MTLLEfT, 9i6yt Murtrt, Ama Arhci. Éstate of Lot Wilcox. STATE O? MICHIGAN, County 07 asbtkiïaw ■ M a erfflüm ot theProhate Court for tlnsp11""" of Washtonaw, holden at the Probate Oiïice in thÏÏï!' of Ann Arbnr, ou Weduesday, the ftfteeoth d ' March, in ïhe year one thounandeight hnn.iJ V sixty-five. uuurWan4 Present, Hiham J. ÜRAKRa, .Tudge of ProÖatV In the matter f the Estáte oi Lot Rn deceaaud. "'Ucory On reading and filing thfl petition duiy verifl t NaUi;in PhiHips}prayhig that he or sóine uthe ■ abla porson may be appointed Admiuiatrator of n "" tute of saiü deceased. Ufc tl-Tbt-rejon it in Ordered.that Tuesday, the eliv day of Aprilfncxt, at tea o'clock in tbe forVn bt asiíiiíntíd for the htariDg of haid petition tlie iiéira at law of t;aid deceavetl ' ivll othui" percona inteiested in saíd estáte ar6 'juirtd to appoar at a session of said Court thío t íl holden at the Probate Office, iu the City of Aun Ath andsbow cause, if any there be, wby the pVarrr of tí1' petitioDer,3oulfl nol be granted: And it itfurtLr deied, that waid petitioner give n o tice to the pmoui terested in Haid estáte, nf the pendency of Haid pftiti ■ and tho beariDg t beroof, by cftusiug a copj oí Uii n' derto be pubiished inthe Michigan Argiít a rw [jcrprinteii and circulating in said CiuDtjof V, ?' tenaT, three succfsbite weeks previouh to said dti hen riog. i " (A truecopy.) HIRAM J. BEAKES lOOOtil Judgeof Probt Estáte of Helen E. Wobott, QTATE OF MlCHKMN.Cou.vTY ok Wasutskíit ttmm O At a session of the Probato Court for the Counu] Washtenaw, holden at tbe Probate Office, in th Jt of Ann Arbor, on Friday, the tenth daj of Mtrc1' iu the ,. year one thousaud eight hundrod irJ' rifxty-flire. Present, Hiram .T. Dkakes, Judge of Probate. In the matter of tbe Ksate tf Helen E. Wolcott r minor. On reading and filing the petition, dnly Y(rifl#d of Th'mas (ray, Guardian, piaying that lie may be liciiSüd to aellcertain real estniebelongingto said minor Thereupon it f Ordered, that Mondar, the lóth' day of" April next, at tea o'clock In the fvrenoo be aiïsigned for the hearing of aid petition, and thi! tbe next o( kin of said minor, and all other penonj' interested in said state, are requircd 1ORppeir( seshlon df said (,'outt, then to be bollen atthe Prübitn Office, in the City ot Ann Arbor, and show canat if any there be, wby tho projer of the petitiorti should not be granted : And it ia fürthcr or de red, that said petitioner give notice to tV,eprom interesteil in said ostate, tif tbe pendency cf" rnid peti. tion, and the lieartng thereof, by caufing a copyof ivy Order to be pirblïh in the Michigan Argv$t % MW. paper printed and circulating in aaid County of Wiifc. tenaw, three uccessire weeks previous to f-aid diref heating. ; (A trueco.)HTRAM J. BEAKES lOOOtd Judgeof Estáte of; Julia A. Goodyear, STATE OF MICHIGAN, Coü.vtt ot WashtkuJB_ At asessionof ilie Probate Court for thecómir' of Washtenaijr, hoeden at the Probat' Ofli in )% City of Ann Árbor, onThursday, tht ist'ctft 4 of March, in ',6Íie jear ono thous&nd ..out buodtw1 and aixty-üve, ' Present, H1R4M J. Rk-akks, Judge of Probate. In ttie maUor of the Estáte of Julia A. Goodju: deceased, On reauingand filing the petition, duly ttrilídf Benjamin F. Sutton, pra iüg that a certain lastmistni now oq fiie in this Court, ïpurporting to bethilut Wïll and Testamont of Faid diccased, may be acimittit to Probate Thcreupon it is Ordered, that Wedneday. thf Utv day o f April next, at ten o'clock in tlieforemos be asHigned fur the hearing of said tetition, tnl ibi the legatecb, dvrieee, aod beirs al la w of stid dtcttwti nndallother p?TMns intereatcd iu taid estáte, irwqnlred to appi'-ï at a nesion of taid Court, thfii to be holdm at the Probato Office, in the CityofAns Arbor,and nhow cause, if any there be, why th? prj of the petitioner phould not bo granted : And it(i further ordexedthatsaid petitioner pive noticftotb persons intered iü said estáte, tf the ptodencyof sa'M petition, and the hearing tht-reof, hvcaiM copy of this Order to he published in the Hichigcn Argutj a newspaper printed and circulatlng inuid Countv of Wahtenaw, three íucce.iPive weeküprericw to saíd day of heajing. [A truecopy.] HIRAM J. BEAKES, 100Ö Judge of Prubt, Estáte of Killinger - Minors. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Connty of Washtcnaw, .- Ata fiescfon of the Probate Court for thc CíbuíjoÍ 'Washtenaw, lioldeu at the Probate Oflice in Xateiij Ann Arbor on WadneS'lay, the eighth day otVwí't in theyeaone tbousanil eii?hthiindreí an(UixtT-llT(. l'rosent, Hiram 3. Beakerí, Judge of Probate. In the matter of the Estáte of John I.udwi? Kü linger, Matilda Kilünger, William Hcnry K:I.ingtr,(irt Elizaljuth KiJliutrtji , minors. Onroading and filing tbe petition, dulyTeriM.M Charlert Mil Ier t Guardian, ptnylng that be ntAT fc !'■ oensed to' sMi certala real eátate bilóngicg toiiii minnm. Thereupoa' ït is Ordered, that Monday, th tnt! day of April neit, at ten o'clock in th forectn, be assigned for the hearing of said petitrec, and that the next of kin of aid minors, cJ' allother persons intereted in saidestate,arf raijuirtU appear íit a sen ftio n of said Court, tbento be ho'deiitt the Probate Office, in the City of Ann Arbor, and show cause, ïf any theie h, var tho pray&r of tho petitioner sfcould not he crintfd.And it is further ordered, that aid petitioner $m notice ty the persons intercnted in said ettiU, of the pendency of naid petition and thihwriri thereof, by cnuÍDg a copy of this Order to b puhlt.-ihedin the Michigan Argut, a nf-wspaper prinut an.i circulating in said County of Wasliteiiaw, tW succeönivt weeks previous to aid day of hearicg (A tra copy) HIRAM J . BEAKfcS, 99ttd Jadgt of Probit. Estáte of Jacob Tiggentiurger. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, Coc.vrï oF VTiíHIlüi,- O Al a Beiflion of Uie Probate Ccurt for tbe Cornil' cf W.tHitaaw, boWen at the Probate Office in ih lít. of Aun rlior, oti ThurHday, the sixtníh dy f ilarcb, u tho ear odí) thousandeighí buü(JrrJBá sixty flve. , ■ I Procent, TímAM J. BrakKiJ, Juciga of Probit. In tlie tnattci of the Eílate of Jacob Toggwfcurjw, deceaHed . „ OnrcadiDgand flllng the petitlon, dnlf nrií'i,' Kathnrina Togijenburger, Adminietrütrfl Trithrtie11, aTiaeiBd of ttid estite, prajiug that she mjUcced to olí cortain real estaïe of rhich sid dCMi died.seized. Thereuponlt I Ordorcd, that Thnrdy, th tirettjseventb dy of April next, at lOo'clock tlis fcrenMi, tesasigned fcjrthe hearing oi Baid pttibn, and tut theheir at !aw of laiddeceased and allut6er pml nterested in ai I etat, aro reqnired o appar i Bession of said Court, then to be hoHen at tb ProUU Offlne, ntheCHy of Aun Arbor, and show can, any thero be, wby th prater c tbe petitionfulioiM not be trntod: AdiI it 8 further ordered , tbatnM petitionergiTf DoliciTtó the p-.ron iDteresteö I m' estáte, of tlio pendenr.y of iid petitioü, and thtu:ng thurcof, by ctiisinií a copy of thl Ordert" publiíhcd n ths Michigan Argut, a newspaptrprWM nd circulating influid County of WBhteQ, K ucceflTe weeks prCTious to atd day of herin. (Atrueoopy.) I1IRAM J. BEAKES, lOroi Judge of Problt!. Estáte of ETorace Osborne. STATE OV MICHIGAN, f'.orxTT or Wjíshtikjw, ■- At a Rfssinn of the Probate Court for theCoattf Wabtenaw . holden fit the Probate Office n ttwl "f Aun Arbor, on Monday, thp twentieth diy nf "'' inthe year one thounand eight hundred tai 'Jv' Present, ntBAM J. BkakK3, Judge oí Probfttí. In the matter of the tétate of Horace OikWi deceased. . j On readinyand (lling the petition, dul "8,M" James Oiborne, praring that he or eome other ""'T pereon mij be appointed admioistrator oí the " of said deceased. ... Thereupon-it i Ordered, thatTuesda.v, the eigilj" daj of April next, at ten o'clock in the forenwt," ssigncd for tfi hearing of said pitition. that the widow and beirs t law of ■ ceased, and all other PpoTsoDS interefited fin Wai ' tate, are required to appear at a seRníon of aidCotr = then to be holden at the Probate Office, in thul."' Ann Arbor, and show cause, if anj thtre bt, '71 prayes of the petitioner should not begrauted. And it is farther ordered, that said ["M""',, notice to the perions persons interested in sa' át ' of the pendency of said petition, and the h"'f rvj ef , causing a copy of this Order to be publii"1' the Michigan Argus, newspaper printed and I" ting in said Coiintj of Washtenaw, three lt" weekb preTious to Eaid dar of hearing. Mortgage Sale. . TkEFAÜIT having been made in th nditio " 1 certain raortgage, executed by Chritia i bl and Barbar BreÍBch bis wife. uf Ann Arbor. V nawCouuty, Michigan, to William S. Saunders, ; same place, datedthe nineteenth dy of No'fl the year one thousand eight bundred and srT"','j and recnrded on the nintta day of Pecember, ■ a 1861, in the office if the Register of Dredito tM County of Wanlitenaw. in the State of MicM'. Liber28of Mortgaxes.on page 558 upon "'"m. gage there ia clHimed tn be due, at tliedate ol (. tice, the Bum of niuety-two dolían, and ? JiitvW proceeding at law or in equity hav:ng bn 'f ,B to recover the name or any part thereof . and ■" ' j,, of ale in aid Mortfrage containe d baviuft '""'''uil Cume abaolute. Notioe ip therefore her e'y 8lT ,(B t on Saturday, the thirteenth day of May neit, j(I theclcokln the forenoon.I fhall teil at puolie ., to the highest birtiler, at the South door of tw House in tbefïiy of Ann Arbor, (being VW where the Circuit Court for said Couiity ol" „ naw is held), the premie deacribed in Mid "ijiibi or BO much thereof as may be necisuiiy to sa 'tin amotint due on said mortgage. and interes X, , witli the costB aml eptns allowed by law ; " „J isesbeingsituatedin said County ot w !tl.t . ]l il described in siid mortgage as 'olloirs, to : . Jilote No. tweWe nd thirteen in Wm. S. Su!,:, I(f tionto the City of Ann Arbor, ccording tol" ded plat thcrrof. rated,Februaryl5. 1865. ,( WILLIAM S. SAUNDEBS, MortgJtJ A. FïLCH, Attorney for Mortgagee. ___- CommieBioners' Notice. STATE OF MICHIGAN, County of Wnt', The undersigned having been apP""1'" nProbateCourWoisaid County, Comniii'", , ,; ceive, examine and adjust all climan! dom" ,) persons agamst the estáte of Jacob Toggenour". the City of Ann Arbor, in said County deo ea ' -,1, bj give notice thatsix mcnths from late , rt„nl by order of aid Probate Court, for creditom to p thöir claims against the ektate of said 1ecv ln that they wil: f et at the store of Madt N"(etiit said eity, in flïid ccuntj, on Saturday the ír lD M day of June net,and Wcdnesday, the """, n,i of September next, al one o'elock ,?■ u. said days, to receive, examine and adjust ai .,!., lb, 65. cnVfa.


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